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Fleet Week Adventure

Well 122 of you voted, 78.71% to send me out so I knew I was obliqued to go out as I want to please you. I thought Memorial Day evening would be a good evening cause I had been laying out the past three days and have some nice color.

I knew fleet week was ending and I was getting heated up seeing all those horny sailors walking around town.

I wore almost the same outfit you voted on but I switched to white tights and ditched the hat since it was dark out. I started walking towards Jacob Javits Center and was immediately hit on by someone! I think he was just getting off work in the area, possible a security guard.

I continued my adventure toward Chelsea Piers. I needed to see the different reaction’s I might get. One hot PR guy honked at me at a while waiting at a light. I wasn’t about ready to jump in his car to have some discreet cock play even thought it was on my mind. This was my first real adventure out and I needed to be careful.

After getting some photos taken It was time to head towards the real target. I knew there was a ship in town and that’s where all the horny sailor boys would be.

So I started walking up 12th ave towards the Intrepid. Sure enough when I arrived the boys were all dressed up in their uniforms. Arriving in small drunk groups back at the ship.

One hit on me passing by but I only responded with a nod sine I didn’t want my voice to give me away. I felt bad they were all drunk and horny and probably just wanted their cocks and asses played with. Here I am ready and willing but how do I go about seducing the entire group? I mean one, maybe two guys I could handle but anything more that would be too much, I think.

There was one horny sailor walking up and down the sidewalk. I thought about inviting him towards the back of an empty parking lot for some cock play. It’s so nice to get your cock played with at night with a nice breeze going.

After snapping a few photos of the hot sailors I figured my mission accomplished! You voted to send me out and I went out. You didn’t vote to have me suck a hot cock or turn someone into a cocksucker, maybe we can do that next time? I don’t know how my outfit looked, I hope I didn’ look like a bag women. I wanted to look elegant and sexy when I go out, not like a tramp. Can’t ask for too much sense I bought the outfit at Kmart. Are you pleased with my efforts? Why not send me a gift from my Wish list so I can continue on with my efforts.

Now that I am comfortable maybe we can meet by the park start playing with each other at night. Down one of the long piers there are nice dark grassy spots. Just lay down on a blanket and feel up my dress while I feel up your shorts. No one will know what’s really going on. I bet your gf wouldn’t let you take your cock out over there. She would probably slap you and run off crying. But I would take it out and take care of it then have you practive on me, if you are ready and willing of course.

There are mostly only other couples making out or fighting and breaking up. I am so very heated up from seeing all the college students grad students playing at the park this weekend. All sweaty and horny, they just want their cocks and asses licked but have to go home and j/o instead. What a shame! Maybe I should just sent up a tent. A sex tent? It should be legal since I don’t charge. I only seek hot young guys with nice cocks and balls full of warm loads. Mmm.

Well, I must say I am beat from this adventure. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I had! I need to go pleasure myself thinking about all that sailor cock that went to waste. Hmm or maybe they will just take care of each other on the ship. That’s what I would do if I was on duty!

Webcam Fun 4

Submit Your Cross Dressing Story or Fantasy

Looks like the world didn’t come to an end so here’s your chance to share what’s on your mind. I’ve been receiving a lot of emails containing some hot personal stories and fantasies. Why should I be the only one to enjoy them?

Now you can tell all of us about the hot encounter you once had or wish to have. Tell us how you wear your wife or girlfriends panties to work. Maybe you wish to put on a dress and become a cocksucker for an evening.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare and I’ll post it as long as you follow the guidelines. You’ll also be helping me out since it’s hard to produce fresh jacking material all the time.

I’m so happy I don’t have to worry about going to hell for playing with hot cock, dressing men in panties then playing with their virgin asses. Mmm. What do you have to share? Submit it here.