My Discreet Encounters Revealed

“Here ya go!”

“You wanna suck a load outta me?” he messaged.

“Sure. Where are you now?” I replied.

“On the highway.”

“How far away?” I asked.

“15 minutes.” He replied.

“Okay. I’ll get dressed. Keep me posted.” I told him.

“5 minutes.” He updated me.

“I’m still getting dressed.” I replied.


“I’m ready.” I replied.

“I’m coming.” He told me.

I waited at the front door with it slightly cracked open. He parked up the block and started walking towards the house. He came in and followed me downstairs. I was wearing my tight pink and black long sleeve top that had mesh fabric for sleeves. The top is one of my favorites—I’ve sucked some many cocks wearing it. I had a pair of black and white panties on covered up with a short black skirt. My legs were covered with opaque black thigh highs.

Once downstairs in the dimly lit basement I got on my knees while he dropped his pants. His semi erect cock dangled in front of me. I quickly took it into my mouth and began suck it deeply. I rubbed and massaged his big hairy balls as my lips began sliding up and down his throbbing shaft.

He took his shift off exposing his buff hairy chest. I ran my fingers up and down his chest tickling his pecs as I continued to suck him off. He moaned in pleasure while looking down at me devouring his cock better than any real girl would.

My cock throbbed through my panties and was poking out. I got on my feet and stood in front of him lifting up my skirt and exposing my extremely hard shaft. We moved closer together so our bodies pressed against each other. Our hard cocks met and we began rubbing and jerking them together. I ran my hands up and down his muscular back as our cocks continued to glide and throb against each other.

Next he got on my knees and eagerly took my throbbing dick into his mouth. I put one of my hands on his head and guided him down on my cock. I wish I could tell his gf what a good cocksucker her bf is. Would should be upset or pleased? It really doesn’t matter she doesn’t need to know that her bf sucks cocks on his way home from work.

Why should he worry about getting off at home when he can just meet me and we can take care of things together. That’s what secret friends are for—to take care of each others hard cocks.

His mouth felt so good on my I cannot lie. Something about his big warm lips. It turned me on knowing that the lips sliding up and down on my shaft were the same ones that would be kissing his gf goodnight later. Am I going to hell? Probably—but who cares? We’re just having some fun.

I got up on the bed, on all fours while he positioned himself on the side of the bed standing in front of me. I began sucking him off like the best little slut I could be. I think he was admiring my ass that was sticking up because he leaned forward over my back and gave it a slap and squeeze.

His big dick tasted so good and he continued to moan as I sucked it deeply, allowing my wetness to drip down his cock and over his balls. I’ve learned that most men like it wet and sloppy so I’ve gotten good at using my mouth to drool all over cocks.

“Turn around.” He told me.

I turned around still remaining on all fours—my ass now faced him. He quickly lifted up my skirt exposing my tight ass to him. He moved in and pressed his erect cock between my tight butt cheeks and began to pseudo fuck me gliding his cock up and down against my hole.

I felt the heat of his dick as he rubbed and slapped it against my hole. He really was enjoying himself and so was I. After a few moments of cock and ass grinding I laid back on the bed with my head on the pillow. He quickly got on top of me and quickly shoved his dick back in my mouth. He looked down upon me and moaned as his hard cock moved between my lips.

Now it was my turn to feel his ass—so I put my hands on his hips and pushed him down on my cock so it rested between his butt cheeks. I thrust my body up into his ass simulating fucking him while looking into his ass. I ran my hands up his hairy chest as we moved together in unison.

He moved back up for more dick sucking action. He was hot and sweaty now—breathing heavily and probably ready to cum good.

“Oh! Here ya go!” he blurted out. Very excited to be pumping his load into my mouth…

He shot his warm cum load into my mouth and on my lips. It was warm, creamy and tasted so good. As soon as he finished unloading his balls into my mouth he got up, cleaned up and got dressed. I got up, wiped my face off and walked him upstairs to let him out.

The mission was accomplished. There was no reason to sit around and talk—he needed to get home to his gf before she started wondering where he was. What better way to end a long day at work then to get a great blow job, play with some cock, nut in a willing mouth and not have to worry about anyone finding out about it!

He asked me to suck the load right out of him and I did. He needed me to take care of him also give him that special surprise in my panties because you know sometimes pussy can be so difficult so why not settle for something harder.

Whenever you’re in need of a warm wet mouth please think of me. Whenever your cock throbs to the thought of a tight ass you can always think about what it would be like to slide and glide it between my smooth butt cheeks.

For those of you that are curious for a little more you can think about reaching up my skirt and finding my throbbing cock. I hope you’ll take it and try sucking it. We won’t tell anyone you sucked a cock so why not try it? If you’re not ready to suck maybe we can just press them together and jerk them—that always feels good.

Dating women is difficult and finding a good slut is hard. Why pay for a prostitute? Cocks are always hard and ready to cum—I think it’s time you tried some cock. It’s so much easier and so much fun. I’m not trying to convert anyone’s sexuality—I just want you to enjoy yourself until you meet that special someone. And if that special someone you’re with is boring you then maybe it’s time you venture out and try something new. If you’re still too timid or not ready to try anything just stroke your cock good for me. I love when you play with yourselves.

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  1. jim says:

    WOW, that was a hot story, i stroked myself and came thinking about you sucking my cock, about our cocks touching…

  2. Matt says:

    I always think of you when I think of cock. I wish I could stop by and see you before I go home to my wife. Would it be wrong if I left a little bit of your cum on my mouth for when I kiss her hello?

  3. John says:

    Thank you for all of your wonderful stories. This one in particular made me wish I was him. I’d love to meet u

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