My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Sunday Evening Report

It’s been hard for me to keep this blog up to date. Maybe I should get into the habit of reporting my adventures right after they happen while they are fresh in my head.

I arrived at the spa around 7:15pm. I received a message on my phone from one of my horny friends.


“What’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing much, you?” He replied.

“I’m at the spa.”


“Yes…I’m gonna jerk it soon.” I told him.

“Me too.”

I went into the bathroom, went into a stall and took a pic of the bottom half of my body.

“Suck my cock in the stall.” I told him.

He received and viewed the picture I just took…

“Oh yea in a public…that’s hot.”

“Sit on the toilet and I’ll fuck your face.” Feeling more dominating. “Then prop your legs up.”

I took another pic sitting on the toilet holding my soft cock.

“Get him hard.” He told me.

“Show me yours.” I told him.

I received his pic. Looked like he was on his bed in his bedroom. Just wearing a pair of socks holding his young throbbing cock. As usually I could see the precum dripping from the head of his dick.

“Just laying around with your big hard cock?” I questioned him.

“Of course.” He replied.

I sent a short video of myself jerking off in the stall.

“Oh yea so hot. Jerk that dick baby.”

I left the stall and put my phone away. I knew my friend would be okay and jerk his load out on his own. At least I was able to get him started.

I entered the shower area and rinsed off. On my way to the sauna I made eye contact with a guy in one of the tubs. I would say he was in his 30’s possible even 40’s but he had a nice body and seemed to take care of himself.

I entered the sauna and sat down. Within a few moments the guy entered and sat directly across from me. He was completely nude and I had a towel over my cock. I was giving him a look over. He had nice big feet, hairy muscular legs, a big cock and hard chest. He waited for me to give some indication I was interested. I was debating with myself what to do.

After a few moments I slid my hand under my towel and began to touch myself. Once he saw that he began to jerk his cock. Once I was fully hard I removed my towel to show him. I stoked my cock faster—you could hear the jerking motion.

“You’re so hot.” He told me.

“You as well.” I replied.

He came across and sat next to me. He grabbed my cock and started jerking it while jerking his. His hand moved to my ass and I leaned forward and up a bit so he could feel my hole. I squeezed so of my coconut oil on my hand and then slowly grabbed his cock and began to jerk it.

“Oh man…” He moaned.

My hand easily slid up and down his big thick cock. I jerked it faster. I needed to work quickly before someone else showed up. His cock throbbed in my hand.

“Ohhh fuck…” He moaned.

His cock expanded in my hand as his cum oozed out. I could feel the warm cum running over my fingers. When he finished I wiped some of his cum on my cock. Might as well put it to use.

“I waited a week for this.” He told me.

“Happy to help.” I replied.

Well I wasn’t there even 15 minutes and I already helped one guy blow his load. I left the sauna then made my way over to one of the tubs.

In this top there was a young Hispanic. I positioned myself next to him. I wasn’t going to waste anytime so I left my left leg slowly move towards him until I was touching him. If he jolted away that would mean he isn’t interested. He didn’t move. My left thigh was pressing against his right leg. I slowly gyrated up and down brushing against him.

I discreetly dropped my left hand into the bubbling water. I moved passed his thigh and found his sagging balls and semi-hard cock. I grasped his cock and began to jerk it. He moved in closer slightly turning towards me. There were a few other men floating around but I don’t think they new what was happening. Everyone was just relaxing but under the water I had this guys rock hard cock in my hand. It was so hard I wanted to go under the water and suck the load out of it. I couldn’t do that because that would be too obvious. I admired the guys body as I stroked him. I looked up his chest, to his armpits, to his unshaven face. He was all male and I had his manhood in my hand. I could tell his was about to climax but he backed away before cumming. Then after a moment he moved back in again to get jerked some more. I would jerk him good and then just before he would cum he would move away. He either didn’t want to cum or he was saving his load. I didn’t ask. Actually we didn’t say anything to each other.

He eventually left—with his balls still full and my attention was to a third guy. I used the same method—this time my right leg slowly moving toward the guys left leg. Once I made contact I waited. I pressed and moved in closer and went for the cock. I jerked his cock and rubbed his balls for awhile until his friend came and I had to stop.

It had only been about an hour and I’ve already played with three cocks. I spent the rest of the evening shaving. I shaved my face, trimmed my chest and armpits. I had Morgan in the car so I wanted to be ready just in case.

I signed into one of the online dating sites I use to seduce straight men. I browse through my messages—there are many. Who knew a guy in a wig would be so popular?

“You have tits?” Asked some white boy that lived nearby.

“Just my mouth.” I replied.

“Here’s my number…xxx-xxx-xxxx. Send me a pic if I like what I see then I’m going to want that mouth wrapped around my dick.” He told me.

I went to go shower. Then I went to check my messages again.

“Where’s my text?! I want to see that mouth.” He demanded.

“What do you want a pic of? I have KIK, my name is missmorgansage.” I told him.

I prefer KIK rather than numbers as it’s more discreet, plus the messages are quick and instant.

