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The Biggest Dick I’ve Encountered Part 2

Read The Biggest Dick I’ve Encountered Part 1 first!

I’m in the locker room of the gym I go to and I check my phone. I see cock picture come through from the guy that flaked a few days ago.

“Would you like to explain what happened the other night?” I asked.

“Yeah. My mom stopped by and was dropping of groceries.” He replied.

Another lame excuse—I am not an idiot.

“My apologies.” He continued. “You busy?”

“I’m in the area.” I let him know.

“How far?” He asked.

“15 minutes.” I replied.

Another cock picture came through. He did have a hot cock I will admit that but I was playing with trouble and dealing with him would be a gamble again.

“I need to unload.” He advised me.

“Okay. I can come suck it.” I told him.

Luckily I had “Morgan” in the car. I usually don’t drive around with her but for some reason I figured Id have her handy just in case I get messaged by a horny guy near my gym.

“Just decide now and let me know what the house looks like so I can find it quick.” I told him.

“It’s the corner one.” He replied.

“Okay do you want me to come?” I asked.

“Yea. Can you please send me a face pic quick?” He asked.

“I sent one the other night.” I reminded him.

“I’ve never done this stuff before.” He confided in me.

He is nervous obviously. Never been with a guy—never been with a guy wearing women’s clothes and a wig. You need some balls to go through with it or just be very horny.

“Well if you get uncomfortable you just say so and I’ll leave. I won’t be offended.” I reassured him.

I refuse to be creepy. God forbid I meet up with a guy and he is too nervous or can’t get hard or just no feeling me I’ll leave quickly and not try and stick around to pressure him into trying something he isn’t comfortable with. I want the guys I’m with to have fun, be comfortable and no regret meeting up with me. It’s seems like the majority of them do because many message me looking for another play date.

“How old are you?” He asked.

“29.” I replied.

I’ve been 29 for a while—I will not lie to all of you. Guys lie to me about their age all the time. I just go by the photos—the photos you have should match with whatever you lie you are telling me. If you are telling me you are 30 but you look 50 then we have a problem.

Right now the range on men I’ve been playing with and seducing are between 18 and mid 30’s. That’s my ideal match. There is nothing wrong with older mature men—it’s just not my preference.

“Just let me know. I am at the gym and getting ready to leave.” I told him.

“Okay come suck this thick juicy cock.” He said.

“You got it. I’ll leave in a few.” I replied.

I showered quick, got in the car and started driving. He wasn’t far at all so I wasn’t too worried if he flaked again.

“I’m stroking my cock.” He let me know.

I love when guys let me know their stroking their cocks. Sending me pics and videos of them jerking their hard cocks—I appreciate it more then their gfs. There gfs don’t care when their guys stroke their cocks and probable are grossed out by it. She should be helping! Useless!

“Face pic please.” He asked again.

“Dressed or not dressed?” I asked him.

Did he want to see me as a man or women or both? I had pulled over into a dark parking lot to change. I took off my clothes and put on my tight black yoga pants and slutty long sleeve shirt that I love to suck cock in. I put my hair on and adjusted it quickly then started snapping some photos. I sent one over.

“Are you coming? I’ll be in a chair…lights off…pillows at my feet. Just kneel down and suck and suck and suck.” He instructed me.

Wow. Sounds amazing. He had it all planned out. Imagine just be able to sit nude in a chair with you cock hard and just wait for someone to show up and suck it till you unload—no questions asked. Just leave the door open for them and tell them where to go. Sounds like a good time!

“I’m on the way. How will I get it?’ I asked him.

He sent another picture of his hard cock.

“KK. It’s the corner house side door.” He told me. “Are you dressed?” He asked.

“I’ll be dressed if I can get in quick.” I told him.

I was already dressed. I just wanted to make sure I would be able to get out of the car and quickly get into the house without any delays.

“I wanna blind fold you so you can’t see.” He told me.

“Um not the on the first meet.” I told him.

I’ve never been blind folded before. Sounds kinky but that’s not something I would try until I meet the guy and feel comfortable with him.

“I’m up the block.” I told him.

“In car?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“You see the corner house? Brick. Chain fence.” He asked. “I’m across from that one but left side of house.”

This was getting confusing. Usually I just get an address and simply instructions on what house it is. Then I just realized that the house number he gave me was different then the one he told me the first time. I was on the same street and the app I was using indicated he was just a few feet away—he just wasn’t being honest with me about which house he was in.

