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Valentines Day Quickie

“Free today?” I asked.

“Sorry. Just got home from work. Been busy the past few days. Love the new pic you got up.” He replied.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

“Not much you?”

“Just looking for some fun.”

“Can you host?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied. “Want to swing by?”

“Just gotta see when my girls gonna be home. She’ll bug me if I’m not here tonight.” He replied.

“Well find out and let me know.”

“One sec…” He was checking… “How fucking typical. She’s gonna be home by 11. The one time you can host I can’t come.”

“If you leave right now you can probably be back by then.” I told him.

“Where are you at?” He asked.

I gave him my location.

“That be cutting it close.” He said worriedly.

“You can always tell her you stepped out to get something.” I told him.

“What’s the address? I’m coming now.”

I gave him my address.

“Let me know when you’re close.” I told him.

“You’re alone right?” he asked me.

“Yes. You’ll come to the front door then follow me downstairs.”

“You got some nice panties on?” he asked.

“I’ll put on a nice pair of panties for you.” I told him. “Do you want me in heels too?”

“Nah. That doesn’t matter. Just the rest of you girly dressed.”

“Okay. I’ll be wearing a panties with a skirt.” I told him.

I met him at the front door. He came in and followed me downstairs. I knew we were short on time so I immediately began touching and rubbing him as he undressed. His pants and underwear dropped exposing his throbbing cock which I immediately began to suck and lick.

He moaned on pleasure as I sucked and lick his big hairy balls—they tasted so good. I stood up—we were both facing each other…my hard cock was pulsing under my skirt. I moved forward pressing into him so our cocks rubbed against each other. I put my arms around him my hands gently feeling the back of his neck and moving down his back.

We moved to the bed. He laid on his back legs spread with his balls and throbbing cock exposed. He had a hairy muscular chest which I rubbed up and down with my warm hands. I was delighted to have such a fine peace of manly meat laying before me.

I positioned myself between his legs…slowly lapping at his balls like a thirsty puppy. My warm wet tongue slowly moved up his hard throbbing shaft. His cock twitched with pleasure as my tongue glided up and down it. The wetness from my mouth dripped down his cock and over his balls. I would take turns blowing him deeply to stroking him with my hand. He watched me in looking satisfied as I pleasured him with all my abilities.

I moved on top of then letting my entire body fall against his. He reached around grabbing my ass and pulling me closer into him. The tight friction from our bodies grinding produced intense heat. I nibbled on his ear and neck a little as we pulsated together.

I took my cock out from my panties and pressed it against his. I held both our cocks together and began to gyrate back and forth. The wetness from my mouth covered both our cocks and helped them glide back and forth smoothly.

“Oh fuck!” He moaned.

It was probably the first time he experienced this. It was our secret. Two hard throbbing cocks rubbing against each other—it’s so naughty but it feels so good.

I twirled around positioning my ass in his face while I leaned down taking his cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long for his tongue to find my hole. I pressed back into him as his warm tongue entered me.

My mouth dipped up and down on his throbbing erection as I gyrated back and forth on his face. I wanted to make sure you got a good smothering. He found my balls and began to lick them too.

I figured it was time to turn around and give him a mouthful of my cock. When I did he eagerly took my cock in his mouth and began sucking it. His eyes closed and I could see the enjoyment in his face to finally have the opportunity to have a dick in his mouth.

The rest of our encounter we took turns sucking each other. We took turns licking each other’s balls and jerking each other. I would suck him while he licked my hole. Then I would lick his hole while he jerked off.

Toward the end I was back laying between his legs…sucking and stroking his cock. We were both very hot and almost out of breathe.

“I need to cum!” He moaned loudly.

With that his load shot out up out of his cock. I got some in my mouth as the rest dripped down his shaft. I licked some more of his cock as he watched. I grabbed a tissue and slowly wiped the wetness off his cock and balls.

He got up, got dressed and then I walked him to the door. I think we said good-bye but I’m not sure. It doesn’t really matter.

He had to rush home to his girlfriend. At least he didn’t have to worry whether she was going to give him some or not because he was already taken care. His balls, cock and ass probably got more attention that night than any other. He also enjoyed playing with my cock and hole.

It will be a Valentines Day he will always remember. I know I’ll remember it! It will be our secret too. No one will ever know the naughty dick sucking and ass licking we did together.

His girlfriend won’t have to worry about draining his balls—I already took care of them. Maybe I’ll see him again next time his girlfriend is boring him and he’s hard and horny—we’ll see!