My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Monthly Archives: August 2011

Submissive Visitor

It was late Friday evening when I received a text from one of my admirers. I advised him to text me in the event he wanted to meet. He was finally somehow able to part with his gf and expressed his need to see me.

He was eager to please me and wanted to be turned into my little cock sucking slut. He was tired of the role he played with his gf and I can understand that. With the hurricane soon approaching and the city being shut down I figured I should act fast and get one last fling in so I invited him over.

I waited until he confirmed he was in a cab and on the way before I started getting ready. I don’t want to get all dressed up only to find out you backed out at the last minute! This particular guy did not and he arrived within minites then I buzzed him in…

As usual I opened the door as he walked down the hall so he could see me before entering. That relieves some of the stress for sure. You want to have some idea what you’re walking into. He entered and I shut the door and began my seduction!

I quickly grabbed his cock and started rubbing it and pressed myself against him. He kissed my neck for a moment then I signaled him over to the bed. I instructed him to get on his knees and he listened to my instructions. I grabbed his head and pressed it into my crotch which was covered with panties and a mini dress. He was moaning as pushed my cock into his face. I could tell he was very horny and in need of my cock. He got back up and began to strip. I went and laid down on the bed and spread my legs. He quickly dived down between my legs.

I just lay back while he explored between my legs. I patted his head to let him know he was doing a good job. I didn’t even have my cock out yet and he was having so much fun!  My cock eventually poked out from the panties and I shoved it into his mouth. I grasped his head and pushed my cock into his mouth. What a good boy! I just lay back while he worked on my cock. It was nice have a break since I’m the one usually doing all the work.

Next I got up and stood on the bed so I could give him a good face fucking. I slapped my cock in his face, rubbed my balls against his lips and made sure he licked them both good. What a dirty boy!

When I felt pleased enough I went and sucked his cock a little bit. He continued to moan while I sucked him and jerked me off. I got on top of him and pressed my hard dick against his, rubbing and jerking them together we began to kiss again. I kissed him good but made sure I didn’t leave any marks that could be used as evidence against him!

I also started to get verbal which I normally don’t do…“You’re a dirty boy aren’t you? You like a nice hard cock?”…”Yes” he replied.

I grabbed a pair of black panties and shoved them in his face. “You like these panties don’t you?”…“Yes I do” He replied again. I kissed him through the panties while wrapping them over his head. Then I slapped him in the face again with my cock and balls. “You like sucking cock don’t you. You’re my little dirty cock sucker!”…“No one will ever know what a little cock sucking slut you are!” He begged for more. He begged for me to shoot my load in his mouth as he opened it wide. My hard shaft slipped in and out between his lips. But I wouldn’t give it to him. I have my reasons… “Cum for me you dirty boy, show Morgan how horny you are!”

With that he shot a huge load over his chest. His body tensed as he ejaculated all over himself. I could tell it was an intense orgasm, one that he hadn’t experienced in awhile. It was very hot because it was dirty! He was able to sneak awake from his gf and become a slutty little cocksucker for the night.

He wanted me to document his visit so I did manage to take a photo. Now his fantasy of being turned into a cocksucker has finally come true and I have posted his humiliation for all to see! Maybe on his next visit we can explore his ass. I’m sure it is very tight! I didn’t really get to explore it since he was too busy sucking me off.

After he cleaned up I sent him on his way. I must say I’m very happy with my new cocksucker and his eagerness to please me! It takes a lot to offer up your mouth and ass to someone and he will be rewarded by doing so.


Morning Wood

You wake stiff…stiff with a hard cock that is. While you lay in bed you think about what you’d like to do, try or wish to happen. You let out a slight moan and roll over. If you’re on your stomach you press your cock into the mattress like you’ve done many times before. You like the way the pressure feels against your cock. If you are on your back your dick is sticking up, straight up if you are nude or just poking out if you are wearing boxers.

Rubbing your balls you think about your previous encounters, your last hookup or the last time your gf put out. She’s not with you, maybe she’s at work or you recently broke up. Maybe you’re single. That’s okay you’ve managed fine being single but you wouldn’t mind having some more fun.

Bars and house parties are fun but it’s allows the same loud ditzy drunk girls. All your friends try and compete to get in their pants. There must be a better way to get some help getting off! You just need to cum. Anatomy students would understand. You’re ball are producing sperm at a fantastic rate. The tubes within in you fill up and they need a way out. But relieving yourself day after day can be bit of a chore. You wish you had help or someone interesting to make it more fun.

You’re stroking yourself now in bed. Thinking about the photos you saw online last night. You think about trannies. What it would be like to be with one. You’re pissed that most of them are hookers though; you shouldn’t have to pay. You’re a hot, horny young guy people should be paying you to play with your cock! Then there are the crossdressers. If the light were dim and they looked and dressed the part could it work? Could a cd’r help get me off? Now your mind is wondering more.

You fantasize of a girl…who you have no idea is a crossdresser. You go to her when you’re horny and she takes care of you. You can finally lay back and have your cock and balls worked on and not worry about paying or treating the person to dinner.