“You told me 85 the other day. Is it the corner house with white door?” I asked him.

I was getting frustrated and the situation was tanking fast. I already felt it in my gut that I was being dicked around again.

“Can you just come outside quick or flash a light?” I asked him.

“I’m going to bed.” He said. “This is weird”

“Dick!” Don’t message me again! Such a waste of time!” I said pissed off.

“Okay, sorry I was outside and didn’t see anyone?” He wrote.

I was an idiot for coming back a second time but I do like to gamble on these flaky men. He didn’t come outside—if he did I would have seen him.

“So rude. Liar too.” I wrote.

“?” He typed.

“What is your problem you fuck? A simple bj!” I wrote back.

It was supposed to be a simple blow and go. I would be at his feet kneeling on the pillows he put down sucking on his big juicy cock in the dark room while he moans out loud in pleasure. Thrusting his hard dick up into my mouth my hands run up and down his muscular legs. I lick and suck his big hairy balls while jerking him off—feeling his cock throb in my hand.

“There was a Mercedes parked in front? Was that the house?” I asked, trying to make a final attempt to locate him.

“?” He replied.

“I saw a door on the side and pebble walkway. Is that where you are?” I asked.

“Yea, that’s my neighbor. Why?” He replied.

Clearly I was being dicked around and be pranked or played with. I’ve never experience such a douche before in my life but I also knew I would have to except something like to this to eventually happen. When you dealing with the Internet and horny men anything is possible.

“Okay. Ask him to blow you.” I told him. “While you’re jerking yourself read my blog, I look forward to writing about the guy who flaked.” I said.

I drove off pissed. I would get over it though. I’ve had my share of hot cocks since so it’s all-good. He can just play with himself and enjoy the fact he was able to get me to drive over twice and sit outside for a few minutes. I wonder what would have happened if he actually let me in?

“Hands down you are the biggest dick I’ve encountered. So congrats!” I told him.

My 3 Load Evening at the Spa

I’m in the Korean Mist Sauna. There is a guy next to the left of me stroking his cock. He has a towel under his ass that wraps around over around his hips and over his inner thighs. There is a partition that shields him from the entrance so no one can see his jerking himself but me.

When no one is insight I leave forward and fondle his balls while he jerks off. My left leg is rubbing against his right leg. We are both hot and very sweaty. I grasp his cock and begin to stroke it.

“Oh I’m gonna cum!” He moaned. “I’m cumming!”

His white load shoots up out of his cock and onto his sweaty chests and begins to drip down. He wipes some of the cum off and waits for his cock to become more limp before he leaves.

“Thanks!” He said then took off. I think he was from Argentina. That was load # 1 of the evening.

Load # 2 was outside. I am sitting on a chair on the patio and there is a young guy next to my left on a bench. We are also close enough that our legs touch.

We are alone and jerking. As I jerk I thrust upward as if I was fucking his mouth. He enjoys that and begins to jerk faster.

Our feet touch and we rub them together taking turns putting them on top of each other. I do have a foot fetish. I enjoy guys feet as long as they are maintained and in good shape. I don’t mind massaging them, licking them or rubbing my cock on them. I don’t mind a guy rubbing his feet on my cock—kind of like a foot jerk. I’ve had that in the past.

“Ohhh.” He moaned. His load shot up and onto his chest too. Dripping down a bit before he wiped it away and walked off.

I hadn’t been there too long and I already assisted with two loads. That’s what I do…assist. Maybe they just need me to watch. Maybe they just need their balls rubbed. Maybe they need a finger up their ass while they stroke. I’m there to help and make things more interesting.

The 3rd load took awhile and I wasn’t expecting it. There was a young fit guy there who appeared to be straight. He had a very nice body and a very large thick uncut cock. He ass was firm and tight.

He didn’t make eye contact with anyone or give anyone any indication that he wanted to play or do anything. He actually ran away and avoided must of the guys. I monitored him and thought about what his situation might be.

Was he disgusted? Did he go to the spa thinking he could relax and now he’s encountered men trying to jerk with him? Was he secretly turned on and just there to watch but to scared to actually do anything.

We would cross paths many times over the course of the evening but nothing would happen. We relaxed together in the different saunas and steam rooms. I didn’t do anything inappropriate like touch myself in front of him. I didn’t follow him around or “stalk” him like the other guys were doing. I think he appreciated that and I gained his trust. I wasn’t creepy. Creepy isn’t attractive.

