My Discreet Encounters Revealed

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Permission To Suck

I am relaxing in a large jacuzzi. Other men of various ages and sizes relax around me. Only a handful though—it isn’t busy. Two young guys arrive in the bath that I am in. I have seen them before—and played with them. Would I be invited to play again?

They seem to be a couple as they are always together and seem quite friendly with each other. One appears to be more in control and the other more submissive. They are positioned in front of me a few feet away relaxing and talking to each other.

The dominant one makes eye contact with me and signals me to come over. He signals to his young lover motioning that I should go enjoy him. I float near by the see what the situation is. They seem to be fondling each other under the water.

Again more nods to his lover signaling to me that I should do something. But what should I do out in the open with other men around? I got next to him grabbing his tight young ass under the water and giving it a squeeze. My hand went to the front grasping his cock—it was very hard!

I felt a bit adventurous. I took a look around and no one really seemed to be paying us any mind so I took a deep breath and went under water towards his cock. I took his young hard cock in my mouth and began to suck it while holding the base of his shaft. I never sucked a cock under water before but I think I was doing a good job because I could hear his moans vibrating from his stomach. I wanted to make my first underwater sucking count so I did my best to stay on his cock as long as possible. I was probably under there sucking it for almost two minutes until I finally had to come up for air.

It was surprising to me that I didn’t manage to swallow any water or have it go up my nose. I looked around again and no seemed to notice where I went or what I did. I got out of the tub, put on my uniform and headed upstairs. I made sure they saw where I was going—as I expected them to follow…which they did.

I headed upstairs and waited in one of the saunas for them to show up. It was only a few minutes until they arrived and took position against the wall in the sauna. The dominant one remained by the door as a look and his lover dropped his pants exposing his young hard cock.

I didn’t waste anytime—you can’t in these situations because you don’t know how much time you have before someone might show up. So, I got on my knees and took his young throbbing cock in my mouth. He lifted up his shirt exposing his smooth chest and thrusted his cock forward into my mouth. I gently rubbed his ballsac as I sucked his cock deeply.

The situation was hot and it was hot in the sauna. Sweat was dripping down his chest—sweat was dripping down my face. I drooled; gagged and choked…my eyes began to tear up. He moaned and continued to fuck my mouth while his boyfriend looked on in approval while jerking off and keeping an eye out for anyone coming.

“Oh…Ohhh!” He moaned while looking down upon me. His cock expanded and started to pump his young creamy load into my mouth and on my face. I swallowed as much as I could but some dripped out of my mouth and down my chin. His boyfriend rubbed his own load out onto the floor. They took only a few moments to catch their breaths then left.

I had to take a few moments to wipe the sweat and cum off my face and make sure there wasn’t any visible on my shirt. No one will ever know what just happened in there—it was our secret.

For whatever reason the one guy enjoyed watching his partner being pleasured by someone else. Luckily I was there to help out and make their trip to the spa a more enjoyable one.

Would your partner give you permission to suck a cock or let another guy blow you? Would you do it while they watched? Something to think about until next time!

Need To Abort Part 1

“You have a condom incase I want to try?” I asked.

“No bring one.” He replied.

“Okay.” I replied.

Getting fucked has been on my mind. I can’t remember the last time I was fucked—years ago. I think I was only fucked by maybe 1 or 2 men and it didn’t last that long. This is the truth. Taking a cock was never my preference but the idea has become more intriguing to me. Some of the men I talk to want to tight hole for their stiff cocks and they idea of providing that turns me on.

“I need to get off badly. Come suck my balls and deep throat me. You good with that?” He asked.

“Also don’t park directly in front of the house. Text me when you’re parked and I’ll come unlock the door and you come upstairs.” He continued.

“Okay I’ll park a few houses away.” I assured him.

“Are you on your way?” He asked.

“I’m leaving in about 15 minutes.” I responded. “I have a top and panties on under my regular clothes.”

I’m not passable enough to be out and about. If I’m going over someone else’s place I usually have to go as a man with an outfit under my clothes or in a bag so I can change into it. Some guys are comfortable with that and others are not.

It also depends on where they live. If it’s late a night and the house is on a dark secluded street I can probably dart in quickly dressed up.

“I’ll either have a hoodie over my hair or I’ll have to put it on inside.” I told him.

“Sexy.” He replied.

I guess a guy putting on a wig then sucking cock and licking ass is sexy considering all the horny men that I’ve met doing it. There’s something naughty and different about it. Definitely much easier than going to a bar, dropping wads of cash trying to flirt with girls—having buying them drinks. You’re not even guaranteed if they’ll suck your cock good or let you between their legs. Yes the chase can be exciting but it gets old doesn’t it?

Don’t you just want to drop your pants and unleash your hard cock and get it sucked right now without all the hassle? I bet you do. You want to be able to just bend over and get your ass tongue fucked and not be ashamed about you’re doing.

I suck hot guys cocks and lick their butts—that’s what I do and if they want to play with me that’s fine too. That’s sexy isn’t it?

“I have condoms, lube, vibrator and poppers…we can see how it goes.” I told him.

“I have restraints, a whip and ball gag.” He replied.

Was he serious? That would be a first. I’m all for trying new things but really depends on the mood that I’m in. I was contemplating getting fucked but not tied up—or maybe he wanted to be tied up.

“Jesus. That would all be new to me.” I told him.

“Just get here and put your balls in my mouth and we’ll figure the rest out.” He said.

“I’m hard already.” He added.

“I can definitely do that.” I told him.

