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Naughty Schoolgirl Hotel Room Fun

New Purchases

While I was out of town I went to the mall and found some items on sale at J.C. Penny. I didn’t care for the purple floral in the first few pics and actually returned it. I didn’t get to play in my new clothes either because the pricks kept flagging my post in the second city that I was in before I could find a play mate. I thought the California boys would be nice to a visiting CD but I was wrong! I’ll be prepared next time and have a date or two set up before I arrive.

I think the men either thought I was a fraud or just bitter that I wouldn’t invite them over so they kept flagging me. I can’t help it if I’m picky! It’s okay I still got to try on some new clothes and take some photos for you all.

It would have been nice to have another visitor. Invite him in and play with his hard cock then tongue fuck his tight virgin ass. Maybe let him touch his first dick and stroke it. Oh well, I can’t always score!

I bought a new white top because the other one had a cum stain that wouldn’t come out. I know, it’s a simple top but I plan on wearing it with my naughty school girl skirt. I like it because it’s very comfortable and you’ll like the way it feels against your bare chest as I grind into you. I never take all my clothes off so I want to make sure what I wear feels good against your skin, plus I want to be comfortable in it too!

What do you think of the multi colored floral top? Would you want to hook up with me wearing that? It’s different and pretty I think. It’s really up to you what I wear!

The black pants are new too! They are very comfortable and fit tight around my ass and cock. You’ll easily be able to see and feel my hard-on without actually having to take it out. I need to break you in slowly. The pants will feel comfortable against your skin when I grind my crotch into your face so you can feel my hard cock under it. I really thought of you when I bought everything!

I hope your gf’s are treating you well this Holiday weekend and taking care of your cocks and asses. If they’re not or you’re just alone you can always get busy and take some photos of yourself stroking off to my blog and send them to me. I love seeing how hard you get fantasying about your first CD experience.

I chatted with a cute guy this morning while his gf was in the other room sleeping. Poor thing didn’t know he was stroking his cock off to my photos. She never took photos for him so what is he suppose to do? Plus I know how horny you guys are in the morning. You always wake up with a stiff cock and balls full of cum. I don’t mind helping you out with that.

Too bad you can’t wake up next to me. You’ll be waking up feeling something hard pressing up against you from behind. While I grind my cock into your ass I’ll kiss the back of your neck and reach around and jerk your hard cock till you bust a huge warm load. Imagine doing that every morning! I have lots of ideas of how I would start your day!

I think my new outfits are simple and sweet. No one would ever know that I seduce straight curious guys, teach them how to suck a cock or break in their tight virgin asses with my warm tongue!

Happy Holidays, Stay Warm & Be Safe


Help Letting Off Steam

Some of you have been very naughty! Sneaking away into the bathroom while your gf is home and texting me photos of your hard cock and tight asses. It will be our little secret, I’ll never tell your gf. I should have more of you do that. I enjoy viewing your hard cocks and tight virgin asses plus I don’t like it if you are bored and horny, it makes me sad.

I’ve been naughty too. I had the opportunity to go away so I took some of the clothes I was able to keep. I was very happy with me choices. I laid them out on the bed and decided to take some updated photos. Of course at the same time I have posted in the casual encounters to see if anyone wanted to come visit.

I love all the fresh meat a new city has to offer. It was long before I found a horny straight curious guy that wanted to play. He described himself as a “Fit college surfer guy that needs to let off some steam.” His photos matched the description so invited him over.

I turned off all of the lights except for one. The one that was left on I threw a few of my dresses over to dim it. I then turned on the radio. I don’t care for hotel room radios, they never have a good recepetion but he isn’t coming over to listen to music.

With the lights dim and music on I waited by the door. Peeking out, I wanted to make sure he was being honest before I opened the door. I opened the door slowly and let him see me before coming in. I too want to make sure that he is comfortable with the way I look. He came right in!

He followed me toward the bed. “It’s so cold out.” He said. I didn’t say anything and just started rubbing up against him. He was in fact cold so I figured it was best to warm him up rather than make him strip. I was wearing the black tights and the pink punk rock shirt as per his request. I pressed my ass against his crotch. His dick was pretty hard. I love how you boys come over with your dicks already hard. Very nervous and very horny. I could feel his heart pounding against my back. I pressed in further to him and he nibbled on the back of my neck. That felt good.

I turned around and pressed my crotch into his. He was warmed up pretty good at this point so I began to unbutton his pants. I rubbed his hard dick through his underwear. I could tell he was very horny and his cock was enjoying the attention. When his stiff cock popped out of his underwear I took it into my mouth.

His head tilted back as I began to suck him off. He moaned and moaned as I worked on his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pressed me down further on his cock. My hands reached around and massaged his ass as he fucked my face for a good few minutes. I kneeled down so I could lick and suck his balls, hey they need attention too and he enjoyed it as I made them wet and warmed them up with my mouth.

I instructed him to lay down on the bed. His cock stood straight up as I continued to suck it. Then I sat on his chest with my ass facing him so he could slap and play with my ass. He didn’t pull down my tights but enjoyed feeling and kissing my ass through them. After giving him the treatment from the backside I then turned around and pressed my hard cock against his. I grinded and gyrated slowly making sure he felt every inch of it.

I moved down a bit and positioned myself between his legs, I was in no rush so I licked up his shaft slowly, also licking and sucking his balls one at a time then getting them both in my mouth. To my surprise he flipped over and put his ass up into the air. He wanted me to grind my cock into his ass and give him a pseudo fucking. My cock was still covered by the tights and I suppose he enjoyed the way it felt as I pressed it into his ass crack rubbing it up and down against his tight virgin hole. I did this for a few moments until he flipped over again to be finished off.

Towards the end his cock was very erect and I could tell he was ready to cum. He wiggled around as I sucked him deep and hard. Sure enough he proclaimed that he was going to cum and that I should take his load. I obliged and he shot his warm cum into my mouth. His cock twitched with the last few drops coming out then I went to get some tissues to clean him up.

He pulled up his pants and told me it was amazing and how his face was tingling the entire time from the experience. I told him I was happy he enjoyed it and that I enjoyed playing with his cock and ass. We chatted for a few moments and then he went on his way. I was happy that I was able to help my fit college surfer guy let off some steam. He got exactly what he wanted, a discreet blow job and the opportunity to play with a cock without even having to take it out. Maybe next time I’m in town I will teach him how to suck it.