It was getting very late. I was already there past my original intended exit time but something inside me said to wait with this guy.

There were only a handful of us now and the only guy I was interested in was him. I enjoyed watching him lay on the sauna floor doing stretches and relaxing. Beads of sweat would drip down his glistening young skin. He would let his big thick uncut cock hang between his legs. I usually go for circumcised cocks but something about his attracted me to it. I think it was the entire package and how he carried himself. He was a young man full of strength and beauty.

We are in the clay sauna room together. We are alone and it’s dark. I’m lying on my back on a bench…dreaming—drifting in and out of consciousness. He is sitting towards my right. He’s been there awhile just relax and stretching. I do the same—taking time to stretch my arms and legs while I lay quietly.

I sense something. I get the feeling something might be happening so I look over to him. Sure enough he is has his large cock in his hand and he is stroking it slowly. I knew it! I had waited all night for this and I was finally rewarded. My patience paid off.

I watched him a few moments stroking his hot cock. He knew I was watching and didn’t mind at all. I began to touch myself and became hard quickly. I got up and sat facing him. We sat there in the dark sauna just looking at each other while we played with ourselves. It was peaceful, hot and fun.

Unfortunately someone entered and we quickly covered our hard-ons with our towels. He got up and left. I waited a few moments before I got up to go find it. I wasn’t going to allow this interruption to end our fun.

We ended up in the back of the steam room. Again alone. As the steam filled the room we took our cocks out again and began to stroke. The sweat dripped down his chest and I looked into his eyes. He motioned for me to come closer to him and I did.

I didn’t know how curious or closeted he was so I had to be passive. I didn’t want to scare him away by touching him. But after he invited me closer I knew it would be okay. His large cock throbbed in his hand as I gently rubbed his big hanging hairy balls. My fingers moved lower to get a feel of his young tight hairy young hole. I wondered if he ever had dick or a tongue in it?

He leaned forward and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it as he jerked his own. It felt so good being in his hand. It felt good to be pleasured by such a hot guy.

I guess feeling my cock brought him to the climaxing point. He looked at me.

“I’m about the cum.” Then looked at me again and looked down at his cock.

I leaned forward and down and took his juicy thick cock in my mouth and began sucking it just as he started to unload. He shot a large forceful load of hot cum into my mouth. His cum tasted so good…I swallowed it all as his body tensed.

We didn’t say anything and just got up and left. We shared a moment and helped each other out. We were able to enjoy and play with each others cocks and no one bothered us—it was fun.

Load #3 was my favorite and I think about it a lot. I wonder if I’ll ever see him again—probably not and that’s okay. It’s these types of encounters that I enjoy so much.

The wait. The seduction. The challenge. The approval. The climax. It doesn’t always work out this way but when it does it sure makes for an eventful evening.

The Biggest Dick I’ve Encountered Part 1

“It looks like your packing. How big is it?” I asked.

No response. That’s okay I don’t expect a response from most of the guys that I message. I’m the one that’s out of line messaging straight guys on dating sites and apps or waiting for them to message me when they come across my profile.

I keep my messages short, sweet and to the point. Types of messages I usually send are…

How big is it?

Need a bj tonight?

Hi there.

Most of time I’ll get no response. I don’t harass them further unless I see they been viewing my profile if the site or app provides it. Sometimes I’ll get a hateful message to kill myself or that I’m a fag. That’s fine.

I do get messages that I’m beautiful, stunning and gorgeous. Either the guys aren’t looking at the pictures close enough or the lighting and angles in the pics are really good. As I stated in the passed I rarely wear make up. I simply put on a wig and some slutty clothes and at the very least make sure my face is as smooth as possible.

Anyway back to the biggest dick I’ve encountered…I received a message almost a month later…

“Throat this cock.” He demanded. Well, at least it sounds demanding.

“Ball full?” I asked.

“Come suck my hard cock.” He replied. Didn’t answer my question either. He did send a picture of his hot throbbing cock.

“Dam it looks so good.” I told him.

“Where are you?” He asked. “Come get sloppy.”

Another photo of his throbbing cock came through. I love when hot guys show off their hot cocks to me. It makes me feel special.

“Your cock is so hard.”