“I’m leaving the spa now. I’m actually near you.” I sent another message.

I debated whether to text him. I looked over his profile and pictures. 5’10’’, fit, white and then pics to show it—I wouldn’t mine sucking his cock.

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some cold brew ice coffee. I sat in car and decided to text the guy. I had three cocks so far so I felt I was on a roll and wanted to end my night with a special encounter. I sent a pic of me sucking someone off. It’s just a thick dick in my mouth with most of my face covered by my hair.

“Morgan from OKC.” I added.

A picture of his face came through.

“Want to come blow me?” He asked.

“Can I see your dick too? I’m near you right now.”

A picture of his cock came through. It was semi-soft hanging out of his pants with one hand on it. His dick was surrounded by a big black bush of pubes—I liked it.

“That’s soft, come make it hard if you want to see it.” He told me.

“What’s the address?” I asked him.

“Let me see a pic of your face?” He asked me.

I sent four pics. Three were already in my profile so he probably already so them. The forth was just from my nose down with my tongue sticking out.

“Can you make yourself look more feminine?” He asked.

Damn. I was not passable enough for him. Well I don’t do makeup…I’m a lazy CD.

“No sorry I just put on a wig and outfit then suck.” I told him.

It’s the truth. I just put on a wig, outfit then go out and suck cocks and rim assess. It’s worked every time and usually guys want to meet up again. What’s the point of putting on makeup if it’s just going to come off while I have drool, spit and cum running down my face? Plus the majority of time wherever this dick sucking is happening it’s going to be dark. Like in the car on a dark street, or in someone’s house in their dark room or in a motel room with just the bathroom light on—you get the idea. I am not passable I admit it but I do a good job of getting the load out and sometimes even let guys explore their curiosities with me.

“If you’re clean and agree not to say a word…just pull into the driveway, blow me and leave. Agreed? And stuff your shirt please.” He advised.

“Yes very clean…I don’t drink, smoke or use illegal drugs or do anything crazy sexually.” I answered him. “Where would I suck you?” I asked.

“The back of my house.” He replied. “and you’ve been tested recently?” He asked.

“In the spring.” I answered. “I won’t be seen my anyone?” I asked.

“No you won’t. He told me.

“After I cum it will be as if this never happened understood? I work in sanitation wink wink so blackmail wouldn’t work out well.” He warned me.

I thought sanitation guys were paid pretty well, at least in my area. He was horny but also worried that I might be some crazy out to ruin someone’s life. Luckily for the men that meet me they are in good hands. I have never blackmailed anyone; contacted guys girlfriends letting them know I sucked their bf off or that they played with my dick. I have so many naughty secrets. I do share them on this blog but I do keep the most important details and photos to myself.

“Ready for my address?” He asked.

“You have nothing to worry about. I just suck and go.” I let him know.

It’s true. Some of the titles of my Craigslist ads have been “Blow and Go”, maybe I will use “Suck and Go” next time. It’s honest and straightforward. I show up, you take your cock out, I suck it until you nut and then leave. There is no other talking or touching unless you initiate it. Well, sometimes my hands and tongue wanders depending on how comfortable the guy seems. I am respectful. I need to be because I need my hookups to trust me. Love my straight boy’s cocks and assess and when they need me I must be ready for them.

He sent me his address…

“Text me when you pull on the street and I’ll direct you. Remember, don’t speak and I have to believe you’re a woman or I’m sending you away.” He warned me.

“Not interested in talking.” I told him. “Well is it dark back there?” I asked.

“Yea.” He replied.

“Still do your best to make me believe.” He requested.

Well I was about to drive 30 minutes to be “Sent away”.

“I’ll just take a pic as I am now and you let me know.” I told him.

I was in a large empty parking lot changing into Morgan. There was not much too it. Tight black pants, padded bra, slutty back mesh long sleeve top and hair. I had recently bought a new wig that was longer overall. The bangs covered most of my face. Only problem is hair would always be in the way while I’m sucking dick. Certainly when my head is between some dudes legs and he is looking down at me I must look like a chick.

I started to take some selfies under one of the parking lot lights. I looked like a man in a wig to me at least. I tried to get the right angle with the right light. I picked a shot and sent it but before I did there was already more messages from him…

“Fuck it just come. Bring a condom.” He told me. Wow he must be horny, just wants me to show up now.

“Don’t have condoms.” I told him. I lied. I did have condoms in my bag but I just hate sucking cock with condoms. The taste of the rubber is just not enjoyable to me. Am I going to hell for lying? Am I a bad person?

“Stuff your bra and come.” He directed me.

My bra was already stuffed I guess it didn’t come out well in the picture I sent.

“How long till you’re here? I’ll go get some.” He asked.

“25 minutes.” I replied. I was on my way to him.

“Ok.” He replied.

I was going to question the need for a condom but I decided not too. If that’s what he wanted then I would suck his dick with it.

“5 minutes away.” I updated him.

“Ok text me when you pull onto my street. Don’t pull into any driveway until I tell you the right one. “ He instructed me.

