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Diamond Net Pantyhose

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Horny College Visitor

Danny a straight college student from NYC had been admiring my photos for a long time. He finally built up the courage to contact me. He explained he was straight and had a girlfriend but always fantasized secretly about being with a cross dresser. He wanted a girl with something extra to offer.

We agreed to meet and set a date. He wanted to experience getting head from a CD. His girlfriend wasn’t taking care of him as often as he liked. Danny was a very horny guy and was in need of a hot discreet release. He was tired of jerking off all the time and wanted a warm mouth. I assured him that I could suck a cock well.

Danny was to come over after class. I had fresh sheets laid out and sat down on the bed to do my hair. It gets so messy from being in between legs and under tights butts!

It was getting late. Where is Danny? I don’t like tardiness. If you are coming over to get sucked off you should at least be on time or even early.

I received a text from him that something had come up but that he would be arriving shortly. I was not pleased. I continued to do my nails while I read his pathetic text updates. When he arrived he sensed that I was angry. I told him to kneel down before me. I showed him the time and explained to him that his tardiness unacceptable.

I wacked him once and kicked him a few times with my boot. My rage really set in. I wanted to suck a nice cock and he had to ruin it by being late. I was so angry and in no mood to suck his dick now! His pants fell down while I was beating him, exposing his tight virgin ass. How cute.

I wanted to teach him a lesson. I grabbed all my panties in one hand and asked him how he liked them? These weren’t just any panties. They were my cum stained panties that haven’t made it to the cleaners yet.

Danny needed a good spanking. While I spanked him I buried his face in my cum stained panties. While spanking him I felt his cock getting hard on my leg. Apparently he was enjoying this!

I wanted to see if he would enjoy his face in my crotch. I pulled him close and pushed his face between my legs while grinding my boot against his ass. I began to feel better. Having his warm hungry mouth near my crotch was getting me hard. That’s when I thought I should test out Danny’s oral skills.

I guess he was very upset for angering me and was very eager to make me happy. He took my hard cock in his curious mouth and sucked it so well. That’s probably why he came over anyway. He’ll make such a good cock sucker. I was very pleased.

Danny’s GF was blowing up his phone asking where he was! I yelled at him to shut it off. She was clueless. If she only knew Danny was busy with a nice dick in his mouth and enjoying every moment of it. I slapped him around in the face a few times with my dick. Pressing his face against my hard shaft. I made sure he licked each of my balls. I really wanted him to learn from his mistakes. Plus if he was going to be doing this again I wanted him to be good at it. I shot my warm load in his mouth and he swallowed every drop. What a champ!

I told him how pleased I was and I said he should leave now. He looked down at his hard cock that he had been stroking while sucking me off. He asked what about him? I told him he would have to go home and beat off like he usually does. Maybe his pathetic ditzy GF will help. Probably not. I was done with Danny for now. I expect he will ask to come over again so I can give his ass some needed attention.

Next time don’t be late!

Tight Virgin Ass


You come in. Lights are dim and music is on. You take off your coat and place it on the chair. I immediately get down on my knees. Why wait? I need help undoing your belt. I feel the heat of your cock pulsing through your jeans. The belt is undone and you lower your jeans around your ankles.

I rub your hard on through your boxer briefs. It feels so warm and nice. I press my face against it while I run my hands up the back of your calves…up the thighs slowly then over your tight ass. You take your cock out. It’s long and hard. You’ve been waiting for this. A nice discreet blowjob where you don’t have to worry about anything. A warm mouth to place your cock in and get it sucked beautifully.

You put one leg up on the couch so I can access your balls and that other lovely place between your balls and asshole. This entire area needs to be licked and warmed up while you slowly stroke yourself. I hear you moaning slightly because it feels so damn good. You love getting your balls licked up and sucked.

You love having a nice warm tongue slowly lick up your cock and around the tip then come back down again. Over and over I continue. You’re fully erect and your legs begin to quiver from the experience. Have a seat on the couch. Remove the jeans from around your ankles. Relax. Just sit there with your legs spread and your dick sticking up. This is how you jerk off at home. Just this time I am here to help.

You look so hot and horny stroking your cock while I lick your balls. Running my hands up and down your hairy muscular legs. I want to make sure I lick and feel all of you. You put your head back and close your eyes. I think it’s time to move down a little bit. Oh yes. Your legs spread further as my tongue starts to lick around your tight hole. It tickles at first and you kind of nervous.

I continue to work and your hole loosens up fast. You prop your legs up and enjoy your first tongue fucking. Stroking your cock while I go in and out of your tight pink hole. Hmm, what shall I do next?

While I am sucking your dick you see me reach for something on the floor. You hear what I am doing and can tell I am opening a condom and placing it on my cock. You don’t stop me. I lube myself up and then I bring your legs up and out exposing your ass. You tell me you’re not ready but I reassure you that you are.

I slowly rub my hard cock up and down your ass crack. Applying more pressure each time. You’re jerking fast and I can tell you love it. I’m sure you can handle the tip of my dick. Slowly I push the tip of my cock into your tight hole. It feels so warm. You moan because it feels so good to have something warm enter you.

Just then you should a huge load all over your chest and face. It’s okay because I knew this would happen. It’s a new experience and you were very excited about it. I grab a towel to help you clean up. I toss the condom and adjust my dress and hair. We are both silent. There isn’t much that needs to be said.

You get dressed and thank me. I thank you for coming. I know that I will be seeing you again.