“Come over.” He said. “Waiting for a wet throat. Send me a pic.”

A third photo of his rod came through. He really enjoys showing off his hot cock. I think more guys should show off their cocks. If you have it share it! I sent him some photos of me.

“So we chillin?” He asked.

“Nights are better.” I replied. Nights are better because it’s darker and easy for me to travel dressed up if the guy doesn’t let me get dressed at his place.

“Are you in a house or apartment?” I asked. There is no way I would be able to enter an apartment building dressed up…I’m just not passable enough. A house on a dark street is easier for me to dart into…I’ve done it many times.

“House. I live alone but needs to be now.” He replied. “Let me see that ass.” He requested.

I sent his some ass pics.

“Do you like your balls licked and sucked?” I asked him seeking more information about what he likes.

“Either come throat it or goodnight.” He replied. Didn’t answer my question though.

“I’m not passable enough to be out during the day.” I told him. It was morning, I was still in bed and not ready or wiling to throw on a wig and outfit so early when the sun is out and everyone to see.

No response. I left it at that. If he was horny again I’ll hear from him or maybe I’ll hit him up…which I did a few weeks later.

“You want it sucked tonight?” I asked and didn’t get a response until the next day…

“?” He replied. What’s the ? about. Was my question no clear enough? Was what I asked confusing?

“I was looking to suck last night?” I told him.

“KK. Tonight come suck this.” He replied with another photo of his hot cock.

“Damn looks good.” I complimented. “When are you free?” I asked.

“After 7.” He replied. “You have a pic?” He asked.

“Of what? I have pics in my profile.” I told him.

“Alright. So you are good for after 7?” He asked me. “I need a nice sloppy blowjob.”

“You’re in a house? I can just come in and suck it?” I asked him.

“Yes. I have my own place.” He replied.

“I’ll suck the load out good.” I told him. I would too. I enjoy sucking the loads out of straight and curious guys…it’s what I do best.

“Oh yea? What about that ass?” He asked.

“I don’t get fucked. I can give a good rimming though.” I replied.

“No touching you?” He asked me.

“I don’t mind getting jerked and sucked.” I told him.

“May I see it?” He asked. “Maybe I’ll return the favor.”

I send over one of my panty cock pics.

“Damn.” He said.

He sent over another dick pic.

“I like rubbing them together. Get them rock hard.” I told him. Rubbing cocks together and feeling them throbbing feels real good….I’m not going to lie.

I sent over another pic of my hard cock poking out of panties.

“So I’ll see you later than love.” He said. “I guess I’ll come back on at 7:15 and message you.” He said.

“Okay” I replied. He sounded responsible.

“You better get sloppy on this cock.” He said and sent over another picture of his dick.

“I’ll be on my knees in front of it. Getting it wet and warm.” I told him. “Do you need the balls licked and sucked?” I asked again.

“Depends on you skill.” He answered.

“I’ll do my best.” I told him. No matter what I always do my best. When guy presents me with their hard cock and hanging balls I need to do my best to help get the load out…to make them feel good.

“Are you coming dressed?” He asked me.

“I’ll wear sweat clothes over my outfit.” I told him. “Then take it off when I get inside. Then start licking and sucking you.”

“Okay. Let me see more cock.” He said.

I sent over two more cock shots.

“Nice.” He replied.

“You like getting rimmed?” I asked him.

“What’s that?” He replied.

“Ass licked.” I told him.

For those of you that don’t know, a rim, rimming or rimjob is licking and tongue fucking an asshole. Simply lick the ass up and down, around and in and out for as long as you want. Go as deep as you can and get it as wet as you can. That would a nice deep rimming. I would say the majority of guys enjoy a rim when I do it to them. Only the ones that have an “ass off” limit don’t experience it. That’s when they won’t even let me go near there ass—which is a shame they should try a few licks while they have me down there. Who would ever know?

“Oh. And this is all a first for me so I don’t know.” He said.

Was he telling me the truth? He’s never been with another man before and now he has decided to go through with it with me. He’s never sucked or touched and another cock in his life but now after messaging me he just may try it? I guess I believed him.

“You never messed with a guy before?” I asked him.

“No never.” He replied. I believed him. There really is no reason to lie about this. If he did play with another cock when he was younger or maybe drunk one night with a friend it wouldn’t be a big deal. That’s kind of naughty cock play is hot and the most fun.

