My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Lied to Roommate to Come See Me

“Hey saw you’re in town for two nights…I’m here too.” A message from a past hookup came through.

I responded and told him what hotel I was staying at. “I won’t be available until later this evening.” I said.

A few hours had past and there was no response back so I got into bed.

“Hey” He hit me up again.

“What’s up?” I replied.

“What are you up to?” He asked me.

“Just laying in bed and you?” I asked.

“Not much. Any chance you wanna blow and go?” He asked me.

I told he which hotel I was staying at and asked if he was nearby. He told me the area he was in and asked if I could go meet him there.

“No sorry. I don’t have a car.” I told him.

“You’re only like a 13 minute Uber from me.” He advised.

“So take it here. You can come in and strip down.” I told him.

“Will you be up for awhile?” He asked.

“Not too much longer.” I answered.

“If I left soon would you stay up and blow me?” He asked.

“Yes. Of course.” I told him. “I could be there soon. I just have to tell my roommate something.” He advised.

“Okay. Do you care if I am dressed up or not?” I asked. The only reason I asked was that the last time I had met him I had given him head in my car and I wasn’t dressed up at the time. It was a discreet blow and go in a parking lot somewhere—I swallowed his load. I was honored that he remembered me and was looking for more servicing.

“Well if you have your stuff then dress up.” He told me.

“Okay.” I replied. I got up out of bed and got my slutty cock sucking and rimjob outfit ready.

“What should I tell my roommate?” He asked me.

“Whatever you tell him when you need to skip out.” I answered. Obviously he is not going to say he is going to meet up with a guy wearing girl’s clothes and a wig, waiting in a dimly lit hotel room. Maybe he could say he is meeting up with a chick he meet off the Internet? That is a partial lie. I mean I can pass as a cock slut when I am on my knees in the darkness. That’s why horny straight guys come to me when they need help unloading.

“Be there in 15 minutes.” He updated me.

“Okay I’m getting ready.” I told him. I wish I had time to wash my hair. I had sucked a few cocks prior and it kind of smelled like cock and balls. It didn’t smell bad—it just smelled they the hair of a professional cocksucker and ass eater.

“Should I text you when I’m there?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“I’m 5 minutes away.” He updated me.

“Still getting dressed.” I told him. I was trying to find a clear station on the radio. Hotel room radios don’t always have the best reception. I tried to find some good music he could lay back and get sucked to.

“Room 805.” I told him.

“Okay can I just walk in?” He asked.

“You’re visiting a friend if anyone asked.” I told him.

I waited by the door looking out the peephole, opening it just when he arrived so he could quickly enter. I proceeded to the bed and sat on the edge while he stood in front of me quickly dropping his shorts and letting his young college cock and balls hang. I began sucking and licking him—his dick getting hard I worked on him.

We switched positions with him laying on the edge of the bed so his upper body was on the bed and his legs hung off the sides. This position gave me good access to his cock, balls and ass. I continued working on his cock sucking it deeply making sure my wetness dripped down lubricating his entire hard shaft. I would jerk the base of his dick while sucking the rest and taking so time to massage and rub his balls. I had my poppers with me and I would take a few whiffs, which made my desire to suck even more intense.

I worked my way down below his balls towards his tight virgin hole. We had discussed how it was unfortunate there was enough room to rim him in the car during our last encounter but luckily there was plenty of room now to give him the deep rimming he needed. He propped his legs up so his feet were on the edge of the bed and his tight hole was completely exposed to me. I went it with my tongue, swirling around and around then inward as deep as I could get. He laid back as I worked my magic—giving his asshole the love and attention so many men miss out on because the girls they are seeing are too shy to go there or they think that ass play might make them gay. The only thing ass play will do when done correctly and passionately will make a guy a blow and load like he’s never felt before. I have many guys that come to me when their ass needs attention—I lick it while they jerking themselves or while I jerk them until they should hot loads of cum.

