My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Car Suck Dressed Up


A new message came through…

“Free?” He asked.

“I’m 22 5’9’’ 163lbs 7” cut ddf?”

He had my interest. I appreciate when guys follow the simple instructions and provide their full stats. For those of you new to discreet encounters on Craigslist…when someone asks for your “stats” they are asking for a brief physical description like the one provided above. He did neglect to include his ethnicity but that’s okay—I’ll find out.

“Fit/athletic?” I asked.

He sent a photo. His body was tight—just what I like. Nothing turns me on more than a man who takes care of himself.

“Location?” I asked him.

He wasn’t far at all…just one town over. I prefer meeting locals…guys that are nearby. The reason is it’s just quicker and less stressful. I’m not comfortable with guys driving out of their way to meet me. I guess I’m worried that they may not like me and have to drive all the way home disgusted—that’s never really happened though.

There were a handful of times when I drove to meet guys and they flaked out for one reason or another at the last minute when I’m practically already near them. It’s not a big deal if this happens if I’m only driving a short way. Why do guys flake out? Could be a number of reasons—some pass out drunk. Others blow their load before I get there then no longer need my service. Some get cold feet at the last minute and abort. These things happen, luckily not to often!

I sent over a few face pictures. I will always send before I ask. I also will never meet a guy unless he shows me his. The one or two times I risked it were not pleasant—so I always require a face pic.

“Can I see face?” I asked him.

He sent over his face pic. He was a young sexy guy for sure.

“Nice. What are you seeking?” I asked.

“Just looking to get sucked off for the first time.” He said. “Maybe in car if you know a spot” He continued.

“I can do that.” I told him.

I can do it. He’s horny and needs my help. He needs head and I can do it. I can most definitely suck the load out of his balls. He’s ready to try another mans mouth on his cock and I’m going to make sure he enjoys it. I’m dressing up for this one too.

“Around what time?” I asked.

“Like half hour?” He replied.

“Would need maybe 45 minutes to get ready.” I told him.

“Okay cool.” He said.

“Are you disease free?” He asked.

“Yes…was just tested.” I assured him.

“Would you be able to play with my ass as well?” He asked.

“Sure.” I told him.

“Do you have a dildo or something? Sorry I’m just very curious.”

“I can bring one.” I told him. But then I was thinking there might not be enough room in the car to be using a dildo—the one time I did use a vibrator we were able to fold the guys back seats down so there was room to lay down. Unfortunately, my car is small.

“Maybe just start with head.” I told him.

“Okay cool.” He replied.

He started driving towards me and I headed out looking for a spot to suck him off. I drove by a few places that were in my head as being good spots and then I found an empty parking lot with maybe 2-3 cars in it. It was a large parking lot and dimly lit—I think it would work. I headed towards the back and parked in front of a fence. I gave him my location and waited.

“Are you dressed?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied. I had tight black yoga type pants on with my favorite black and pink top that had black netting down the arms. I sucked so many cocks in the outfit. I think it because it’s comfortable but also fits tightly around my body. I adjusted the wig as I waiting for him to show up.

“Can I do poppers? It’s like head rush.” I asked him.

“Sure.” He replied.

I can’t tell you all how much I’m enjoying using poppers while sucking cocks and eating ass. Even though poppers aren’t an illegal substance I always ask permission to use them—some guys might not know what they are or what they do. They may think I’m a druggie—which I’m not! They just make me wilder…giving me a quick rush to suck a little faster and deeper.

“I need to be discreet. I have a partner.” He told me.

“Oh you have a gf?” I asked.

“Yes. Just letting you know.” He told me.

“Don’t worry. This will be our secret.” I assured him. “You can just blow your load and go.” I told him.

“Thanks.” He said.

“I’m here to help.” I told him.

I had to help him! Where was his gf? Obviously she wasn’t sucking his cock and playing with his ass like she should be. Now he wandered off online and found me—a man in a wig and women’s clothes ready to service him…to give him the attention he needs.

He pulled up next to my car and I got out of mine and quickly got into his. I didn’t waste any time and began to rub his thigh and crotch as he dropped his pants around his ankles. He was nervous I could tell. He also told me he was nervous so I had to work quickly to make him feel more comfortable.

I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking it. He began to moan and mumble—that’s a good sign. His cock hardened as I continued to suck it deeply while rubbing his big balls. He put the seat back and spread his legs as far as the space in the car would allow him. He was comfortable—he was mine.

I lifted his shirt up and exposed his abs. I admired and rubbed his chest while sucking him off. I took a whiff from the popper bottle then went to town on his cock like it was the last cock on earth. I sucked and sucked and sucked as you let out moans of pleasure. I swallowed and sucked his hairy balls as best I could and did my best to get under his ballsac. It was a struggle but I managed to get some licks to his hole. I knew he wanted his ass played with so I was doing my best to get my tongue up in it.

I was sucking him for a long time. I would come up for air every few moments and admire him as you sat with the drivers seat back, his shirt up, hard cock poking straight up and his legs spread wide. It was a sight to be seen. He was enjoying every minute of my mouth and I was enjoying tasting him…feeling him throb between my lips.

My hand made it’s way to his hole. I fondled his tight hole with some of my fingers. Slowly tickling and caressing it as I sucked him off…he was really enjoy it because his cock thursted up into my mouth as I did it.

His cock was dripping with my salvia—it dripped down his shaft and over his balls and probably down between his butt cheeks. I covered him with my warm wetness. I licked him and sucked him as he laid back and watch me work like a good little slut. I was his secret friend helping him out—helping him get the load out.

“Oh I’m going to cum soon!” He said.

“Oh yea?” I mumbled with his cock in my mouth.

It’s one of my favorite parts. When guys proclaim they are about to cum. I love hearing it…then tasting it or feeling it all over my face.

“Fuck! I’m going to blow my load!” He proclaimed.

I jerked the bottom of his shaft while sucking the rest. I sucked it deep and fast as he nut his warm cum load into my mouth. I felt it leave the tip of his cock and enter my mouth—I swallowed him—all of him. He moaned and his cock twitched as I swallowed the last few drops—emptying his balls.

We were both sweating. It was a pretty intense encounter. At first he was nervous, probably thinking what the hell was he doing? But his nerves were calmed as his cock entered my mouth. He just had to sit back and relax.

I made sure I had all my things I said a quick good bye. I opened the door while he was still naked and erect. I left.

Blow your load and go. It really is the perfect arrangement. While his buddies were probably home beating off he was getting the blowjob guys dream about. Who cares that it’s from a man in wig—I got the job done.

His gf doesn’t have to worry about having to blow him. I took care of it. I had to do her job because she failed. I’m sure she’s a nice girl but unfortunately she is not being a good partner.

It was successful car suck. His first time was a great time…I did what I was supposed to do—suck the load out of him.

Are you ready for your first time? Thinking about what it would be like to have another man suck you off. Wondering could it be just as good or maybe even better than what you usually get? Is your dick getting the attention that it deserves? I hope so.

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  1. jim says:

    i would love a first time. Ever go for a nice fit older guy? im 48 but in good shape. 6’2″, 190 pounds. m/w

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