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Cold Feet Big Cock

This guy had been messaging me on and off since when I lived in Queens well over a year. I received a text message while I was in class from him that he was ready to meet and going to make the trip into the city.

Don’t get any Ideas. I don’t give my # out until the very last minute. My inbox is blown up enough with emails I don’t need random texts coming through.

Since he confirmed he was coming I rushed home to get ready. He said it was going to take about an hour but an hour had past. He did call to say he was a few avenues up but I sensed after speaking to him for a few seconds that he got cold feet.

I guess calling me and hearing my voice didn’t help. That’s why I prefer to text or don’t really talk when you come over. There are maybe one or two repeats visitors that are comfortable with me and I’ll have some light chitchat with.

Listen I am a not changing my voice to sound like a sissy or something else. I already do enough to provide you the illusion you are playing with a girl with a dick.

What a shame he backed out at the last minute. He was one of the younger Italian boys that I love to play with.  I did send two more texts telling him to come inside and that he can leave whenever or to at least come to the building and I would hang out of the window and wave.

I just thought that one up last minute. Would that appeal to some of you who are scared that I am a crazy cracked out killer? I’ll hang out the window in one of my skimpy minidresses with my black silky hair flowing. If anything I would look like a intoxicated woman looking for cock on the street down below. Hmm maybe that would work? Just wave up hot guys as they pass!

I must say I was a little pissed. It’s a pain in the ass to get dressed up! Plus if you are traveling for an hour to see me at least come in! Well I suppose all my visits can’t go as planned :(

I drew a hot bath and got undressed. When I was just about to get it I received another text. This one from a straight guy with a gf that I’ve been emailing back and forth with the past month. I had given him my # that day but had a feeling he wasn’t going to come through. I was wrong! He said just got off the train and was on his way.

I quickly got redressed and just when I was finished he was at the door. I threw two of my dresses over the lamp because he had requested extra dim light. He ideally wanted a TS to suck his cock but settled for me because he enjoyed my blog and I was the best candidate available. I had the porn playing too on the computer.

A popped my head out so he can see me and guided him in. I didn’t want to lose another one! After closing the door I immediately turned around and began my grinding routine with my ass against his cock. I heard him moan a bit and his cock stiffened.

I turned around again then got on my knees. I had trouble undoing his belt so once he helped me with that we were able to get his cock out.

GOD! What a cock! He had mentioned to “get my jaw ready”. I didn’t know why but now I did. His cock was huge! I don’t think I have ever had a cock that long and thick at the same time. I know some of you are straight but I think anyone who saw this cock would want to try playing with it.

I could literally wrap both my hands around it. I tried that while sucking it. I was probably only able about to get 3 inches into my mouth because it was so damn think. I did the best I could. He was also nice enough to not make me gag.

He gave me a verbal bashing. “Suck that cock slut!” “Just like that whore over there!” Referring to the woman in the porn.

I had to get his cock very wet and attempted to jerk and suck it at the same time. He was giving my face a good fucking. I licked his balls a little bit.

He got his blow job all while standing. His jeans and underwear wrapped around his thighs. I like these blow and go’s sometimes, because their so hot, discreet and quick and naughty!

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Where do you want me to cum? In your mouth?” I think I nodded yes but I really wanted him to cum all over me. I began using one finger to massage around his tight hole. He really enjoyed that, I even got in there a little bit and that’s when he shot his load.

When he was cumming I took his cock out of my mouth and let it squirt all over my face and chin. It went on my dress and dripped onto the floor.

I must say I was in shock from the entire experience. I was on a low point from the hottie Italian getting cold feet. Now I was high from this massive cock I just played with and the huge load of cum that was shot all over the place. I needed a minute to center myself.

I got up and got him some wipes. These bath wipes really are coming in handy! He wiped his cock and balls off thanked me and went on to meet some friends uptown. Now he won’t have to worry, while his friends are looking to get laid he will already have been taken care of! Saving him money, time and having to bother his gf when he gets home.

I still had his cum on my dress. I took some photos of it and layed down on the bed. My cock was so hard I took it out and began to stroke myself. I didn’t take it out when he was there because he made it clear he just wanted a blowjob. I jerked for a few moments and shot my load on the rest of his that was on my dress.

The bathwater was still hot by the time I got into it. I took a nice bath then got into bed and passed out. I thought to myself I can’t do this anymore this is insane! But here I am writing about it ready for my next guest!


Visitor Gallery

I will update the date the visitor gallery was updated under the Hot Links to the right. This way you know when there is new jacking materal. Why should do all the work? Dress up in something slutty and submit your photos. Show everyone what a pretty girl you make. xoxo

Six Ways I Can Make You Cum

1. Blow & Go. Ideal for first timers and straight guys looking to experiment. You just need a warm mouth for your hard cock. You come over for a discreet blow job, shooting your load in my face or on the floor. Please don’t get it in my hair.

2. Blow & Go with jerking. All of the above but you want to try more. Like feeling under my dress. You want to know what’s it like to jerk a hot cock while you are getting sucked. You don’t have it take it out. Just feel it through my panties.

3. 69- Hot mutual suck. You ready to take it to the next level. You love getting your cock sucked and jerking mine. Now you want to taste it. Just start with the tip and move on from there. Lick some balls while your at it, they are delicious too.

4. Rim and Go. You just want to lay back and stroke yourself while I work on your hole. We work as a team to get you off. I tongue fuck your tight hole while you stroke your cock. Maybe I tongue fuck your hole and jerk you at the same time until you shoot your load on your chest.

5. Blow, Rim & Grind. All of the above but the climax comes when I press my cock against your hole. Maybe you are standing getting sucked then I get up and move behind you. I press my cock against your bare ass and pseudo fuck you. You also can be lying down with your legs up and spread. You feel like you are about to get fucked but don’t have to worry about actually going through with it. The excitement of having a hot hard cock pressing and grinding against your hole makes you shoot your load all over the place.

6. Suffocation. After playing with your cock and hole I sit on your face with my pantie covered ass. You have no choice but to cum if you want me to get off you. I’ll be helping by sucking your cock while my smooth hole and lightly fuzzy balls are in your face.


Summer time is play time so make sure you’re getting your cocks, balls and tight holes played with.  I also recommend getting your face fucked at least once this summer if you haven’t already. 😉