“Do you mind if I have some poppers while I suck you? They aren’t a drug, they just give me a bit of a head rush.” I asked.

“I don’t care.” He replied.

Thank god. I figured I could just do poppers and that would take my mind off the taste of the rubber I was about to have in my mouth.

“I’m making a right onto your street.” I updated him.

It was dark…very dark and the houses were big and spaced apart. I turned onto his block. I couldn’t see the house numbers because they were so far set back.

“I don’t see you yet.” He told me.

“Where do I go?” I asked.

“Stop. I think you passed it. I’m calling don’t say anything just listen.” He told me.

Unfortunately I missed that and just answered the call. I tried not to say too much and just let him know what I saw. He directed me where to go and hung up.

“Pull in that one. Pull all the way back.” He instructed.

I slowly drove up then down the long dark pebble driveway until I reached the end.

“Now what?” I asked.

I turned the lights and car off and waited.

“Come suck my dick. I’m standing right here.’ He told me.

I didn’t see anyone. Was this a joke or a prank? I hope not. I was getting a bit anxious. Then I say a flash from his cellphone. I got out of the car and slowly walked towards him. He was standing near the side of the house in a patio area. I waited for him to send me away but he opened the door the patio and let me in.

He sat down in a comfy chair and I positioned myself between his legs, pulling down his pants. He was trying to hand me something. It was so dark I couldn’t tell what it is. It looked like cash. Wow, I’m being paid? Then I realized once I took it that it was the condom—oh well.

I needed to get his dick hard so I could get the condom on. I figured it would be okay to suck and lick his balls so that’s what I started to do while jerking his cock. He just laid back, lit a cigarette and watched me work on his cock. I liked and sucked his big hairy balls while he just hung out, hard and smoked.

After of few moments of licking his balls and jerking him he just slide his cock in my mouth raw. It got hard fast at which point I unwrapped the condom and put it on. I thought what was the point now that it was already in my mouth? But I wasn’t about to debate and wanted to respect his wishes. I rolled the condom down on his cock and continued sucking like a good slut should. After a few moments he pulled the condom off.

“There’s no point in this.” He said.

I guess he was enjoying it as much as I was. I went back to sucking him enjoying the taste and feeling of his hard throbbing dick in my mouth. I worked on in good as he stared down at me in the darkness. His leg’s were spread wide and his cock and balls were just about off the edge of the chair. I moved my tongue lower under his ballsac to see how he would respond. He propped his ass up a bit giving me access to his hole. I gave his hole a few licks as he started to moan. He was really enjoying himself. I took a hit of my poppers and continued, alternating sucking his cock, licking and sucking his balls while stroking his cock and licking his ass. At one point he stood up and turned around giving me full access to his hole. I was on my knees while he was standing but bend over into my face. I reached around with one hand massaging his balls and jerking his cock while my tongue rolled around his ass. He turned around and jerked his cock in my face.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He moaned.

I was on my knees in front of him. His cock was rubbing against various parts of my face as he jerked it. I licked the shaft and the tip waiting for his warm load and then it came. His warm cum spurted out onto my face. He ass tensed as he painted my face slowly with his tasty warm load. It was the perfect facial as none got in my hair or in my eyes. Just below my eyes, over my nose, across my lips and down my chin. I swallowed some of it but there was plenty more to cover my face. It was warm and tasty. He looked down upon me as his jizz covered my face. I think the most precious thing a guy can share with you is his load. He gave me his. I didn’t know his name and who knows if I will ever see him again but he gave me his gift from his balls all over my face. I felt special. I was honored.

I wasn’t about to wipe it off like a shy grossed out girlfriend. No. I got up and walked to my car. His cum still dripping down my face. I started the car and drove off. I tried to back up the long driveway without hitting anything. Not only was it very dark I was trying to keep the cum on my face without it dripping everywhere. I drove up towards to end of the block and stopped. I turned on the light, got my phone and started to take some selfies. I didn’t to document his load. I needed to have pictures of the gift he has given me. Once I felt I had a few good shots I drove pulled out onto the man road. Then I noticed a police car behind me.

I knew I was probably driveway erratically because I was out of breath and still worked up over the entire encounter. I had my wig off but I still had a sluitty outfit on and cum in my face. I figured if I get pulled over I would just let it be and explain to the officer I just finished sucking cock. Was that against the law? Luckily the cop made a turn and I was off the hook. I caught my breath and made it home. I drove all the way home with the guys jizz in my face. I was surprise to already get a text from him…

“What was in that for you? Just like sucking dick?” He asked.

“Yes. I enjoyed it.” I replied.

Should I tell him I took pics of his load in my face and drove all the way home with it in my face? Would he be creeped out or amused? I just left it at that and went inside to clean up. I wonder if he will be needing my mouth again?

I was proud of myself. Another successful suck and go completed. A horny straight guy was able to be serviced in the comfort of his own backyard by a man in a wig and he doesn’t have to worry about being harassed or blackmailed by me. I got the load out. That’s all that matters to me and it ended up in my face.

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