My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Monthly Archives: November 2011

Your Ass is Mine

If you’re reading this your cock is probably hard or about to get hard. I wonder if you are at home or at work. If you’re at home you probably have your dick out in your hand. I bet it feels good to stroke it. What are you thinking about? I’m thinking about your ass and how I want to lick it. I love how it tastes so fresh and delicious. Yes, ass tastes good when properly prepped.

I taught my boys well. They know how to prepare their fine assholes for Miss Morgan. Are you touching your asshole now? Probably rubbing around the hole while you stroke yourself. I wish I were lying on my bed and you were sitting on my face. Bouncing up and down on my tongue like on a kiddy ride.

What would you do if you saw my hard dick poke out from my dress? Your hands would be free so you might as well try jerking it. You’re probably too scared to touch another cock. I have to break you in slowly so for now I will just give you a good tongue fucking. You like how my warm tongue swirls around your tight pink asshole.

Isn’t nice to have a special friend that lets you sit on their face? I imagine your gf doesn’t allow you to do that to her, shes such a cunt. She just doesn’t understand that you need your asshole pleasured but I do. I understand that you want your face buried in a pillow with your ass up. You just want to relinquish control for a little while and put your ass up in the air. Don’t stress over it. There is nothing wrong with putting your ass up in the air.

You’ll get a good tongue fucking and just maybe I’ll slide my hard warm dick against your tight pretty hole. Don’t worry I won’t put it in. I know you’re straight. I know it will hurt. I know it feels good though to have a warm cock massaging the outer regions of your ass. Sometimes you just need a hard dick slapped against your ass. Maybe feel the silky ruffles of my dress along with it. You’re such a good boy. Putting your ass up in the air just for me. Trusting me with your tight pink hole. Your ass is mine. Remember that. Your gf isn’t doing anything with it so I own your ass.

I will lick it, massage it and spank it as I please. It will be our little secret that you come to be for discreet ass play. No one will ever know that you spread your legs for Miss Morgan. If I find out someone else touched your ass you’ll be in big trouble! Your ass is mine!

I already made it clear I’m not into other cross dressers but I wouldn’t mind putting you in one of my panties. Your ass would look pretty I’m sure. Don’t you want to look pretty for me? I might make you keep them on after you cum. Don’t take them off, just get dressed and leave wearing my panties. I’ll make you wear them for a day or so. I’ll keep your underwear and maybe I’ll put them on and pleasure myself in them then give them back to you on your next visit. How would that make you feel knowing there was another cock in your underwear? Could you live with that? You’re a big boy I’m sure you can. I’m sure it gets you hard thinking about it. That’s okay everyone needs a little dick every once and awhile. Who better to give it to you than me?



One Last Photo

Here is one last photo I took of my clothes before I donated them. I thought about the women that might end up wearing them and how they’ll never know how many hard cocks rubbed against their dress. There was one pink dress I had to throw out because of a cum stain that didn’t wash out. Did you know your hot loads caused so much damage? That’s why it’s best you just shoot it on your bare chest so I can lick it off or maybe in my face. If we are real close I suppose I could swallow but I do prefer to see it.

I love watching your hard cock squirt jizz everywhere it’s so much fun. I know how good it feels to you so go ahead and keep stroking even though I’m not there to help. Don’t worry, this was just one last photo of my collection. I’m sure I can find more on my hard drive that I haven’t shared yet.

You left the door open for me…

It’s late and I received a text that you were very horny and needed some help. I normally never travel but since you are one of my favorites and I enjoyed how you shot such hot loads I figured I would make the trip. Now that’s it cold I can put on a few layers and not be noticed. No one would ever know my true gender.

I park a few houses away from yours. I need to be discreet. Quickly I make my way to the door and open it. You left the door open for me. Your parents are away and it’s time to play. They’ll never know Miss Morgan came by to visit. I do as I was instructed and walk back towards the only light that’s on. It happens to be your bed room. You’re sitting in front of your computer stroking your cock.

I can tell you’ve been drinking as I see there are a few beers on the table. Its okay, whatever you need to do to loosen you up is fine, as long as it’s legal. I’m so turned on watching you with your legs spread, balls hanging and cock erect. You really need to cum badly. Where is your gf? She doesn’t like to give head, what a stupid bitch. It’s okay; I don’t mind taking care of you.

I know it’s not just head you want. You’re curious about what’s under my dress. Too scared to ask or doing anything about it though. You’ve never touched another cock before. Cock has been on your mind though. Especially after a few drinks and few days load built up in your balls. Why do you only think about cock when you are drunk or really horny? What does it matter? It’s what you’re curious about so let me help you find out.

I don’t say a word. It’s not my style. I’m not here to talk to you. I’m here to play. I don’t have a feminine voice I will not lie. What my voice sounds like shouldn’t matter anyway because you’re more interested in how I use my mouth and also what’s stiff under my dress.

When I take my jacket off you see something stiff under my tight dress. I’m horny as well and not going to hide it. I was touching myself on the drive over. Thinking about your warm cum and tight pink virgin asshole. I love playing with your hole, it’s so much fun. I love the way you moan and squirm every time my warm tongue enters you.

I love these moments, I really do. I love seeing horny young flesh before me. We don’t know each other and never really will but we are about to become very intimate. You are more comfortable in your bedroom, I don’t blame you. Being that you have visited me before to get your dick sucked you are comfortable with me being there. You know that I won’t kill you or anything crazy like cut your cock off. Hey that’s important!

I’m honored to be your guest. Now it’s time to get down to business. To get down on my knees in front of you and take your hard dick into my mouth. I slowly suck it and get it nice and wet. Your head rolls back immediately and let out a big sigh of relief. It feels so good to stop jerking yourself and let someone else take over. Your arms drop to your side as you relinquish your body over to me.

I know you will cum quick and that’s okay but I need to make sure I go through all the motions. I prop your leg ups over the sides of the arm rest. You love having your tight hole licked while I stroke you off. I introduced you to this a few months ago.

Now it’s time to introduce you to something else; my hard cock against yours. With that I take mine out. You’re pretending you don’t know what I’m going to do but I see you trying to look at it. Next you feel it against yours. I wonder what’s going through your mind. Another hard dick a gliding and sliding against yours. It feels good to me so it must feel good to you. It looks like your enjoying it. Seems like you are since you begin to gyrate fast against my cock using it as a fun new jacking toy. With my other hand I am massaging your tight hole. I don’t stick it in. Sometimes all you need is a little massage down there. I know your gf won’t touch it. What a shame too. I love your hairy tight asshole.

I need you to take over your own jerking so I grab your hand put it back on your cock. Next I slap and run my dick on your chest. Your happy trail is so sexy and I enjoy runny my cock up over it and slowly up your chest and around your nipples. I’m licked up your chest before last time I gave you head and you seemed to enjoy it so why not see how a warm cock feels? I’m getting closer to your mouth and as I do you seem to jack harder and faster, almost so you cum before I can get there. But before you do I slap the tip of my cock against your lips and you quickly take the tip into your mouth and begin to shoot a huge load that sprays up your chest, onto my cock and on your face. Your head rolls back and you proclaim out load “Oh fuck I’m going to cum! Fuck! I’m cumming!”

As you finish cumming I slowly move away, running my hand over your head to give you a touch of reassurance that what just happened was okay. I know you’ll be a little dazed and confused but you’ll fully recover and be jerking off to the entire experience the next time you are drunk and horny.

I put my cock away and my long coat on then make my way out without a word. Driving home I receive a text that says “thank you” and I reply “thank you for leaving the door open”. I wonder if you’ll be inviting me over again?