Balls in mouth! No problem. I love sucking and licking on a guys ballsac. On occasion I’ve encountered guys who don’t like it because there balls are too sensitive and that’s okay—I understand.

“Fuck. Drive faster.” He pleaded.

“About 5 minutes away.” I update him.

“Shit.” He said. “I gotta abort.” He added. “GF just pulled up.”

I was not happy. However shit happens.

“Hello?” He asked looking for confirmation.

I was only blocks away but was not about to pull up and make a scene. I’m not crazy like that J

“Okay. Bye.” I said.

“Bye.” He replied.

I turned around and headed home. Luckily, he lived just two towns over so it wasn’t out of the way—I’d be home in a few minutes. I did speculate on the drive home whether he was telling me the truth or not. I do expect some amount of truth and not bullshit.

Why was his gf pulling up unannounced at one in the morning? Did she live there? Why would he invite me over if there were a risk of her showing up? It would not be good if she walked in on us with his balls in my mouth! How would he explain that?

I was thinking what could have happened…he was probably jerking off and blew his load before I got there. Maybe he got cold feet at the last minute? Maybe he was just pulling a prank on me?

It seemed legit because he gave me an address and number. Oh well—Every once in awhile something like this happens. I just let it go and move on. I don’t have a fit or go bi-polar—that would make things sour.

I wish I could enjoy hot dick and ass every night but unfortunately this night I was going to bed cockless. I did hear from him in a few days. Would you like to know what happened? Check back soon for Part 2.

11th Rimming

“I need to lick the load out of you again.” I messaged him.

“Hmmm. Maybe.” He replied.

“Sucking on your balls slowly. Grab your legs by your thighs and pull them up and back exposing your tight hole.” I offered my ideas.

“Ok come but no sucking my dick just balls and ass and when I cum you leave.” He said.

When I was a few blocks away I pulled over to complete my quick transition. I took off my sweatshirt revealing a tight long sleeve purple top I had of under it. I opened the car door and dropped my shorts and put on long black tight yoga pants. I put my hair on and then a straw hat—I liked the hat because it would help cover my face better when I dart from the car into his house. You never know if there are prying neighbors and I needed to be discreet as possible.

I took off again parking next to his house. I made sure the car light was off so it wouldn’t go on when I opened the door. I text him to let him know I was outside and waited to see him by the door. When I saw the front door crack open and the light from his cell phone I headed out. I walked quickly with my head down to the front door following him upstairs.

It’s such a turn on when he answers the door in his boxers and t-shirt. I imagine his cock throbbing in anticipation of my tongue. He does have rules that I must follow and I do not question them. I’m to rim his ass and lick and suck on his balls—but no cock. He just wants to jerk his cock as I tongue fuck his ass. I wonder why he won’t let me suck him? I was able to get a few sucks on some visits but I try to remain respectful of his wishes. I’m his guest—invited over late at night to help him get off.

This was our 11th encounter. Yes…I’m counting. It had been a few months seen a last saw him so it was a treat to be invited over again. I’m sure he had a busy summer and maybe was getting his needs met from the real girls. He unfortunately did tell me no one had been giving his ass attention and that is when I suggested he let me do it.

When we entered his room he closed the door, dropped his boxers and laid down on the bed. The only light was coming from his cell phone—it was very dark. Some of the guys I meet like it as dark as possible and others do desire some light so they can see what’s happening.

He just wants to feel what’s happening and I understand. All he feels is some long hair between his upper thighs, a smooth face between his butt cheeks and a warm wet tongue swirling around his ass.

I do enjoy rimming him—he has a fine ass and body. He’s tall, tan and handsome—with the build of a football player. I feel so lucky when he spreads his virgin ass for me—letting me go somewhere no one else has been.

I run my hands up and down his inner thighs and calves feeling the tightness of his muscles. My tongue goes up and down his hole—entering it—in and out…up and down. Slowly for some moments and then faster—I hear him moan and could feel his balls bounce as he jerks off.

He rises off his back and gets on all fours with his ass facing me. I recommend and guided him into this position during a previous encounter and was happy to see he remembered it.

Even through the darkness I could see his beautiful ass before me. I reached under rubbing his hanging balls and then grabbing his stiff cock. He was extremely hard—that’s a good sign—it means he is enjoying himself. I was enjoying jerking his cock while rimming his tight hairy manhole. He began to thrust slightly back onto my tongue helping it go deeper in him. We stayed this ass rimming position for a few minutes and until he returned to his back with his legs wide and spread.

He began to jerk faster and his moaning increased. I knew he was close so I prepared myself for his load. I knew I was supposed to but I made my way up to the tip of his cock gently licking and sucking it as he jerked himself and within a few moments he shot his warm delicious load into my mouth. I swallowed all of it while he stroked a few more times twitching from the experience. It was almost like he didn’t want to stop.

I gave the tip of his cock one last suck and caressed his leg—patting it letting him know everything was okay. The rules are that I must leave after he cums. That’s what I did. I quickly put my sandals back on; made sure I had my phone and keys and waited for him to escort me downstairs.

I could see his cock still fully erect as he put his boxers back on. I wondered if there was another load I could help get out? Could he go for another round if we just laid in silence for a few moments catching our breaths?

He knows whenever he needs a good tongue fucking I am there for him. I’m a secret discreet friend that shows up in the middle of night to lick deep between his butt cheeks.

I drove home with the taste of his sweet salty cum in my mouth. His cum always tastes so good and his ass is always so fresh. I’m truly lucky that he trusts to share them both with me. I wonder when our next encounter will be?