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3 Way Oral Play

You agreed to come over while I had another friend over. You are very excited and at the same time nervous. The only cock you ever played with was your own. However after fantasising about it for the longest time you finally decided to give it a try with my help.

I let you in. Music is on and lights are dim. Candles are burning and the apartment is warm. You see my friend sitting on the leather love seat. He looks like he is in his early 20’s. Very well put together. I tell you to have a seat next to him. You try to have meaningless chit chat with one another to break the ice. What’s the point though it’s not like you are going to ever see each other again. Unless we arrange another discreet play date. I go to one of those free porn sites and pick a top rated video to play on the my computer screen that’s directly in front of you. That gets both of your attention as now you can focus on the slut getting fucked on the screen. Moaning like a little whore.

One of you is wearing sweats and the other jeans. I bend down in between you both and start rubbing your cocks simultaneously. You’re both very hard and horny. I can tell. “Take them out” I say softly. You both begin to take your hard cocks out. You are each stroking yourself while watching the screen. I go down on one of you while I play with the balls on my other friend. Then I switch over and start sucking the other cock. I see you both looking through the corners of each others eyes at each others cocks. “Stroke each other” I say. You are both hesitant. I reassure you it’s ok.

You grab each others cocks and jerk one another. This is fun. I take turns sucking each of your balls to help up. Mmmm. One of you spreads your legs a little so I can give you a nice rimming. You’re both very curious and comfortable now. Dicks fully erect and hard in each others hands. You’re not really focused on what’s on the screen anymore. Now I am standing in front of you and I take out what’s under my mini dress. Hmm whose oral skills shall I test out first?

My friend on the left looks most excited. I press my hard cock into his face. He takes into into his mouth and begins. He loves the taste of my hard cock in his mouth. It’s so warm. He likes the way it slides in and out. Time for the other guy to try. I move over and start to fuck the face of the other guy. I am very impressed with each of your oral skills and the ability to do things out of your comfort zone. I kneel down before you both and tell you to get up. Both standing before me I take both your cocks in my mouth. It’s very difficult for me because this is my first time doing this. I don’t mind, this was the reason I had you both over. I wanted to suck two cocks at once. With your cocks rubbing up against each other combined with my mouth and lips working on them you both explode in my face and mouth.

That’s it. You both sigh in a state of bliss. Kind of feeling out of place because of what you just did. It’s ok though because it was hot and it felt good. You both were very horny and wanted to shoot your loads. You both wipe up, clean up and leave separately. Now we all have a fun little secret to keep and think back on. Maybe we should try four next time.

Pink Seamless Opaque Mini Dress

Want pics? Send Gifts!

Listen I am in school and have to pay the bills I had an idea of making a private area where you would pay monthly to access it. I would update it regularly and make it affordable. If you would be interested in me doing that leave a comment or email me. If there’s enough support I’ll get started on it right away.

Hi Horny Boys

Did you miss me? I was just about to pull the plug on this blog but then I noticed I was sent a gift. I shall go retrieve it tomorrow and take some fresh photos for your horny cocks. Some of you have asked for my email address. It’s MISSMORGANSAGE  AT  GMAIL.COM

Please don’t harass me. You may contact me if you want to send your photos or request blog posts. If you want me to update this blog you have to send gifts. You’re all shooting your loads all over the place and what do I get? I think it’s only fair.

Why is it so hard to find a hot cock in this city!? Fuck. Bye for now.