My Discreet Encounters Revealed

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Big Black Cock in the Steam Room

Sorry I wasn’t crossdressed for this adventure but I would like to share it anyway…

After a hard workout it’s nice to go enjoy the steam and sauna. An added bonus is the hot guys that are in there too. One day I was sitting in the steam room relaxing when a tall athletic black guy came in. He just had a towel wrapped around him and I could see the outline of his massive cock beneath the towel.

He sat diagonal from me and just chilled out as the steam went on and began to fill the room. It was misty and hot…I couldn’t help but keep and eye on him and he seemed to be looking at me too.

He spread his legs a little to the point where I could see his big cock hanging. It looked big and juicy and as I kept taking a peek I started to get hard. Since we were the only two guys in there at the moment I thought it would be okay if I just grabbed myself a little bit. Guys tend to do that just to adjust themselves and make themselves more comfortable. Or a guy might do it as an indication he is horny and just wants to jerk a little while someone watches.

I noticed him watching me as I adjusted myself a little. He picked up an edge of his towel that was hanging over his leg to wipe off some sweat off his face. When that happened I had full view of his semi erect cock. At the moment I new we were both getting hard and horny for each other.

I hadn’t sucked a black cock and a very long time. This guy had me interested because he was just your average young basketball playing black guy working out at the gym. Maybe he was just looking for a mouth to use on the down low while his girlfriend was waiting for him to get done with his workout. I was going to make sure he got his cock worked out before he headed home.

Nothing gets me more excited than straight curious guys that are curious about cock. They have little or no experience with dick but they do fantasize about it. Maybe they don’t think about dick but they love getting head and are curious if another guy can do any better. The reality is that it’s not a big deal to suck a cock or have another guy suck you. You can still bang your gf and get married in the future. For now have fun with dick.

As we sat there our cocks got harder. He even started to make his twitch and flop up and down a little as I watched it hang between his muscular legs. I stroked my cock more freely under my towel letting it peek out a little so he could see. We both had to be mindful of the door too—don’t want anyone walking in and catch us playing with ourselves. But the risk sometimes makes the encounter even more hotter. The steam room is hot and misty and it’s not uncommon to just get hard naturally.

We took turns getting out, cooling off and coming back in. Eventually it was getting too hot for me to stay in the steam room and I was really curious about his big black cock so I headed out to the showers where he eventually followed me. I entered the last shower…I left the door a little open given him the indication that it was okay to join which he did.

We turned the shower on and made sure the door was securely closed and that’s when I started to stroke him good. I wanted to make this quick so I go on my knees and started to suck his big black juicy cock. He got extremely hard as the water poured down upon us. I was rubbing his balls and sucking his cock as best I could. I tried to get both his balls in my mouth at the same time but they were just too big. I ran one of my hands up and down his flat stomach as I worked on his cock. He looked down upon me in pleasure happy to have such a treat after his workout.

I bet he wasn’t planning on showering with anyone or getting his cock worked on but today he was. When two dicks click it’s okay to get them off. We’ll keep things discreet and no one will know about our secret play time.

He pulled me up and then tried to finger my ass but I pulled his hand away because I didn’t really feel like being fingered. I really only prefer warm wet tongue in my hole so I was happy when he got on his knees, spread my cheeks and licked my ass a little bit. It seemed like he was enjoy licking my tight hole because he did it for a few minutes.

After rimming my tight ass for a few I got back on my knees and started to suck him good. Massaging his balls with one hand, holding and jerking the base of his big cock with the other and sucking the rest of it. My tongue rolled around the tip of his cock and up and down the shaft. I sucked faster and watched as his eyes close as he looked up in ecstasy. His chest started to tightening while his cock throbbed…just then he started to pump his hot creamy load all over my face and in my mouth. I’m sure he wanted to let out a loud moan but he had to keep quiet so no one would hear us playing.

Once his balls were emptied on my face I got up and washed my face under the shower. He was nice to make sure I didn’t miss any of his cum. That would be embarrassing if I walked out into the locker room with some jizz on the side of my face. When the coast was clear he left the stall and I finished showering.

