My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Monthly Archives: January 2015

Restroom Suck

I was relaxing new in the sauna; hot sweat dripped down my body. At that moment I was alone, which was nice because I could jerk myself freely. It was getting late; I had been at the spa for a while and was hoping someone hot would come in and join me.

Looking out the window various men floated around in the jacuzzis—there was one that caught my attention. I had seen him earlier…he was there either with his brother or a good friend. The person he was with already showered and was somewhere else…I wondered why he was still hanging around—maybe he was looking for action.

I was going to find out because he got out of the jacuzzi and started walking towards the sauna. I knew I only had one chance and I was going to make it count. I stroked myself so my cock was semi erect…slightly poking up—I spread my legs wide so it would be in full view for him.

As he entered the sauna he immediately sat down across from me, which was a good indication that he wanted to play. Usually if a guy isn’t interested in looking at dick they wouldn’t sit across from you or they’ll sit further down the bench out of view. I caught him looking at my semi hardon…his eyes fixated on it for a moment. I made eye contact with him when he looked up and gave him a friendly smile long with a nod.

I made my cock throb my sending blood to it. I was able to get it to bounce up and down a little kind of like waving to him. After about 30 seconds of this I took a look at his cock and I could see that he was fully erect. At that point I new he was horny and was enjoying the show I was given him. I began to stroke myself in front of him as he watched in amusement. He was a little more cautious because his brother or friend was still around and I don’t think he wanted to be caught with a boner in the sauna with me—but he still had to do something about it his hard cock.

It really was nice being in there with him—just the two us—naked and hard together. I wondered if he was straight? Did he have a gf? He sure didn’t look like a guy that would be into dick—but tonight he was.

After a few moments of stroking myself he got more comfortable, leaned back and began to slowly jerk his cock for me. I enjoyed watching him play himself—he had a tight athletic body and nice big dick—I think he was Russian or Israeli. He had dark hairy legs, a happy trail and some hair on his chest. He was in my opinion—hot.

We sat across from each other pleasuring ourselves—just enjoying watching each other and then what I was hoping would not happen did…I saw him coming out of the corner of my eye…

A large obese man…who I will refer to as a cockblocker began to make his way to the sauna. I new he was coming with the intention of wedging himself between us so he can try to join in or at least watch the fun we hare having—that’s what cockblockers do.

As he entered we both closed our legs and leaned forward to cover our boners. He sat down on my side extremely close to us. I was pissed for being interrupted—I know this is a public place and guys can come and go as they wish but why couldn’t we just be left alone? We wanted to play with each other—not him!

Some guys know to give each other space and not interrupt if they aren’t invited—others just can’t seem to take a hint and will follow you around hoping you might jerk with them. This particular man does this—follows men around hoping to catch a glimpse of their hard dicks or maybe even touch them. Unfortunately for him I’m not a chubby chaser. I like my men slim, lean or with a muscular build. I love guys who tend to their bodies and keep them fit.

I wasn’t up for putting on a show tonight so I got up in disgust and headed towards the open showers. I knew I was running out of time and I had to act quickly. After a few moments my new friend exited the sauna—he probably had to wait for his erection to go down before he got up. As I showered he took dip in one of the pools to cool off. I discreetly kept my eye on him because I wasn’t done with him.

After a few moments in the pool he got out and we made eye contact again. I wanted to make sure he was watching me as I exited the area and headed towards the bathroom—he did and followed me.

I went into the last, largest stall and left the door slightly open. Within moments he followed me in and closed the door behind us. We finally free—alone together and not having to worry about anyone watching us.

We stood in front of each other, quickly grabbing each other’s cocks and stroking them softly. I rubbed his balls as he stroked my cock. It felt great in his warm hand—I wondered if he played with dick before? It was hard for me to tell. It didn’t really matter—it felt good just touching each other. We were having fun. Next he put his hand on my shoulder to push me down on my knees—he wanted some head and I was happy to give it to him.

As he looked down on me with his dark beautiful eyes I slowly licked his balls…licking up his hard shaft and around the tip of his cock. He was extremely hard and continued to push his cock into my mouth sliding it between my lips…just pumping it good. My hands ran up his body feeling his chest and nipples. I reached around and grabbed his tight ass giving it a squeeze as he continued to fuck my mouth. His ass was firm and hairy. I really wanted to lick it but couldn’t because he was fucking my face.

This is what life is about—having fun…being naked—getting hard and doing naughty things. Why can’t every day be like this? We were just two guys helping each other out on the down low.

His body dripped and glistened with a mixture of sweat and water—his cock was throbbing ready to unload any moment. I continued sucking him while I stroked myself. It was an intense—passionate time…it truly was hot.

It was just the two of us playing with each other in a public place—completely nude—both of us very hard. He eventually closed his eyes and titled his head back and began to shoot his load over my lips and in my mouth. His cock throbbed as his balls emptied themselves into my face. His cum was warm and tasty. He had received the ultimate satisfaction. I took care of his cock—I made him feel good. There were no questions or discussion afterward. I didn’t expect anything in return. I just helped him blow his load. That’s all he needed or wanted from me.

I got up and wiped his cum off my face with some toilet paper. We stood in silence catching our breaths and waiting for a good moment to leave. He left first as I continued to check myself for cum—it would be award if I went back outside with some cum dripping down the side of my face.

I’m sure I made his trip to the spa more enjoyable—he sure made my night. His dick got the attention it needed and I got to taste his hot load. No will know the naughty thing he did in the bathroom stall with me. It will be our secret that our cocks got hard together and that I sucked him off good. He just needed a warm wet mouth to use and I gave it to him.

The entire encounter probably didn’t last more than 10 minutes—within 10 minutes we met—became hard—stroked in front of each other—escaped the cockblocker—and ended up playing with each other in the bathroom until he blew his nut all over my face. It was fun—it was hot. Encounters like this make life more enjoyable. They make life less stressful.

I really don’t think there is nothing wrong with two guys getting hard together and playing with each other. We can’t wait around for girls to take care of our cocks—we need to do it.

It was just so hot—seeing him completely nude—watching him get completely hard—then feeling him in my mouth and tasting him. We shared a moment—one that we will be able to think back on in the future. We have a secret. We don’t know each other’s names—we didn’t even speak and that’s okay. All that mattered was our hard cocks—especially his. Well, maybe next time I see him I’ll get to use his mouth—that’s only fair.