My Discreet Encounters Revealed

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I Thought I Was Going to Suck…

He followed me downstairs. The lights were dim as usual. I was about to get on my knees but before I could he pushed me onto the couch. He forced me down with my back and ass facing him. “You’re a dirty slut!” he yelled at me. Next he pulled down my pants and panties so that they were around my thighs. “You’re a dirty whore!” he continued berating me. Then he pushed his hard cock against my ass while reaching around and grabbing mine.

I could feel his hard cock rubbing against me through his underwear as he stroked mine quickly. He was stroking my cock hard and fast while calling me names—I didn’t want to cum but it was obvious that’s what he wanted. He stroked me long and hard as he pressed his boner against me.

“I don’t want to cum!” I yelped. He didn’t listen, didn’t care and continued to jerk my cock. I did my best to try and turn around so I could take his cock out but he wouldn’t let me. I wanted to turn around and suck it but I wasn’t permitted. He continued to hold me down while giving me an aggressive hand job. What did I do to deserve this? I just wanted to suck some cock and lick his tight ass!

“You like that slut? Don’t you?” he asked. He jerked my cock hard while pressing his into my tight ass crack. He spit between my cheeks and continued to grind against me. His spit dripped down my ass crack then onto my balls. I really felt like a worthless whore—just being used and abused.

I couldn’t take much more and started to orgasm. My warm cum dripped onto his hand and that’s when he smeared it in my face. After forcing me to take a face full of my own cum he whipped his throbbing cock out and began to jerk it quickly.

“I’m going to cum on your ass!” he yelled with pleasure. Well, I wasn’t going to stop him at this point. I was his dirty whore forced to live out his fantasy. I just laid there with my ass exposed to him. I couldn’t see him as you stroked himself off admiring my tight ass and hole. It didn’t take him long…

“Oh god! I’m going to cummm! I’m cumming!” he cried out. With that I felt multiple streams of his warm load hit my ass. There was so much it covered my lower back and dripped down my ass crack and onto my balls too. He had glazed me with his big warm load. I bet it felt good to blow his load all over me—so much better than having to blow a load alone. I appreciated his big warm load—I’m not like to other girls who are afraid of it.

I just laid there in shock. Frozen from the experience of being his dirty little slut. He quickly put his cock away pulled up his pants, washed up and left. He left me there covered in jizz. I just pulled my panties up leaving his warm cum still on me. Even after he left I just laid there with his jizz still dripping down my ass and down my leg. I was very hard from feeling his juices all over me. I jerked off again shooting another load and wetting my panties.

I found out later that our encounter was the first time he had touched a cock. I wonder if that’s why he didn’t want me to face him while he did it? Maybe next time we can press our cocks together and feel them throbbing—maybe even cum on each other cocks at the same time. Maybe that’s too much for him? I don’t know. If I’m stroking someone’s cock I like to see what I’m doing.

It feels so good to rub cocks together. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Just imagine pressing your boner against another. Feeling each other dicks throb as they touch each other. Take turns grabbing and stroking them. Guys should be allowed to do whatever they want with each other—as long as it feels good what does it matter?

It so hard to meet a girl these days—especially on Long Island. They are so stuck up, bitchy and just a pain in the ass. Sometimes you just have to let loose and try some dick. If you never tried dick before you can start by stroking one, then when you’re ready try sucking it. It’s 2014—there’s no big deal with playing with some hot cock. I know you’ve been thinking about it. You’re just worried that someone might find out. The reality is no one will find out you played with some dick if you do it discreetly.

The reality is you are horny and need help getting off. If a girl is not available then next best thing is a guy in a dress and wig—like myself. Maybe I won’t even dress up. Are you ready to be with a guy? I think you should. I think you want to try playing with some dick.

It was interesting to have such a big warm load of cum shot on my ass. Usually I prefer it in my face and mouth. I suppose when it’s on the ass I don’t have to worry about it getting in my hair and making a mess. It’s such a pain to wash cum out of a wig!

It would have been more fun to lie next to each other and stroke each other’s cocks. His would be poking out of his boxers and mine would be poking out of my panties.  If he wants to play with my ass I could get on top of his face and straddle it while I lean down and blow him. That’s always fun!

Another Deep Rimming

I met him at the front door, let him in and he followed me downstairs into the dim lite basement. I quickly dropped to my knees and began to rub his cock through his pants. I needed help undoing his belt because it was so tight. Finally his pants fell around his angles. His big thick juicy cock hung before my face. It was just about completely hard by the time I got it into my mouth. It wasn’t the first time I sucked his cock. I had worked on his cock and ass before when I had an apartment in Manhattan.

