My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Permission To Suck

I am relaxing in a large jacuzzi. Other men of various ages and sizes relax around me. Only a handful though—it isn’t busy. Two young guys arrive in the bath that I am in. I have seen them before—and played with them. Would I be invited to play again?

They seem to be a couple as they are always together and seem quite friendly with each other. One appears to be more in control and the other more submissive. They are positioned in front of me a few feet away relaxing and talking to each other.

The dominant one makes eye contact with me and signals me to come over. He signals to his young lover motioning that I should go enjoy him. I float near by the see what the situation is. They seem to be fondling each other under the water.

Again more nods to his lover signaling to me that I should do something. But what should I do out in the open with other men around? I got next to him grabbing his tight young ass under the water and giving it a squeeze. My hand went to the front grasping his cock—it was very hard!

I felt a bit adventurous. I took a look around and no one really seemed to be paying us any mind so I took a deep breath and went under water towards his cock. I took his young hard cock in my mouth and began to suck it while holding the base of his shaft. I never sucked a cock under water before but I think I was doing a good job because I could hear his moans vibrating from his stomach. I wanted to make my first underwater sucking count so I did my best to stay on his cock as long as possible. I was probably under there sucking it for almost two minutes until I finally had to come up for air.

It was surprising to me that I didn’t manage to swallow any water or have it go up my nose. I looked around again and no seemed to notice where I went or what I did. I got out of the tub, put on my uniform and headed upstairs. I made sure they saw where I was going—as I expected them to follow…which they did.

I headed upstairs and waited in one of the saunas for them to show up. It was only a few minutes until they arrived and took position against the wall in the sauna. The dominant one remained by the door as a look and his lover dropped his pants exposing his young hard cock.

I didn’t waste anytime—you can’t in these situations because you don’t know how much time you have before someone might show up. So, I got on my knees and took his young throbbing cock in my mouth. He lifted up his shirt exposing his smooth chest and thrusted his cock forward into my mouth. I gently rubbed his ballsac as I sucked his cock deeply.

The situation was hot and it was hot in the sauna. Sweat was dripping down his chest—sweat was dripping down my face. I drooled; gagged and choked…my eyes began to tear up. He moaned and continued to fuck my mouth while his boyfriend looked on in approval while jerking off and keeping an eye out for anyone coming.

“Oh…Ohhh!” He moaned while looking down upon me. His cock expanded and started to pump his young creamy load into my mouth and on my face. I swallowed as much as I could but some dripped out of my mouth and down my chin. His boyfriend rubbed his own load out onto the floor. They took only a few moments to catch their breaths then left.

I had to take a few moments to wipe the sweat and cum off my face and make sure there wasn’t any visible on my shirt. No one will ever know what just happened in there—it was our secret.

For whatever reason the one guy enjoyed watching his partner being pleasured by someone else. Luckily I was there to help out and make their trip to the spa a more enjoyable one.

Would your partner give you permission to suck a cock or let another guy blow you? Would you do it while they watched? Something to think about until next time!

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    Virgin over here hoping to be able to connect with you. Please respond cause you’re exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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