My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Recent Steam Room Encounters

Last night I walked into the steam room. I sat next to a young guy I have played with before. His tan skin, hairy muscular legs and hard cock are always such a turn on. There were two older Jewish guys across from us—that didn’t stop my young playmate from touching himself under the towel. He was very hard and horny beating his cock fast. The two Jews were too busy talking to each other to really notice what he was doing. I was hoping they would leave so we could really have some fun. I really wanted to get that dick in my mouth so I could help him get the load out.

My cock expanded under my towel as I watched the guy next to me stroke. We were sitting very close to each other and I discreetly moved my hand over under his towel to grab his big hairy sweating balls. His cock throbbed as he began to unload. I rubbed the tip of his cock with my fingers then put them in my mouth tasting some of his warm load. He composed himself, letting his cock become limp then squeezed my ass as a way of saying goodbye and thanking me for being there to be with him as he played with himself. It was a quick jerk—sometimes you just don’t have a lot of time. Maybe his gf was waiting for him?

One or two days prior to this I was sitting in the same spot. This time a young hung Jew boy was sitting next to me. Luckily it wasn’t too busy so we had the steam room to ourselves. He rubbed my chest and stroked my cock. Then he went down on me. My hand was on his head and I moaned out load as he sucked me good. He wanted to taste my ass so I got up and leaned forward. He buried his face in my hole while reaching under and stroking my cock. From the outside it looked as if I was just standing. Know one knew that I was getting a good rimming. The steam room was very hot to begin with but this encounter was just making things hotter.

I sat back down, leaning over and taking his young thick hard cock into my mouth. He moaned in pleasure as I sucked him deeply, looking up everyone few moments to make sure no one was coming. I rubbed his big sweaty balls while continuing to suck his throbbing cock. We would take turns stroking and sucking each other. We didn’t talk—we just moaned and played. Who was he? What was his name? How old was he? I don’t know. He was just horny, next to me, we were both naked…stuff happens.

He rotated to the left bringing one leg up and facing me, moving in closer so our bodies were touching. He began to beat his cock faster while looking at me. He woud beat his cock with one hand and rub my chest down to my dick and balls with the other. Within moments he began to cum letting out a moan as his warm jizz came out of his cock. After cumming he got up and left. He didn’t say goodbye—he just left and that’s okay.

If you go to a gym with a steam or sauna go check it out. It’s okay to look and see what’s up. You never know whom you might meet or what might happen. Will jerking off in the steam or sauna make me gay? No! Of course not! The steam and sauna is hot, you are hot and maybe you are in there with someone you find to be an attractive guy. Just maybe both your dicks will get hard and you decide to help each other out. Who cares? Playing with yourself is fun, playing with someone else is even more fun—especially if it’s not what you normally play with.

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