We’ve stayed in touch over the years. On this particular day in was horny and wanted me to take care of his needs when he was done with class. I hope his gf doesn’t mind I pleasure her man—tasting his cock and ass with my tongue. Well, she doesn’t really need to know about it. It will be our secret.

I slowly licked his balls and up his thick hard shaft—rolling my tongue around the tip us his cock and then back down again. He moaned in pleasure as I gave his cock the attention it needed that day. He was very hard and throbbing in my mouth. His balls felt heavy in my hand—I could tell they were full with a big load of cum. It was my job to help him empty his balls as best I could and make sure it left good.

He quickly stripped down and got on the bed with me. It’s so much more comfortable that way. He spread his legs so his balls hung freely and his cock stood erect. I took my time licking up his balls and cock like a hungry puppy dog slobbering on a delicious bone.

I’m such a lucky girl to be able to play with his big boner. It tasted so good as it slide between my lips. I knew I had to do more—I knew he wanted me to work on his ass too and that’s exactly what I did. I moved my tongue slowly over his balls and then down below his ballsack. His legs spread wider exposing his tight hole to me. I slowly worked my warm wet tongue up and down his delicious crack. Rolling it around slowly before I inserted it. He moaned and squirmed in pleasure as my tongue penetrated him.

His as we very tight and tasty—he enjoyed as I worked on it. He felt good to just be able to lay back and prop his legs up and get a good deep rimming. I rimmed him good as I slowly stroked his big hard cock. I rimmed him for a good time on his back until he finally flipped over on his stomach so I could tongue fuck him good that way too. He exposed his tight firm ass to me—giving me total control over it. His ass was mine to play and pleasure. I was enjoying it and my cock was throbbing beneath my panties. I took a break from licking and rested my hard panty covered cock between his but cheeks. He pressed it firmly against him so he could feel it throb. I wanted him to feel how hard I was and then I began to dry hump him with my panty covered cock. His tight ass felt so good pressed up against me. I had to stop what I was doing and get back to licking so I wouldn’t cum.

Would he mind if I blew my load on his ass and let it drip down his crack? I don’t know. Maybe we can try that next time. I got him on all fours with his ass facing me. His ballsack and big cock were hanging between his legs begging for my attention.

I stroked his cock, rubbed his balls and tongue fucked his tight ass all at them same time. I needed to make sure that I was taking care of everything—I didn’t want anything to be neglected.

I flipped onto his back again and this time I got on top of him. I pressed my panty covered cock against his and rubbed them against one another. I let my entire body weight down onto him—pressing against him. Both of sweaty, hot and horny pressed our bodies together, grinding and dry humping each other. It felt so good. It felt so good to feel us throbbing.

Next I positioned myself with my ass in his face. My panty covered ass brushed against his face as I worked on his cock and balls. He licked and nibbled on my butt as I sucked him off deeply. My cock was about to pop out of my panties and I was tempted to shove it in his mouth but I didn’t. Instead I leaned a little lower and licked his tight hole while grinding my ass in his face.

After spending some time on top of him I re-positioned myself in front of him between his legs. I jerked and sucked his cock good while I rolled my finger around his tight hole. His hole expanded slightly allowing my finger to enter. I fingered his ass gently as his cock slide between my lips. He told me he was about to cum and just a moment after that he pumped a large load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all and when his dick as done pumping I licked it clean.

I grabbed some tissues and gave him some and helped him wipe my wetness off his cock, balls and ass. He put on his tight cute underwear and I grabbed his ass one last time just because it looked so good.  He used the bathroom room to wash up and then I walked him to the door and thanked him for stopping by a dropping his load off.

I was happy that I was able to give his cock and ass the attention that it needed. He needed a deep good rimming and I gave it to him. He also needed a special place to blow his load and I provided that too. I’m sure he enjoyed feeling my throbbing cock through my panties too. Maybe next time I’ll take it out of my panties and do more with it.

There’s so much cum that goes to waste. It’s so much better to shoot it in someone’s face, mouth or somewhere else. Have you ever played with someone else’s cum? I think you should. Where would you want your first cum load? In your face? Mouth? Shot on your cock so you can use it to jerk with? Will you cum for me now? Let me know how good it feels. Maybe touch your tight hole while you do. Feel how tight you are. What would it be like to have a warm tongue penetrating you right before you blow your warm load?  It would feel so good to have a special friend like me to help you cum.