Your cock is really hard now and you’re stroking fast. You reach down with one hand and massage your tight hole. You wish you could meet someone that understands your needs. You spread your legs further…jerking and stroking…it feels so good. Running one hand down your chest…massaging your balls then back to your tight pink hole again. You know how to take care of yourself that’s for sure!

You mind is really going now…thinking about an oral encounter with a crossdresser…thinking about getting rimmed. Maybe even more…just then you shoot your load. Your warm cum explodes on your chest and down your cock. You reach for a tissue to clean up.

That felt so good! Ugh but now you have those damn thoughts of guilt! What were you thinking! Being with a tranny, crossdresser or playing with your first cock! Are you nuts? You decide that you are not nuts. You’re just a guy with needs. A guy that needs to cum! You’re a good decent guy that treats everyone with respect. You should be able to enjoy your time on earthy too! You only live once!

If a crossdresser gave you an amazing blowjob, taught you to suck your first cock or played with your ass like no one has done before who cares! It’s your secret that no one needs to know about.

Time to get up and begin the daily grind or school…work…but it was nice to jack off and think about other things.


Stressful Week Over!

Sorry, I had to step away and focus on some finals for school which I passed thankfully so I’m in a good mood. Last week was hell! My current employer and some of the dipshits that I have to work with really
pissed me off! I truly hate ass kissers!

I work with some real ass kissers to say the least. Needless to say I was truly disgusted and looking forward to a hot visitor to come and take my mind off things. That happened this past Wednesday night. I believe he was from out of town. It was really a hot time. I spent most of it sucking and rimming my hot visitor. He didn’t suck me but I did  put my panty covered penis in his face from time to time.

I won’t go into too much detail except for the fact that after he left my apartment he called me right away asking me if I had his wallet! I said no definitely not but I would check anyway. It was very dark when he came in and he put his stuff in a pile on the floor. Maybe he kicked it somewhere when he was getting dressed. I didn’t want him to think I stole his wallet! The last thing I would do is take anything
from you guys. The only thing I was to take is your virgin mouths and asses.

The relief from the hot encounter immediately vanished because I was upset over the guy’s lost wallet. I’m on my hands and knees looking under everything for it. Didn’t find it! He thinks he left it in the
cab. He was not happy and truly pissed. I ended up going to bed disgusted over work and disgusted over the lost wallet. Now when he thinks back on me and his first encounter he will think how
badly it ended! I really had a nice time tongue fucking his ass but I doubt I will ever see him again. Sadness.

The rest of the week I felt stressed over my job, stressed out about my upsetting encounter and the finals coming up! That’s when I received another email from a straight guy from NYC with a gf. He was looking for a discreet first time encounter. He came to the right place! I figured I could use a break from studying so I invited him over.

When he arrived he was very nervous. I had the porn going so he tried to focus on that while I rubbed my ass against his cock. He took to kissing the back of my neck. That felt nice so I turned around and
kissed him more. It was clear he was a little intoxicated and that’s okay. Whatever it takes to get you over. Just as long as you aren’t messy or passing out on me. One or two drinks to loosen you up!

I got on my knees and sucked his cock like the good girl that I am. I needed to show him what I expected in return. He shed more of his clothes and I invited him to the bed. That’s when he took his first
cock. It’s really not difficult, once you get it in your mouth you’ll know what to do. It comes naturally. I could tell he loved the taste of it. Much different from his gf’s pussy!

I sat on his face while I blew him. He licked around my panties and around my hole. I kind of grinded my ass into him. I worked his big balls with my mouth and then leaned lower and dived into his ass. He moaned deeply from the pleasure of my tongue. I’m sure his gf neglected his ass so I had to make up for all that lost attention. I tongue fucked his ass good! I did it for awhile while sitting on his face. Then I got down and leaned between his legs. A nice tongue fucking while I jerked his cock! He was very polite too apologizing that he was nervous and that it was his first time. I told him to relax and that as long as he was comfortable that’s all that matters. As long as he was feeling good everything thing was fine. I sure was comfortable and enjoying it!

I put his mouth to use. I enjoyed seeing his pretty face suck my cock. Then he just sat back for a few moments touching and stroking my dick. Exploring his first hard cock other than his own! I wanted to make sure he had a good first time plus who knows when he will be able to play with cock again?

He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to cum but I set him up in the chair so he could lean back and stroke himself while watching porn. I slapped my hard cock against his nipple while he shot his
load on in the air. It dripped down his cock and balls then onto the wood floor. Easy clean up!

He smiled with relief. I made sure he had everything before he left and gave him water so he wouldn’t pass out walking down the steps. It was a hot encounter that lasted over an hour! The room sure did heat up. It was nice to let loose and get things off my mind. I’m sure this encounter made his summer a litter more interesting too. Remember I told you all to suck your first cock this summer! It’s not too late
either. Well now that my hellish exams are over I’m ready to suck some hot cock and maybe play with a tight ass!