My Discreet Encounters Revealed

One Night Two Car Sucking’s

“Just hit you up on OK Cupid. I’m in NY. Can you meet?”

“Where in NY are you?” I asked him.

“I’ll be in the Bronx.”

“Right now I’m in the East Village.”

“I’m on Long Island and can’t host.” I told him.

“I could host.”

“In the Bronx?” I asked.

“Yea. I read your blog and it turned me on.”

“How long are you in town for?” I asked him.

“Only tonight.”

“Are you in a hotel?”

“My friends apartment who won’t be home until late.”

“Come.” He told me.

“I don’t think I can make it to the Bronx tonight.”

“Cmon it’s not bad…please?”

“I’m out on Long Island.” I told him. “What’s the cross streets or address…I’ll see how far. Also I’m all male today…not smooth.”

“I wouldn’t mind a bj.” He told me.

He was about a 45 minute drive from me.

“I could come out to your car.” He told me.

I sent him a picture of myself as a man.

“That’s me.”

“I know.” He told me.

“You want me to come?” I asked.

“Sure would you blow me?” He asked.

“Yea. Blow and go.” I responded. “I’ll leave now. It’s going to take me 45 minutes. If you need to abort let me know before I get there.” I told him.

“Ok.” He responded.

I had chatted with this guy before but he wasn’t living in the area. I wasn’t up for the drive but he needed a bj. He was okay with meeting Morgan the man for head so what the hell…I just got in my car and drove.

He kept in contact with me as I made my way there so that made me feel a little easier. I would have been pissed to drive all the way to the Bronx only to have him flake out. That’s why I prefer meeting locals…if they flake out, get cold feet or just pass out from being drunk before I get there it’s not a big deal because I can be home within a reasonable amount of time.

I made it to the cross streets he had given me and parked the car and waited for him to show up. I looked in my left side mirror and saw a guy walking towards my car that looked like his photos—and it was him since he walked to the passenger side door and looked in.

I let him and we exchanged a few words. The room wasn’t going to be available so we would have to find a spot. Neither of us new the area so we took off driving. It can be uncomfortable driving around with a guy you just met looking for a spot to blow him. What do you talk about? I put the music on and reached over and started rubbing his dick with my right hand as I drove around.

Luckily it only took a few minutes to find a spot we agreed upon. Basically a dark empty parking lot far away from the street so that no one should be able to see in. He put the seat back, unbuttoned his pants, dropped them and took his cock out.

I immediately took his cock into my mouth and began sucking it. It was already hard but it seemed to get harder as I worked on it. His young cock throbbed in my mouth as I sucked it deeply. Next I moved lower to lick and suck his balls for a few moments. I had my poppers with me—I wanted to try them. I had never tried them with someone else so this would be my first time. I took two whiffs of the poppers and went wild—wild on his cock. Not sure how to explain it but it’s differently a short head rush but also made me want to suck his dick like a dick has never been sucked before.

In my mind I was thinking and feeling like I was giving one of the best blowjobs of my life. I was even able to deep throat a little better than usual. He seemed to be enjoying what I was doing because his moaning was getting more frequent and louder.

His legs were spread wide and his cock was fully erect as I continued to work on sucking the load out of it. The wetness from my mouth dripped down his throbbing shaft and down over his balls. I would alternative between sucking most of his dick to jerking the bottom of it while I sucked the top till I found one particular angle…

“Right there! Don’t stop!” He spoke with pleasure.

My mouth focused on the top part of his dick with a deep suction and tongue licking motion. Faster and faster I sucked! I sucked like I was in a competition with the girls that sucked him off. I wanted to be the best! I wanted to be the one that gave him amazing head!

“Of fuck! I’m going to cum!” His arched his lower body up—thrusting his cock into my mouth and releasing his warm load, which I happily swallowed. There was not a drop of cum left since I licked and sucked it all up.

I gave him a few tissues to clean up with and took a few moments to catch my breathe as he put his serviced cock away and pulled up his pants.

“Glad you convinced me to drive out here.” I told him.

“That was great!” He responded.

I drove him up the block and dropped him off on the corner.

“Thanks man.” He told me.

As I drove off I received a text from someone else…

“Hey sexy.”

“New phone. Who’s this?”

“We met twice in the past.” He responded.

“Can you send a photo please.” I asked him.

His photo came through.

“Cool I remember.”

“I was just seeing if you were around to play a little.”

“I’m on the parkway now. Also I’m all male…not shaved.” I told him. “Did you want to meet up or another time?”

The previous two times that I had met him I was crossdressed. Sometimes I think I’m a pathetic cross dresser because ½ the time I’m not even dressed up or just wearing panties. But some guys don’t mind whether I’m dressed as a man or a women—they just want to play.

“It would be my first time but I’m okay with that. Where exactly are you?”

I pulled over to the side of the road and told him my location. I guess it was his first time being with someone who is all male. I guess I eased him into it. If he was uncomfortable he could just leave—I wouldn’t be offended.

He pulled up and parked in front of me. I got out and got into the passenger side of his car. He pulled his cock out and I started to suck it. It was taking me some time to get it hard. He was nervous—I could tell. He also told me he was nervous.

I needed to make him not nervous. I took my cock out and began to stroke. I new he liked my cock because he had sucked it before. I put my hand on his head and guided him down towards it—he began to suck. I kept my hand on his head and he tasted my dick. I let him suck me off for a few moments then he got back up and I could see that he was hard. Good!

I took two whiffs of the poppers and went to town on his dick. The poppers were really coming in handy tonight. I sucked…sucked…and sucked some more.

“Oh! I’m gonna fucking cum!” I exclaimed with pleasure.

And after that he unloaded in my mouth. I wiped my face off on my sleeve and said good night.

“Take it easy.” I told him.

My head was spinning as I drove home. Not from the poppers but from the two dicks I had sucked within a short period of time. I wasn’t really looking for dick tonight I thought I was going to stay in. But these guys needed me to help get the load out…I had to help.

Who’s helping you get the load out? Would you ever have a discreet sucking in the car with another guy or a cross dresser? Some things to think about!

So that’s my two car sucking’s in one night! Surprisingly I had another car suck the next night! But that will be another story…you’ve already heard enough.

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