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Monthly Archives: July 2011

waiting for you to come…

So here I am again… at my desk, bored, flipping through page after page of your blog. Waiting to see you in a pair of satin panties.. thigh highs that embrace your long legs… The definition of your cock so easily visible through the shinny, soft material that separates opportunity from my mouth… I begin on my knees. My hands explore pulling out your cock… I tease my own mouth with it.. the head resting on my tongue.. feeling you slowly slide inside… I am taken by the moment and become a little slut for you… sucking your cock with such hunger.. like a teen girl for the first time… knowing that soon you’ll explode… in my mouth, my face… making me feel dirty but excited in the same breath. You start to slowly fuck my mouth… telling my how hot I look swallowing each inch. I pull you out… jerking you slow… tracing a path with my tongue from the head to your balls… You tell me to suck you… make you come hard and I oblige… I suck you until you begin to arch… pulling you out in time to feel the first stream of hot come hit my face and lips… I pull you back into my mouth to feel the rest fill me…

so hard right now…

Leopard Panties

I got so much done today being it’s so hot out. I was able to wash the floor! I try and keep it very clean. Some of you shoot your loads all over it I have to make sure I get all of it up. I think your cum makes my floor very shiny.  I do wish I had someone to slap me in the face with their cock while I am down there cleaning! I love motivation!

Maybe while I am down on the floor cleaning, you are stroking your cock on the bed watching me and some porn at the same time. Then when you are just about to cum you get up and spray your warm load all over my ass crack that’s poking out of my panties. I’m a big girl I don’t mind and will clean it off once you leave.

My head seems to be at the same height as my bed. Maybe you can let your balls hang off the side while I lick them? Then if I do a good job you can spread your legs and lean back so I can work on your tight pink hole too!

I need break from cleaning. I just want to flat on the floor and have you sit on my face. I wonder what you’ll put in my face first? Your cock, balls all tight curious hole? Then while you are pouncing up and down on my face with delight I can surprise you with something out of my leopard panties. Will you reach down and stroke it? Maybe bend over a little and suck it? That’s up to you.


Shop at my store?

I’m thinking of making an online store. I would sell some of my clothing…panties, stockings and dresses. I would also sell some toys that I have selected and tested on myself or maybe one of you to make sure they are as much fun as possible.

The charge, billing and shipping would all be 100% discreet. Meaning the package you receive would not indicate it came from me or have anything to do with this site. I have devised a plan to keep it all a secret! The charge on your credit card would also be masked. However, if you have a curious family member or gf that opens the package by accident then there is nothing I can do to save you.

So with that being said before I invest my time and energy in making this happen I need to know if you would potentially shop at my store. Doing so will help me pay the bills on maintaining the blog and possibly make it even better. Answer honestly please, I won’t be offended! If you truly would not order panties or toys from me say so! I don’t want to waste my time putting my panties up for sale and have no one buy them!

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