My Discreet Encounters Revealed

The Biggest Dick I’ve Encountered Part 2

Read The Biggest Dick I’ve Encountered Part 1 first!

I’m in the locker room of the gym I go to and I check my phone. I see cock picture come through from the guy that flaked a few days ago.

“Would you like to explain what happened the other night?” I asked.

“Yeah. My mom stopped by and was dropping of groceries.” He replied.

Another lame excuse—I am not an idiot.

“My apologies.” He continued. “You busy?”

“I’m in the area.” I let him know.

“How far?” He asked.

“15 minutes.” I replied.

Another cock picture came through. He did have a hot cock I will admit that but I was playing with trouble and dealing with him would be a gamble again.

“I need to unload.” He advised me.

“Okay. I can come suck it.” I told him.

Luckily I had “Morgan” in the car. I usually don’t drive around with her but for some reason I figured Id have her handy just in case I get messaged by a horny guy near my gym.

“Just decide now and let me know what the house looks like so I can find it quick.” I told him.

“It’s the corner one.” He replied.

“Okay do you want me to come?” I asked.

“Yea. Can you please send me a face pic quick?” He asked.

“I sent one the other night.” I reminded him.

“I’ve never done this stuff before.” He confided in me.

He is nervous obviously. Never been with a guy—never been with a guy wearing women’s clothes and a wig. You need some balls to go through with it or just be very horny.

“Well if you get uncomfortable you just say so and I’ll leave. I won’t be offended.” I reassured him.

I refuse to be creepy. God forbid I meet up with a guy and he is too nervous or can’t get hard or just no feeling me I’ll leave quickly and not try and stick around to pressure him into trying something he isn’t comfortable with. I want the guys I’m with to have fun, be comfortable and no regret meeting up with me. It’s seems like the majority of them do because many message me looking for another play date.

“How old are you?” He asked.

“29.” I replied.

I’ve been 29 for a while—I will not lie to all of you. Guys lie to me about their age all the time. I just go by the photos—the photos you have should match with whatever you lie you are telling me. If you are telling me you are 30 but you look 50 then we have a problem.

Right now the range on men I’ve been playing with and seducing are between 18 and mid 30’s. That’s my ideal match. There is nothing wrong with older mature men—it’s just not my preference.

“Just let me know. I am at the gym and getting ready to leave.” I told him.

“Okay come suck this thick juicy cock.” He said.

“You got it. I’ll leave in a few.” I replied.

I showered quick, got in the car and started driving. He wasn’t far at all so I wasn’t too worried if he flaked again.

“I’m stroking my cock.” He let me know.

I love when guys let me know their stroking their cocks. Sending me pics and videos of them jerking their hard cocks—I appreciate it more then their gfs. There gfs don’t care when their guys stroke their cocks and probable are grossed out by it. She should be helping! Useless!

“Face pic please.” He asked again.

“Dressed or not dressed?” I asked him.

Did he want to see me as a man or women or both? I had pulled over into a dark parking lot to change. I took off my clothes and put on my tight black yoga pants and slutty long sleeve shirt that I love to suck cock in. I put my hair on and adjusted it quickly then started snapping some photos. I sent one over.

“Are you coming? I’ll be in a chair…lights off…pillows at my feet. Just kneel down and suck and suck and suck.” He instructed me.

Wow. Sounds amazing. He had it all planned out. Imagine just be able to sit nude in a chair with you cock hard and just wait for someone to show up and suck it till you unload—no questions asked. Just leave the door open for them and tell them where to go. Sounds like a good time!

“I’m on the way. How will I get it?’ I asked him.

He sent another picture of his hard cock.

“KK. It’s the corner house side door.” He told me. “Are you dressed?” He asked.

“I’ll be dressed if I can get in quick.” I told him.

I was already dressed. I just wanted to make sure I would be able to get out of the car and quickly get into the house without any delays.

“I wanna blind fold you so you can’t see.” He told me.

“Um not the on the first meet.” I told him.

I’ve never been blind folded before. Sounds kinky but that’s not something I would try until I meet the guy and feel comfortable with him.

“I’m up the block.” I told him.

“In car?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“You see the corner house? Brick. Chain fence.” He asked. “I’m across from that one but left side of house.”

This was getting confusing. Usually I just get an address and simply instructions on what house it is. Then I just realized that the house number he gave me was different then the one he told me the first time. I was on the same street and the app I was using indicated he was just a few feet away—he just wasn’t being honest with me about which house he was in.

“You told me 85 the other day. Is it the corner house with white door?” I asked him.

I was getting frustrated and the situation was tanking fast. I already felt it in my gut that I was being dicked around again.

“Can you just come outside quick or flash a light?” I asked him.

“I’m going to bed.” He said. “This is weird”

“Dick!” Don’t message me again! Such a waste of time!” I said pissed off.

“Okay, sorry I was outside and didn’t see anyone?” He wrote.

I was an idiot for coming back a second time but I do like to gamble on these flaky men. He didn’t come outside—if he did I would have seen him.

“So rude. Liar too.” I wrote.

“?” He typed.

“What is your problem you fuck? A simple bj!” I wrote back.

It was supposed to be a simple blow and go. I would be at his feet kneeling on the pillows he put down sucking on his big juicy cock in the dark room while he moans out loud in pleasure. Thrusting his hard dick up into my mouth my hands run up and down his muscular legs. I lick and suck his big hairy balls while jerking him off—feeling his cock throb in my hand.

“There was a Mercedes parked in front? Was that the house?” I asked, trying to make a final attempt to locate him.

“?” He replied.

“I saw a door on the side and pebble walkway. Is that where you are?” I asked.

“Yea, that’s my neighbor. Why?” He replied.

Clearly I was being dicked around and be pranked or played with. I’ve never experience such a douche before in my life but I also knew I would have to except something like to this to eventually happen. When you dealing with the Internet and horny men anything is possible.

“Okay. Ask him to blow you.” I told him. “While you’re jerking yourself read my blog, I look forward to writing about the guy who flaked.” I said.

I drove off pissed. I would get over it though. I’ve had my share of hot cocks since so it’s all-good. He can just play with himself and enjoy the fact he was able to get me to drive over twice and sit outside for a few minutes. I wonder what would have happened if he actually let me in?

“Hands down you are the biggest dick I’ve encountered. So congrats!” I told him.

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