I really enjoyed sucking his big black juicy cock and helping him cum. I bet he went home feeling extra relaxed. He wont have to worry about asking his gf for help because his balls are already emptied so he can just kick back, eat dinner and watch tv.

If we happen to bump into other again it will be okay it’s our little secret what we did. Maybe next time I’ll use his mouth too. I think that’s only fair. Next time your at the gym see if you see any cocks you might like. You don’t have to do anything but it will be fun to think about.

I know you really like girls but do you see any guys that you might let help you cum? Whose mouth would you want to use or who would you want to try and pleasure? Who would you jerk off quick if you had the chance? Hopefully someday you too will have the opportunity to be naughty like me.

You’re Horny and It’s Okay

You’re very horny I know. You wake up hard, you’re hard at work, you come home hard and you go to bed hard. You spend a lot of time thinking about titties and pussy. Maybe you have a gf to bang—maybe you don’t. If you’re lucky to have someone to bang you’re still hard most of the time because you’re urges just aren’t being met enough. There’s always that desire for more titties and pussy—you just need to cum—again and again.

You’re constantly jerking off. Jerking off to porn, jerking off to this blog, jerking off while sexting on the phone, jerking off to pictures, jerking off to images and fantasies in your head—you just love jerking your cock. It feels so good. Yea, sometimes you may feel ashamed after to do or maybe you wonder if you jack your cock too much but you’ll be at it again in a few hours or the next day or so. The reality is there’s nothing wrong with jerking off—it’s fun and you do need to cum. Of course you don’t want to jerk off in excess. It’s nice to try and build up that hot seed until you have a nice big load to shoot in someone’s face or mouth.

So you’re hard, maybe banging a friend—maybe not—you’re jerking off. Life is good. It’s hot out and your balls and ass are sweaty and you just wish you had someone to lick it all clean and help you get off because you’re always so fucking hard especially in the summer.

I like seeing and hearing about all the different places you jerk off. You guys jerk off in the bed, the bathroom, on the toilet, in the shower—at work too. Nothing wrong with taking a break at work—it can be quite stressful. It can be very relieving to step away a rub one out in the employee bathroom—just don’t be too loud so you don’t get caught. You’re blowing your loads everywhere—in your hand, on your chest—maybe it might reach your face. You’re jerking off in the shower or while sitting on a toilet somewhere. Have you jerking off in your car yet? Maybe you should try. Have you jerking off outside somewhere? Might as well try that too.

And you’re straight. I know. You want a gf—you want to get married and maybe have kids in the future. But…still maybe you think about what it would be like to touch another cock. What it would be like to reach down a pair of panties only to find a hard throbbing cock—what would you do? What would it be like to see one up close and personal all hard and erect—possibly poking out of a cute pair of panties. Maybe on a rare occasion when you’re horny or drunk you think about doing other things out of your normal range of play. Maybe you think about cum—tasting it or being cummed on? Feeling it? Mixing your cum with someone else’s? Or is that too much? No one needs to know your naughty thoughts. I’ll keep them a secret. Maybe you lust or think about others things besides tits and pussy—that’s okay I won’t tell. Tits and pussy can get old after a while especially if they are attached to someone who just is really annoying or just draining and I don’t mean draining in the fun way.

Maybe you think about jerking yourself and someone else at the same time. What would that be like? You like jerking yourself off so wouldn’t it be fun jerking another person off at the same time? Sure it is! I know it’s fun. You just have to be open minded. If you’ve read this far you probably are open minded. Summer time is a time for fun… it’s a time to explore and enjoy. Hopefully you’re doing just that. Exploring and trying new things. So if you haven’t already why don’t you try something new and exciting. Step outside your comfort zone and act out one of those secret fantasies in your head. You have my permission.

Why not try on a pair of panties then take look in the mirror and see how pretty your cock and ass looks in them. I bet you’d make a good slut. Have you tried on a pair of panties yet? Maybe you should and find out how they feel against your cock and ass. Take of few pictures of yourself and admire how sexy you look. You can even jerk off while wearing them and see how that feels—maybe you’ll shoot an even bigger load.

All this ranting about being horny, jerking off, cocks and ass has made me so hard. I’m going to have to go jerk off now. I’ll be thinking of you.