My Discreet Encounters Revealed

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Car Sucking

I like to seduce straight men. I cannot lie. To do this I make profiles on dating sites with my cross dressing photos. As men browse profiles they come across mine. I could only imagine what crosses their mind when they come across my profile. They’re searching for a woman to go on a nice date with and then they come stumble upon a me. They are looking for a gf to marry and instead they encounter a man in a wig and dress eager to play with their cock and ass.

The majority of the men that contact me express interest—they are curious about what I have to offer. They have little or no experience with dick but they want to try something new. Some are just so horny and they don’t care that I’m a guy—as long as I’m dressed like a slut and I keep the lights dim they are willing to “try it”.

What’s the big deal about having a guy suck your dick or you sucking a dick? Your dick is hard and needs to be played with so why not have a guy go at it and see how it goes. That’s exactly what happened with a young dude I seduced…

It was late and I was going through messages and browsing profiles. I get so many messages at this point it’s hard to respond to them all. I began talking to one guy that was not too far away. He was horny and I was getting him harder by telling him all the things I like to do. I was surprised when told me that he wanted to suck me off. He even told me to come over—he was very horny and wanted to play.

I couldn’t resist. A young horny college guy—I had to go. We agreed I would meet him on his block. When I arrived it was very late and dark. As I drove up he was standing in the street outside his house. I wondered if his parents were sleeping inside?

I rolled down the window so he can get a visual of me. I wanted him to feel safe and I suppose he did because he got in my car.

“Where should we go?” I asked.

“Just drive up a little and park on the side over there.” He replied.

I drove up a bit and parked between his house and the neighbor’s house. I hope no one sees us. It was so dark I don’t think anyway would. I turned the car off. I put my seat back and he immediately went for my cock.

“Mmm. Damn.” I moaned.

It was quit a pleasure watching this hot young guy go down on my cock. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him down on me. He really seemed to be enjoying it as it slide between his lips.

Who knew a guy like this would like dick? The reality is there are plenty of horny guys out there that come across like they would be into women only but actually would have dick on the side when it’s available. What’s wrong with dick on the side every now and then? Nothing!

“Mmm. It tastes so good.” He said.

I’m glad he liked it. I let him suck me a few more moments and then I decided it was my turn. I rubbed his cock through his pants and then took it out. I began to suck it as he moaned in pleasure. His dick tasted good too and I loved when it throbbed in my mouth. He put the seat back even further. I rubbed his stomach with my hand then made my way rubbing his balls as I sucked him off deeply. I reached down and felt is tight hairy hole as I bobbed up and down on his cock.

“Yea. Just like that. Keep doing that. It feels so good.” He told me. Guys have no problem telling each other how to blow each other. We can just state what we want and do it. Faster…slower…more spit…just the tip…jerk it while you suck it. Whatever he requested I did. We’re just new buddies that met each other and we have to help each other out. We can’t wait around for women to do this…it’s just so much easier if we take care of each other.

He dropped his pants and underwear lower so they were practically falling off. The problem with car blow jobs is there just never is enough room to work! It was difficult for me to lick and suck his balls but I did my best. I worked my way under his back sack as he arched up trying to give me access to his tight hole. I managed to get a few licks of his young tight ass then went back to sucking him.

“Yea. Suck that cock. Make me cum down your throat. I want to give you my cum.” He said.

I love when guys talk dirty to me or at least moan in pleasure as I play with them. I could tell he was going to nut soon so I started to suck him faster and deeper…

“Keep going. Yea. Don’t stop. Use your hand. Fuck!” He said.

I picked up the pace a little. Jerking his cock faster at the base, slurping on it—getting it nice and wet. My wetness dripped down his shaft and over his balls onto my car seat…

“I’m about to cum…keep going…don’t stop!” he said passionately.

Just then his cock throbbed and he shoot streams of cum in my mouth. I waited for it all to fill my mouth then swallowed it in one gulp. I don’t think I left any cum on his cock—just the wetness from my mouth. He emptied his big balls down my throat!

He took a few moments to catch his breath then pulled up his pants.

“That was good. Thanks man.” He told me.

“Yea. That was hot. I bet you’ll sleep good tonight.” I replied.

With that he got out of the car and walked back to the house. His cock was still semi-erect as he did. I wondered if he had another load in him? As left I pulled out my cock and jerked it a few moments until I shot my load all over myself. I didn’t expect him to take care of it because I knew he had to be up early for work. Plus he told me he didn’t want to swallow before I met him. I ended up driving home with my underwear wet from my own cum.

Will he tell his friends about this amazing blowjob tomorrow? Most likely not. It’s our secret we played with each other’s dicks in the middle of the night. No one needs to know about it but us.

Now that his balls are empty he can get a good nights sleep and go back to looking for girls to date tomorrow. If he doesn’t find any or just gets bored he can always contact me for a good time.

Maybe you should try dick while you look for that special someone or maybe you should let me play with your balls, cock and ass while you look for a girl to takeout to dinner.

I never need dinner…I just need your hot load of cum. I would also love if you put your hand down my panties and see what you find. Maybe take a hold and jerk a little. I think that would be fun.