I’m here for you. It doesn’t matter if you are single or dating someone who just can’t take care of you—I understand. I know how horny you are and how much you like jerking yourself and the naughty things you think about. This is your safe place to come visit when you are hard and need help blowing your load.

I just like being a good girl giving you the attention that you deserve and giving you something new and different to play with. Are you ready for my panty covered cock yet or are you still shy?

I know your straight but that doesn’t mean you can’t think about it. Think about what it would be like to put your hands down my panties and grab me. Feel me throb in your hand as I pleasure you. Maybe put in your mouth and have a taste. Maybe you aren’t ready for that. Maybe you aren’t for that. Maybe you just need to use my mouth and spend sometime sitting on my tongue. That’s okay too. Whatever you need—I have here for you. I just don’t get fucked—that’s what pussy is for.

Help You Jerk Off

Are you nude in bed? You should be. I like when you lay and bed and touch yourself while thinking about the naughty things we can do to each other. You try to think of other things or maybe just try and go to sleep but you can’t because your cock is so damn hard.

Porn gets boring. It takes so much time to find the right one—that’s why the imagination is so much better. What will you think about this time? It feels so good to rub yourself…your cock feels warm in your hand and it throbs as you jerk it.

Did your gf leave you? Maybe you are apart because of school or work. Maybe she just doesn’t care. But I do. I care about your hard cock and your tight virgin ass. What would it be like if I was lying there with you? Slowly caressing your body. My hand is running up your leg…over your calves…through your inner thighs then grabbing your balls. I grab them gently of course and massage them. They feel heavy with hot cum. I need to help you unload because no one else is around to help you. It will be our little secret.

My hand runs over your chest. You keep fit and I’m proud of you for that. I like a man that stays in shape. Let me lick your nipples a little…I hope they are too sensitive. Lets just try.

You’re stroking your cock as I massage your balls. I like watching you stroke. I want you to show me how you play with yourself. You’re such a good boy with such a nice hard cock. I’m so lucky to be your secret friend. I know you need to cum and I’m going to help you. The only thing that matters is that you cum good. I want you to shoot a nice big load of hot cum everywhere. I’ll help you. Let me get a little closer. My panty covered cock will rub against your thigh. You can feel it throbbing against you. I know you’re straight so I won’t take it out of my panties—I’ll just keep there rubbing against you—throbbing along with yours.

I like rubbing and massaging your balls. They feel so warm in my hand. I think I’ll put them in my mouth and suck them. They taste so good. They’re kind of sweaty because you’re just so heated up and they tastes salty too. I’ll lick them good for you while you jerk yourself.

Spread your legs wider. Get them really wide. I like when you tense them up and point your toes out. You’re jerking really fast now—I like that. You’re cock is so hard—the tip is expanding. Let me lick it for a moment…I just want to taste the precum. It tastes so good. I’m not going to suck it though…I’m just here to cheer you on and watch you jerk yourself. Normally you don’t want to be watched but you are comfortable with me. You know that I understand what it is that you need to do. You know that I appreciate your big cum load.

I wonder if it will spray all over your chest or will it ooze out slowly dripping down your cock? I love surprises. It will feel good to cum though. Why don’t you touch your tight hole for a moment? Will you do that for me? Just run your finger around it. None ones been done there lately—that’s not good. Your tight hole needs attention too.

Stroke some more. It feels so good. It also feels good to rub my hard body against you. Will you cum for me? Will you blow your hot load? I really want you to. I can lick it up when you’re done. I don’t want it to go to waste.

Your balls are so full I really think you should unload them. I don’t know what else you are waiting for? If I sit on your face will that help? We can try it…I’ll put my panty covered ass in your face…you can feel my tight hole rubbing against you. Your face grinds deep between my cheeks. Oh my. I’m really enjoying this.

Jerk that big hard cock for me. Jerk it for me good. I know how important your dick is and we need to take care of it together. You’re about to cum around you? That’s good I want you to unload. I’m so lucky to be a part of this. The other girls are such a pain—they don’t understand. But here I am helping you cum. I’m waiting for it. Can you shoot it all over my panties? Then I’ll pull my pants up and go home with them wet from your hot seed.

I’ll go home and lay in my bed. Then I’ll wrap my wet panty covered cock around my dick and use it to jerk with. I’ll still feel your warm cum on it. It will feel so good. I’m about ready to cum too. Maybe next time we can cum together.