My Discreet Encounters Revealed

My Eight Load Evening

Warning: I was not dressed as a woman on this adventure so if reading about guys getting off together offends you stop reading now. If you’re curious about what guys can do together then continue…

I visited a Korean Spa in California for some rest, relaxation and of course look at dicks. Most Korean spas have a coed area for men and women where everyone must wear a uniform. Then there are separate fully nude areas. These areas tend to have different size and temperature Jacuzzis along with steam and sauna rooms. Although these areas are fully nude you are provided towels to cover your junk.

I have visited 3 different Korean spas so far and tend to spend most of my time in the male areas. The coed areas tend to have children playing and loud women gossiping—which makes it difficult to relax. The male areas are usually more relaxed and provide the perfect setting to zone out or to zone in on the various types of men that come through.

The spa I frequent in NY has a nice mix of guys—it’s not too gay. When I say gay I mean it’s not filled with guys that clearly come across as gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We have to be respectful of everyone but my preference is straight guys, bi guys, curious guys and gay guys that don’t give off the gay vibe.

This particular spa in LA had a large percentage of gay guys and some Korean men. There were also a handful of men that you really couldn’t tell whether they were gay or not by the way they carried themselves.

I stripped down in the locker room, secured my belongings in the locker, wrapped a towel around myself and began by spa adventure. I spent my time exploring the different rooms until the first guy caught my attention. He was dark skinned with a hot hairy body—most likely from eastern decent—I couldn’t tell.

He was lying on the sauna floor with a towel draped over his cock while I laid down on bench across from him. We both relaxed and didn’t pay each other mind until we made eye contact.

I slowly massaged different parts of my body and raised one of my legs to expose my ass and balls. He tucked on his cock through his towel to let me know I had his attention. I began to tug on my cock too as I continued to watch him lying on the floor covered in sweat. It was hot and it was getting hotter.

He eventually got up and sat near my feet. I inched down to move closer and he grabbed one of my feet to briefly touch my toes. I know some guys are into feet either men’s or women’s. I’ve been with guys that want to suck and lick toes or have their cocks jerked with the sole of my foot. All that’s fine with me.

From this new position he got good view of my asshole. I spread my legs wide to show it off some more. I had recently shaved so my ass was freshly smooth.

“You have a nice ass.” He said.

“Thank you.” I replied.

After a few moments of him admiring my ass he got up and walked in front of my head. He unwrapped his towel and exposed his hard throbbing cock. I opened my mouth and he eagerly inserted his hard cock into and gave it a few thrusts between my lips. I gave it a few sucks and he hid it back under his towel. We had to be careful and quick because another guy might walk in at any time.

Another guy did walk in—an attractive white dude with dark hair and average build. He took a seat on the far end of the bench and probably sensed that me and the other guy were hard so he began to fondle his cock too. The three of us stroked for a few moments until someone else walked in and interrupted. For whatever reason we didn’t want to play with whomever just entered so we slowly all left that room and went exploring on our own again.

Everyone has different preferences about which type of people they find attractive and what they don’t like. In these types of settings you just have to use your senses and best judgment to determine whether there is a vibe or not. You have to be polite too. Some guys are there to just relax and maybe they don’t want to jerk or look at hard cocks. Others are there for a discreet jerk or maybe something more if the opportunity presents itself.

Some time passed and somehow the three of us ended up in the outside patio. It’s small-enclosed patio—the walls are high so passersby can’t see in. There’s a bell on the door that rings whenever it’s opened. I guess to alert you incase you have your dick in your hand you can quickly hide your hard cock back under the towel.

I’ll get right to the good part—some how I ended up with both their cocks in my mouth. I’m not exactly how that happened because everything happened so fast. I was sitting on the edge of the bench with both of them in front of me. Their hard cocks and hanging balls were in my face. I started sucking one then the other. Then I figured what the hell let me try and suck both of them. I could fit both the tips in my mouth and did my best to get more. I made sure I drooled and spit extra so both their dicks were nice and wet. I think they really enjoyed feeling their cocks pressing and rubbing against each other as the slide back in forth in my mouth.

I tried switching it up and bit sucking one guys balls while jerking the others cock. I just did my best to make sure both guys were getting some sort of attention. They began to kiss each other while I continued to work on their cock and balls. The climax happened next with both of them jerking their cocks of until they both jazzed all over my face and mouth—they shot their loads pretty much at the same time.

Just as they finished shooting their loads the bell on the door rang so we quickly hid our dicks and I tried to wipe all the jizz off my face. The dude that entered had just missed all the fun so he was out of luck. I think he could tell he just walked into something hot but missed out—oh well maybe next time. Those were the first two loads of the eight-load night.

I began exploring the different rooms again to see what I could find. I encountered a buff Hispanic with a nice cock and also attractive white dude. I cruised them at different times but some how again the three of us ended up in the outside patio. I sat on the bench and they both say in chairs across from me.

We took our cocks out and all stroked together. Sometimes it’s nice to have an audience while you stroke. We admired each other’s cocks and stroked at our own pace. The Hispanic was in the chair closest to me so I grabbed his balls and gently massaged them as he stroked. It wasn’t long before he shot his load all over his chest. The white guy that was next to him followed and blew his load next. What’s wrong with guys jerking off together? Nothing really. It makes masturbation more interesting. Did you ever think about jerking off with another guy? Would you try it? I hope you’ll try it at least once.

Time went by exploring and wandering through the different rooms. I encountered guys meditating, sleeping, resting and relaxing. Some had their dicks covered others let it all hang out—some hard, others soft.

Towards the end of the night I was in a dark sauna with four other guys. All of them had nice big thick cocks. They were all young probably in the 20’s and 30’s. We were all comfortable together so it wasn’t long before we all began to stroke and admire each other’s cocks and stroking methods. Some would slap their dick against their hand or chest while others would just stroke fast and then slow down. If someone entered the room we’d quickly cover up and pretend to relax until they left. Finally there was stretch of time that allowed us all to blow our loads.

The first dude blew his load and that set of a change reaction. He was tall Asian/white mix with a nice fit body. His cum shot out and down his hand. He looked to the young big dick black guy next to him whose load shot out far and landed on the floor. Across from them sitting on the floor against the wall was a hot Hispanic kid with a big firm dick. His load shot up onto his chest. Next to him was a tan skinned guy maybe or Arab decent—he blew his load on his inner thigh. Four hot loads shot within a few seconds of each other—all in unison. None of us touched each other we just enjoyed each other’s company. Just hanging out nude, horny and hard…sharing a moment together.

That brought the total cum loads I was part of to eight. If you wanted to count mine it would make it nine. I came after the first guy shot his load. It was late and time to go. None of us spoke to each other we just headed to the showers to wash up and leave. When I got back to my hotel room I had to jerk off a second time before bed because the entire adventure had made me so horny.

So that’s what happens when guys are nude, horny and alone for a few minutes in public. How about you check out a Korean spa this summer? Have a gf? You can take her too. Buy her a massage and while she’s getting it go spend time in the all-nude male area. She’ll never know if you get hard or touch yourself.

Until next time…happy stroking!

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    Omg…I wish I was.load 9 and 10. Lol. So hot.

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