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Hotel Room Adventure

The lights were dim. Music was on. I was wearing black lace leggings with a tight top. I took a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror and sent it to him. I wanted to get approval and let him know exactly what he was getting. I waited patiently for my guest to arrive. Then a knock at the door and I made eye contact with him—a young tan skinned guy. He was hot, horny and fit.

He came in and I lead him near the bed where I dropped down to my knees and started rubbing his thick cock through his pants. He was very hard—it was bulging…waiting to be released. He unbuttoned his pants and they dropped around his ankles. I rubbed his cock some more through his underwear. I felt it throb in my hand. It popped out of his underwear and I begin to suck it. I rolled my tongue slowly around the large tip and licked up and down his shaft slowly. He moaned in ecstasy. How lucky was he to find such a good girl that would pleasure his cock in such a way.

Off came his shoes, pants…underwear and he then he laid down on the bed. He spread his legs wide so his massive 9” cut cock stood fully erect waiting for me to pleasure it further. I positioned myself between his legs…slowly licking and sucking his balls…one at a time then getting them both in my mouth. They tasted so good. I tasted his sweat…his fresh sweat from being so heated up. I licked up his long shaft and then began to take his cock into my mouth. He watched …satisfied as I worked on his hot hard cock.

I didn’t waste any time. I raised his legs in the air exposing his tight virgin ass. I immediately forced my tongue into not giving him time to think about it. No other girl had gone there before but now I was there…pleasing him in a way he had never felt before. He moaned with pleasure…his eyes rolling into the back of his head from the feeling of my warm tongue rolling around his tight hole.

I took my time rimming him…jerking him…sucking him. It was all about him. But he wanted more. He asked to see my feet. He took my feet and started rubbing them. He kissed them through my socks. I repositioned myself so I could put my feet in his face while I jerked and sucked of his cock. That really set him off. He got extremely hard while I smothered his face with my feet. He licked my toes, my soles…commented how soft my feet were. He asked if I would stroke him with my feet—sure I would.

I repositioned myself again so I could grab his throbbing cock between my feet. I pressed my feet together around his dick and gliding up and down around his cock. He leaned back in pleasure—his fantasy finally coming true.

After giving him a foot job for a few minutes I went back to sucking his cock while at the same time rubbing his tight hole with my hand. I massaged his balls as I mouth went up and down on his hard shaft—slobbering all over it like a hungry puppy dog.

As I worked on his cock he began to moan and proceeded to ejaculate in pleasure. His warm hot cum dripped down his cock and onto his chest…around and down his balls. I licked it up and tasted it. I felt his warm cum in my hand. I continued to stroke him to make sure I got it all out.

As he cleaned up and started getting dressed  I rubbed his tight ass and admired one last time. I really enjoyed licking his tight hole and giving it the attention it needed!

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Morgan’s Night Out

I don’t venture out crossdressed often but since it’s nice out I figured I would give it a whirl. I posted my ad on Craiglist for car or outdoor fun. Quickly the responses flowed in from all the horny men interested in using my mouth or playing with the cock in my panties.

I already chose my outfit. I wanted something comfortable and tight. I had black sweat pants that were loose at the bottom but tightened on the way up my legs and around my ass. I wore a short sleeve shirt with a pair of red lips across the boobs and then a tight pink hoodie to put over it. I supposed a looked like a comfortable slut.

I started chatting with one horny guy that was nearby. He was very interested in sucking my cock. I made it clear to him that I was a crossdresser—not a tranny and that I wouldn’t be wearing any makeup. I sent a photo of myself in my outfit. He didn’t seem to have a problem with any of that and gave me an address to go to. I thought we would be meeting up in a parking lot for a little car fun but little did I know I was in for a surprise.

We exchanged messages I headed towards his location. He was helping me navigate the way as I did get lost for a little bit. Finally I arrived at a parking lot a few towns over. I was sitting in the car with my hair on and suddenly two guys were walking down the street. I looked down at my phone as they passed and they didn’t seem to notice me—thank goodness. I wish they did notice me because I would have sucked them both!

The guy I was meeting was starting to delay. I suppose he was just as nervous as I was! I asked him to come out to my car and he wouldn’t. That’s when he asked me to get out and go to the house next door to the parking lot. I wasn’t planning on getting out of the card and going into someone’s house. This was going to be a challenge for me.

Well I was already there so I figured what the heck. There wasn’t much activity going on besides cars driving by. This will be an adventure—hopefully I won’t get killed. I did tell him that he must be in my view once I get closer to the house and he was. I quickly darted out of the car and into his backyard where he took my hand as if I was his date and guided me to the side of the house.

I stood in front of him with the street light shining on my face. I wonder what he was thinking of me? He mentioned that I was tall. Well he was shorter than I. He asked if I was nervous. I said yes—it’s not often that I dress up as a woman, drive around, park in a parking lot then get out and end up in someone’s backyard.

Well, I didn’t come all this way to chat so I quickly embraced him and began to rub his cock through his jeans. I felt it twitch and become hard. I moved closer pulling him into me. Rubbing, grinding…we both got hard quickly. I dropped to my knees and pulled his hard cock out of his pants and began to suck it. After sucking for a few moments I got up and then he went down and began to suck my cock. It felt so good.

He pulled his pants up. That was it? No. He then asked if I wanted to go inside. Sure, that would be better…that way we don’t have to be worry being spotted by curious neighbors. He told me I had to be very quiet. I wondered if his gf was upstairs sleeping. Should could have been. Too bad she doesn’t give him the attention that he needs. I’ll give him what he wants though!

He quietly led me downstairs to the basement. I picked a spot by the washer and dryer that looked like there was enough room to play. We then both unleased our hard cocks…rubbing them together, stroking them…taking turns sucking each other. It was dark and intense. I wanted to taste his tight virgin as so I turned him around and bent him over the washer. I spread his cheeks and buried my face in his tight ass…penetrating it with my warm wet tongue—he moaned in pleasure.

Next we fell to the floor. I was on my back and he sat on my face. His large cock and balls taking turns in my mouth. Then his asshole was bouncing up and down on my tongue while he jerked and sucked my hard cock. We were both hot and sweaty. What to do next?

I propped him up on the washer. His legs up in the air and spread. I rested my cock between his cheeks and grinded it into him. I massaged his hole with the tip of my cock while I jerked him off. I rimmed him some more…pleasuring his tight ass with my tongue. He was about ready to cum and he did—all over himself. I tasted some of it by licking it off the tip of his cock. As he shot his load I stroked him slowly making sure I emptied all his seed out of his balls. Once it was all out I caressed his cock and balls some more—making sure he felt supported after his naughty little encounter with me.

He cleaned up and lead me back upstairs where I quietly left. I found out later that he was upset that I didn’t cum too. I told him it was okay and that I was happy he got off good. I consider my outdoor crossdressing adventure a success and looking forward to another one!

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