I wonder what he told his roommate? That he was going to the store? Meanwhile he was laying in my hotel room with his legs up and assed exposed getting a sucking and rimming that was making his dick rock hard and throbbing. I would spend sometime rimming him then go to sucking him, then back to rimming him. I would pleasure his ass, then his cock—then focus on his balls. I left no area untouched. He was counting on me to take care of his needs.

My hair started getting wet from the drool from my mouth—it was hard to keep my hair from getting in the way and I was constantly readjusting it so I would only get his dick in my mouth and not my hair. I wondered what I looked like when he looked down upon me between his legs? I hope I looked like a good slut—doing a job worthy of his young load. I do love young guys—they are my weakness, always so horny and ready to explode their cum in my face and mouth.

My horny hard friend seemed to be enjoying himself so I figured I would try something naughty and position myself to the side of his body while I sucked him. At the same time I rubbed my panties slightly exposing my hard cock that was desperately trying to pop out of them. He took the invitation and grabbed my hard cock and began to stroke it. I thought how nice that was of him to rub my dick—he didn’t have too and I wouldn’t be offended if he didn’t. I continued to suck him deeply as he admired my hard cock while her jerked it.

Next I positioned myself back between his legs—I was standing and he was hanging off the side of the bed. I pressed my hard cock against his. It felt so good rubbing our hard dicks together. I wondered if he had ever experienced something like this before? It would be our secret—naughty cock rubbing in a dark hotel room.

I wanted to feel other things—like his tight hole against my cock. So I raised his legs by his ankles and pressed my cock between his tight young butt cheeks. I slide my cock up and down against his crack—teasing and massaging it. We could only wonder what it would be like if I had penetrated his asshole. But instead I just continued to massage it with the tip of my cock while he laid back taking all of the different feelings in.

Next he sat on the edge of the bed with his erect cock in my face. I sucked it deeply as best I could while I rubbed the area around his asshole.

“Ohhh…” He moaned. “Yes. Just like that.” He told me. “Jerk my cock! Jerk it faster!” He instructed me.

I spit on his dick getting wet and warm with my salvia while giving in long quick strokes. His body tensed and he looked down upon me as I alternated between sucking and jerking him.

“Oh fuck don’t stop!” He moaned in pleasure.

I was on my knees, in front of the bed, positioned between his legs. His throbbing cock was ready to explode. I looked at his face and could tell he was in pure ecstasy—finally someone who knows how to work on dick, balls and ass and I don’t require dinner, flowers or conversation.

“OOooo! I’m going to cum! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” He exclaimed.

His entire body tensed and then white thick cum began to erupt out of the tip of his pulsating shaft. I slurped some of it up like the good cum slut that I am and let the rest drip down his shaft—continue to jerk him until all of it came out. He fell back, out of breathe—while I headed to the bathroom to wash up. I signaled him to use the bathroom as well—I didn’t want him going home wet with drool and cum. How on earth would he explain that to his roommate? He put his clothes back on and I let him out. He thanked me, which was nice—I had worked hard to get his load out. I normally don’t follow up but I decided to the next day…

“Did you have fun?” I asked.

“Yes.” He replied.

“You were very hard.” I told him.

“I know.” He replied.

“I tried to work your tight hole good.” I told him.

“You sure did.” He replied.

“Did you ever get rimmed that good before?” I asked him.

“Nope.” He replied.

That’s all I needed to hear. I delivered a rimming like no other. My mission was accomplished. So glad he saw that I was in town and was able to meet up with me!

6 Responses to Lied to Roommate to Come See Me

  1. Mark says:

    Morgan, this is so hot. I’ve been reading your posts for years wishing I could meet you or had some way of getting in touch with you.

  2. James says:

    Where have you been miss Morgan??? I miss you sexy stories!

  3. Tom says:

    Stumbled upon your blog, and this is some hot stuff. Too bad it isn’t updated that often. Your sexual encounters are being missed. Never thought reading someone else’s blog entries would make me so hard and need to rub one out. Keep up the good work.

  4. Horny says:

    It’s almost a year-where you been?

  5. John says:

    No more encounters…

  6. Shawn says:

    These stories are so amazing and sensual miss morgan! Im a young guy from long island and in decent shape, i would love to meet you sometime!

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