“Should I start getting ready?” I asked him.

“Start at 7pm.” He replied.

“If that’s cool, unless it takes longer…IDK.” He said.

He sent over another picture of his hard cock.

“So hard.” I said. “It needs a good sucking.” I imagined what it would be like to suck it. How best to approach his cock for the first time…to make it feel good…to suck the load out of him so he would feel great about his decision to meet me.

Now it was nearing 7. I was planning on going to the spa and I held off to meet this guy. I still wasn’t going to lift a finger until I new for sure he was going to meet.

“Should I get ready?” I asked again.

“Yes. Do you gag?” He asked.

“Don’t like gagging or choking.” I told him. I don’t mind sucking a hard cock and feeling it slide between my lips at a steady rate but I don’t enjoy having it rammed down my throat—it just isn’t pleasant. I always try to work on my deep throat skills to improve them though.

“Can I do poppers while I suck you?” I asked. “That will help.” I told him.

“IDK. What’s that?”

“It just gives you a quick head rush…like sniffing rubbing alcohol…they aren’t illegal.” I told him. “I don’t drink, smoke or use drugs.” I told him.

I always try to add that. I think it’s nice to know they don’t need to worry about meeting some drunk cracked out man in wig.

“Address?” I asked.

“That’s weird. And I drink…sometimes.” He replied.

I don’t care if a guy is drunk or drinking while I blow him. As long as he isn’t so drunk that he can’t get hard or shoot his load. That’s no fun.

“You want me to come suck the load out?” I asked. “I’m ready…just need to know where to go.”

I had showered and shaved my face so it was nice and smooth. I was ready to suck his dick but it was taking awhile for him to respond to my messages. Usually a guy that’s about to get blown is quicker to respond.

“Send me your face right now please.” He asked. “So I know who I’m meeting.”

It was a responsible request. He’s never been with a guy before and wants to make sure I am who I say I am. I put on my wig and a top and started snapping some selfies until I took one I though would be good to send over.

After a few minutes he gave me the address and some directions on how to get there. Things were moving along.

“About 20 minutes away.” I told him.

“About 10 minutes away.” I updated him.

“What color house is it?” I asked.

No response.

“I’m here.” I told him.

“I’m not ready yet. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were leaving so soon. Can you wait like 10 minutes?” He responded.

Another reasonable response. Maybe he was in the shower? Maybe he needed to tidy up the apartment?

“I’ll go drive around.” I told him. I wasn’t about the sit on around on his block dressed up as a woman. Although it was pretty dark out and would be difficult to really see me. He sent over another picture of his cock.

“Okay. You sure? I feel bad.” He said.

He should feel bad. What is he and idiot? Did he not see my messages that I was 20 minutes away…10 minutes away.

“I can wait here too.” I said.

“I don’t care. Do what you like.” He said.

I would like to come in and suck his cock until he nuts all over my face and in my mouth. Maybe take my cock out and stroke it with him. Unfortunately for whatever the reason he isn’t ready yet so my only options are to either wait or leave. I chose to wait.

“I’m waiting in the car.” I told him.

I waited on the corner. If someone drove by I would just look down into my phone like I was texting or looking at something. Even though he gave me a street address I still couldn’t see the house numbers because it was so dark.

“Which house is it? Hard to see the #’s.” I asked. No response. Maybe he was still getting ready?

“How much longer?” I asked him. No response. I waited the ten minutes then it was time for me to abort.

“Okay. I’m leaving. Thanks for wasting my time.” I said. I drove off and then parked up the block to reevaluate the situation. What went wrong?

He didn’t seem like he would flake because of constant stream of cock pics and request for sloppy head. He gave me a physical address and I new he was only a few feet away because the app I was using said so. Maybe he got cold feet?

I’ve been flaked on before and It usually bother me because it’s some of the bullshit you have to deal with sometimes—but not all of the time. This time I was pissed though because I did hold off doing other things to meet him.

As I waited in the car giving him and extra minute or two up the block another message came through on the app I was using.

“What’s up?” He said. It was from a young guy I chatted with before but didn’t meet yet. He had a nice young hot cock so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to salvage the situation.

“Not much. You need your cock sucked?” I didn’t waste any time. I was out and dressed up. My options were go home cockless or go suck his.

“Yea that would be nice.” He replied.

“You free now?” I asked.

“I’m just at a friends house.” He replied.

