My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Sunday Morning at the Spa

I’m sitting in a lounge chair inside. It was a little after 8am—early for me. I was here Saturday night and didn’t connect with anyone so I came back for more. I was determined to find some dick because I was horny.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Do hot guys come to the spa this early on a Sunday? All I could do is wait and see. Some Koreans and older men started to filter through. I waited. Then things started getting interesting…

Closer to 9am a hot guy walked in and headed towards the open area showers. After showering he heated into one of the steam rooms. He stood in front of the glass door so I could still see him from where I was sitting. He removed his towel and fondled his cock a little to get my attention—he was ready to play.

I got up and slowly walked over entering the steam room he was in. I sat down in a corner area that provided a little more privacy. I unwrapped my towel exposing my cock. He moved in closer—standing in front of me and started stroking my cock. I leaned forward so I could grab his ass and give it a squeeze. He had a hot tight hairy firm ass—I loved it.

Light steaming water sprinkled down upon us as we discreetly jerked and checked out each other. Other guys were starting to come through so we had to take a break and go look for a better spot to play.

I followed him into a dry sauna—it was dark and we were the only ones in it. He laid down on the floor and I did the same next to him. He laid back while I leaned over and started to blow him. I kept my eye on the door as I bopped up and down on his cock. I began to suck his balls—licking them, sucking…getting them both in my both in my mouth. His balls were tasty with the fresh sweat coming from his body.

He spread his legs and arched his ass up. Looks like he was inviting me to go lower and deeper. I began licking his ass slowly—then faster. Up, down and around his hole—I covered everything with my tongue. He let out quiet moans and shook his head “yes” while looking at me. I guess he was approving—“yes” lick that ass!

He grabbed himself by his own ankles and pulled his legs back up towards his head so his asshole was up and open. I was able to give him a good deep rimming while he jerked himself. I was surprised no one walked in on us and interrupted…I continued to lick him.

“Yes..uhuh..” He moaned.

“Ughhh….” He continued moaning.

After a few more moments he moaned again and this time shot his load out all over his chest. As he was cumming I shot my load on my inner thigh. I wasn’t even touching myself so I was surprised—that how hot the experience was.

I’m back in a different steam room. Another guy I had my eyes on comes in an sits next to me but down one level so he is below me. I look down and see that he is hard and playing with himself. I let my left leg lean over towards him so it just slightly brushes his right side. He rubs my leg, foot and eventually dick…I’ve found another playmate.

The steam room is way to hot so we make our way outside on the patio. He is sitting to my left jerking his big thick cock. I sit and admire him for a few moments before I do anything.

I lean forward and begin sucking him off. He too is letting out moans of pleasure as I suck his dick. He’s really enjoying my mouth and thrusts his cock up into it. He grasps my head with both his hands and holds me down on his cock to the point where I almost choke. I try to get some air but he keeps holding my face down on his crotch.

His balls were so big….I couldn’t get them both in my mouth. He again pressed and held my face down so I was being suffocated with his ballsac. If we heard someone coming we would just quickly rise and cover our cocks up and close our eyes. If someone came that was cool—we would let them watch us play.

There is some thrill and stress to it. Trying to jerk, suck, rim without getting caught. I was back at sucking his cock and this time he was holding my throat and almost choking me while fucking my face—my eyes were tearing up.

While I sucked him I could hear him moaning different things. I took that as an indication I was doing a good job. I needed a break so I got up and put my dick in his face, which he happily took in his mouth and began to suck it. He really was enjoying my dick and giving me some good head. I ended up cumming a second time. Not sure how much he got but he eagerly swallowed it all.

I went back to jerking, sucking and rimming him. I think we were out there for a good two hours playing with each other. Unfortunately, he said he ran out of time and had to leave! I was running out of time too—I had to work that afternoon!

Fast forward a few days…I’m at a different spa. I’m sitting in the steam room minding my own business. A hot young kid—he must have been no more than 18 or 19 comes in and sits next to me. He looks around and comments how hot it is. He looks around some more and sees my dick.

I took a chance slide my hand over gently touching the side of his ass. He gave me a look like what the hell but I saw that his dick immediately got hard. He didn’t have a towel so now he was trying to hide his hard on beneath his hands.

Unfortunately other guys started to come in so all we could do is sit next to each other. We were hard, sweaty and hot. Discreetly looking at each other’s dicks. I contumely to discreet touch his ass—no one else could see what I was doing. I moved my foot over so my toes touched his.

At this point his dick was sticking straight up but there was nothing we could do because we weren’t alone. He eventually left to meet up with his family outside. I heard them ask where he was…he had to lie to them but the truth was he was hard with me in the steam room.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing or showing off a hard-on. We barely touched each other and didn’t speak but we shared a naughty moment and that was fun.

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