My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Motel Meat

For those keeping track of my blog you are aware that haven’t posted in awhile and some of you have messaged me for updates. I was in an unfortunate car accident in March and have been recovering. Although I still have some pain I expect a full recovery. Hot cock and ass has been part of my therapy and I do have some stories to share. I will do my best to update you all more.

I have lots of true real life hook up stories to share with you. But by the time my hooks-ups are done I am too tired to write about it! I’ve been thinking of ways that you might be able to motivate me—I might post a wish list or set up some way of donating to my blog so you can thank me for all the hot jerking material I have provided you over the years. Anyway be on the lookup for something soon!

I am waiting in a motel room. I think it’s the 3rd or 4th time here. I’m seeing the same big dick Italian guy. He needs to play with my cock and wants me to play with his. We have secret arraignment. The cost of the room is $50 for two hours. That’s plenty of time to work on each other’s cocks.

While I wait for him to arrive I’m snapping new photos of one of my new outfits I bought at Macy’s. I’ve been working on my tan and also took the time to shave my chest and arms—I’m pleased with the results. I think I look like a good slut.

Cross dresser on bed

There is a knock at the door—he is here. I open it and he comes in. While he gets undressed I rub my body against him. I squeeze his ass. He hasn’t let me rim it yet—I wonder if I’ll be able to finally taste his hole tonight?

We stand in front of each. He takes my cock out of my panties and rubs it against his—he really enjoys doing that. We move to the bed where he sits on the edge and begins sucking my hard cock. I watch in one of the mirrors as he sucks me good. I think how blessed I am to have such a hot guy worship my dick. I keep my hands of his head while he bobs up and down on me. It felt so good to be throbbing in his eager mouth.

Now it’s time to return the favor. I lay down on the bed with my head off to the edge of it. He is standing in front of my face sliding his cock into my mouth. It’s so big I try not to gag and do my best to suck as much of it as I can.

“Oh baby! You make me so hard!” He moaned. “I love how you love my cock!”

He slaps me in the face with his big dick. “You love my cock? Don’t you?”

I let out an inaudible moan because his dick is in my mouth and can’t speak. We both worked up a big sweat quickly. My hands run around to his ass to explore his tight virgin hairy hole. He has told me before no ass play—he is straight but that still doesn’t stop me from rubbing his tight hole with my of my fingers as he continues to feed me his dick. I rub his tight sweaty ass with one hand as jerk myself with the other. He stands for a few moments with his big thick cock resting on my face. I look into his eyes as you looks down admiring his dick resting in my face.

Next we lay in sixty-nine position, pleasuring each other. He takes breaks every few moments to avoid blowing his load. I take that as a compliment—holding back his load so he can continue to play with me. Some guys blow their loads quickly when they meet me—that’s okay too. I don’t mind.

He gets up again and stands near the edge of the bed and I position myself with my legs off the side in front of him so his cock can rest on mine. He does some poppers while I rub the tip of my cock on his. He moans while our throbbing cocks rub against each other.

“I want you to cum for me.” He tells me.

I start jerking myself faster. The majority of times I don’t cum during my hookups or if I do I usually have my playmate cum first. But this time I figured I would give it a shot. I’m extremely hard lying there watching while he stands with his big hard dick in front of me. I thrust my pelvis upward as I stroke myself good. I let out a moan and start to cum. It doesn’t shoot; it just dribbles out down my shaft. He seems fascinated by it and leans forward to lick and suck it off my cock. It wasn’t a big load but he did clean it all up and seemed to enjoy doing it. Even though I blew my load I knew I had to keep the momentum going. I had to help him get his load out too. That’s what secret cock sluts are for.

“You want me to cum?” He asked.

I nodded yes.

“Where do you want me to cum?” He asked.

I motioned all over my cock and chest. He positioned himself on the bed next to me and began fucking my face. I rubbed his big sweaty hairy balls while he fed me his dick.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” He let out.

His load was big. He probably shoots some of the biggest loads I ever had. It was enough to wet my cock and cover my chest. It was very wet and ran down the sides of my chest onto the bed. When he was done unloading on me he got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I grabbed my wet wipes—I needed a lot to clean up his massive load. I had to lay there and catch my breathe from the intense cock playing experience before getting up.

I watched him get dressed; his big cock hanging and swinging as he put on each piece of clothing…we didn’t exchange any words. It was another successful encounter to share with you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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