“Can you slip out? Say you’re going to the store or something?” I asked him.

“Yea I can probably do that.” He responded. “Where do you live again?” He asked.

I told him my location. About 20 minutes away from where he was.

“You want me to start heading that way?” I asked him.

“Where do you want to meet?” He asked me.

“Somewhere around there but I need to know now.” I had to be more aggressive and just get a simple up or down.

“Shit alright. It’s going to be hard to leave right now.” He responded.

He probably made plans to hang out with his friend but now he has the opportunity to get the load sucked out of him. Couldn’t he just tell him friend his is going to get some car head from a friend? Maybe his friend needs head too? But I suppose that would be awkward explaining that it’s from a guy in a wig.

“You’re all dressed up?” He asked me.

“Yes. Make a decision.” I responded.

“You have a problem that I haven’t showered since I got off work?” He asked.

“That’s fine.” I told him. I wouldn’t be eating his ass…it was just a car suck. So at the most his cock and balls would be a little sweaty and salty—nothing wrong with that. I wanted to give him the head that this other guy missed out on.

“Alright. Fuck it let’s go.” He responded.

His poor friend. Maybe they were hanging out about to watch sports or play some video games but instead he bailing on him to get sucked off by me. I felt good about it.

“I’m on the way.” I told him. As I sped in his direction I continued the curse my previous date and contemplated what his issue was. Did he get off on the idea of having me come over but not let me in? Was he watching me in the car from a window somewhere? Who cares. I was going to get some real dick now.

“About how long? He asked.

“20 minutes.” I replied.

“Ok.” He said.

As I got closer he gave me more directions. His responses were quick and clear not like the previous guys.

“Go one block up, there’s a white office building. I’ll be there is 3 minutes.” I he told me.

I found the white office building and parked behind it. It was a small dark parking lot…would do just fine.

“Am I getting in your car?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He answered.

Within 3 minutes a car pulled in and parked to my left. I got out, opened the passenger side door, made eye contact then got it.

“Hi!” I said. I was happy. I was extra happy because even though I was dicked over earlier I now had a young horny guy next to me taking off his pants and unleashing his young hard cock.

I began sucking it. He put this seat back further and spread his legs wide. He cock became like a rock within moments. I sucked him like it was the last cock on earth. I moved lower to his hairy sweaty balls…licking and sucking them until they were nice and moist.

“Yea that’s it.” He moaned. “So good.”

He put one hand on the back of my head guiding me down onto his cock. His right hand was on my ass rubbing and squeezing it. His dick throbbed in my mouth as I bobbed up and down on it. I came up quickly to sniff some poppers then went back down for more.

The wetness from my mouth dripped down his shaft and over his balls. He continued to moan as I sucked him off deeply. The next time I got up to sniff some poppers his hand went for my crotch.

I took my hard cock out and began to stroke it. He then took hold of it and began to jerk it. I had to pull on my balls to stop myself from cumming. It was just so hot watching him jerk himself and me at the same time.

I went back down between his legs and started licking and sucking his balls again while stroking the base of his shaft.

“Oh fuck!” He moaned. He began to nut with my mouth on his balls but I quickly went got on his cock to get the last few drops. The first shots his sweatshirt but the rest I licked up quickly while gently massaging his balls.

I wiped my mouth and pulled up my panties as he cleaned off his sweatshirt.

“Thank you.” He said.

“Take care.” I said. I quickly got of his car and into my and drove off. It was a hot quick encounter but I was so damn horny I had to pull over and jerked off while parked on the side of the road. As cars drove by I stroked my cock thinking about what had just happened. It didn’t take me long to wet my panties. I drove home with wet panties on and satisfied that I was able to help someone get their load out.

As I drove home I received a message from the first guy.

“I’m done.” He said.

He’s done? Really? An hour later?

“Are you for real?” I asked him.

“?” He responded.

“You flaked.” I told him.

“You going to suck it or?” He asked. “Flaked?”

He must have been drunk, high or just a douche. I couldn’t make heads or tails of this one.

“Yes flaked. When I was parked outside over an hour ago.” I explained to him.

“So.” He responded.

God what a douche!

Luckily I just finished sucking a nice cock so I wasn’t going to let him get to me. I dropped the conversation until I received another cock picture from him a few days later.

Find out what happened it Part Two of the Biggest Dick I’ve Encountered. Check back soon.