My Discreet Encounters Revealed

My 3 Load Evening at the Spa

I’m in the Korean Mist Sauna. There is a guy next to the left of me stroking his cock. He has a towel under his ass that wraps around over around his hips and over his inner thighs. There is a partition that shields him from the entrance so no one can see his jerking himself but me.

When no one is insight I leave forward and fondle his balls while he jerks off. My left leg is rubbing against his right leg. We are both hot and very sweaty. I grasp his cock and begin to stroke it.

“Oh I’m gonna cum!” He moaned. “I’m cumming!”

His white load shoots up out of his cock and onto his sweaty chests and begins to drip down. He wipes some of the cum off and waits for his cock to become more limp before he leaves.

“Thanks!” He said then took off. I think he was from Argentina. That was load # 1 of the evening.

Load # 2 was outside. I am sitting on a chair on the patio and there is a young guy next to my left on a bench. We are also close enough that our legs touch.

We are alone and jerking. As I jerk I thrust upward as if I was fucking his mouth. He enjoys that and begins to jerk faster.

Our feet touch and we rub them together taking turns putting them on top of each other. I do have a foot fetish. I enjoy guys feet as long as they are maintained and in good shape. I don’t mind massaging them, licking them or rubbing my cock on them. I don’t mind a guy rubbing his feet on my cock—kind of like a foot jerk. I’ve had that in the past.

“Ohhh.” He moaned. His load shot up and onto his chest too. Dripping down a bit before he wiped it away and walked off.

I hadn’t been there too long and I already assisted with two loads. That’s what I do…assist. Maybe they just need me to watch. Maybe they just need their balls rubbed. Maybe they need a finger up their ass while they stroke. I’m there to help and make things more interesting.

The 3rd load took awhile and I wasn’t expecting it. There was a young fit guy there who appeared to be straight. He had a very nice body and a very large thick uncut cock. He ass was firm and tight.

He didn’t make eye contact with anyone or give anyone any indication that he wanted to play or do anything. He actually ran away and avoided must of the guys. I monitored him and thought about what his situation might be.

Was he disgusted? Did he go to the spa thinking he could relax and now he’s encountered men trying to jerk with him? Was he secretly turned on and just there to watch but to scared to actually do anything.

We would cross paths many times over the course of the evening but nothing would happen. We relaxed together in the different saunas and steam rooms. I didn’t do anything inappropriate like touch myself in front of him. I didn’t follow him around or “stalk” him like the other guys were doing. I think he appreciated that and I gained his trust. I wasn’t creepy. Creepy isn’t attractive.

It was getting very late. I was already there past my original intended exit time but something inside me said to wait with this guy.

There were only a handful of us now and the only guy I was interested in was him. I enjoyed watching him lay on the sauna floor doing stretches and relaxing. Beads of sweat would drip down his glistening young skin. He would let his big thick uncut cock hang between his legs. I usually go for circumcised cocks but something about his attracted me to it. I think it was the entire package and how he carried himself. He was a young man full of strength and beauty.

We are in the clay sauna room together. We are alone and it’s dark. I’m lying on my back on a bench…dreaming—drifting in and out of consciousness. He is sitting towards my right. He’s been there awhile just relax and stretching. I do the same—taking time to stretch my arms and legs while I lay quietly.

I sense something. I get the feeling something might be happening so I look over to him. Sure enough he is has his large cock in his hand and he is stroking it slowly. I knew it! I had waited all night for this and I was finally rewarded. My patience paid off.

I watched him a few moments stroking his hot cock. He knew I was watching and didn’t mind at all. I began to touch myself and became hard quickly. I got up and sat facing him. We sat there in the dark sauna just looking at each other while we played with ourselves. It was peaceful, hot and fun.

Unfortunately someone entered and we quickly covered our hard-ons with our towels. He got up and left. I waited a few moments before I got up to go find it. I wasn’t going to allow this interruption to end our fun.

We ended up in the back of the steam room. Again alone. As the steam filled the room we took our cocks out again and began to stroke. The sweat dripped down his chest and I looked into his eyes. He motioned for me to come closer to him and I did.

I didn’t know how curious or closeted he was so I had to be passive. I didn’t want to scare him away by touching him. But after he invited me closer I knew it would be okay. His large cock throbbed in his hand as I gently rubbed his big hanging hairy balls. My fingers moved lower to get a feel of his young tight hairy young hole. I wondered if he ever had dick or a tongue in it?

He leaned forward and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it as he jerked his own. It felt so good being in his hand. It felt good to be pleasured by such a hot guy.

I guess feeling my cock brought him to the climaxing point. He looked at me.

“I’m about the cum.” Then looked at me again and looked down at his cock.

I leaned forward and down and took his juicy thick cock in my mouth and began sucking it just as he started to unload. He shot a large forceful load of hot cum into my mouth. His cum tasted so good…I swallowed it all as his body tensed.

We didn’t say anything and just got up and left. We shared a moment and helped each other out. We were able to enjoy and play with each others cocks and no one bothered us—it was fun.

Load #3 was my favorite and I think about it a lot. I wonder if I’ll ever see him again—probably not and that’s okay. It’s these types of encounters that I enjoy so much.

The wait. The seduction. The challenge. The approval. The climax. It doesn’t always work out this way but when it does it sure makes for an eventful evening.

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