My Discreet Encounters Revealed

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Sauna Blowjob

I am laying down on long hard wood bench that comes out of the wall in the sauna. My head is facing the window. You can’t see me laying down because there is a solid wooden wall ½ way up the side and a window the rest of the way. My head is towards the wall.

There is a Hispanic or possibly Dominican standing but leaning forward looking out the window. There is a small towel over his head. I’ve seen him before and we have gotten hard in front of each other. I wasn’t sure how comfortable he was but I took a chance and grabbed his ass. I gave one of his buns a firm squeeze. He just continued to stand there while I felt his sweaty ass cheeks. I wondered if he ever had a cock or a tongue up his ass? His dick got hard though and I squirmed my body upwards towards his erect cock while still laying completely flat on the bench.

He moved into towards my face so his cock touched my lips. I opened my mouth and began to suck. He started to fuck my face good while keeping an eye of for any potential interruptions. So just to try and explain the arrangement again I am basically lying flat on my back on a bench and he is standing, leaning forward with his dick in my mouth. If someone were to look in or walk by it would just look like the dude is looking out the window. They wouldn’t know I am out of the field of view giving him some sauna head.

I alternate rubbing his balls and stroking the shaft of his dick while the rest was in my mouth. At one point he grabbed my head and started to forcefully thrust his dick down my throat. I started to gag and tried to gasp for air. It wasn’t long after that he began to a big load of cum into my face and mouth. He retreated towards the back on the sauna to allow time for his dick to go down and I did my best to wipe all of his cum load off my face. When all said and done I said the encounter lasted under 5 minutes.

What would you do if you were in a sauna or steam room with a dude that seemed interesting? No one else is around, you’re both relaxing, your gf’s, family and friends are not around. It’s time to relax, unwind and experience new pleasures in life. Wandering eyes, the hot air, sweat dripping down your bodies; just maybe your dicks will get hard. You try to cover them up but it’s no use because they are so big so you decide to let the other person see.

Thoughts are racing through your mind. Another guy is admiring your dick! What do you do? It’s not like he is creepy he seems pretty chill and has a hot cock too. You’ve only seen hard cock in porn but now there is one right in front of you. There is an urge to jerk your cock. Both of you begin jerking. You stroke nervously. This is the first time you jerked off in front of anyone. You never even jerked off in front of your gf—because she thinks that’s weird. But now there is a nice guy that doesn’t seem to mind.

Both of you beat your meat fast. One of you have ballsacs that bounce. You look into each others eyes—finally someone who understands the need to be free and wild. You are witnessing each others most intimidate moment. One of you lets out a moan and begins to shoot hot cum out onto the floor. Just then the second dick erupts, both of you unloading your balls at the same time. Overheated, out of breathe and shocked with yourself…you leave. You both of your separate ways, not exchanging words. You shared a moment and your cum load with another guy. It was different, it was fun and now your yearn to do it again. It was naughty but at the same time it was so easy…so hot. Next time at the spa, the gym, the pool you’ll be open to the possibility of another encounter with someone new.

Cum and Go

We are standing in front of each other fully clothed with our hands on each other’s crotches. We feel each other gently…slowly. It feels good to rub each other through our clothes. We’re just helping each other out—there’s nothing wrong with that. We don’t really need to say anything—lets just rub each other good.

Eventually we both get too hard. So hard that our dicks need to come out. Your pants and underwear drop exposing your fully erect cock. It sticks up straight practically rock hard. I drop my skirt and my cock pokes out of my tight panties that I’m wearing. My dick is very hard too.

So now we’re standing in front of each other with our cocks sticking straight up. This doesn’t happen often but it will be okay—this is fun. We move closer together so our cocks touch. Some people call it a sword fight—but that’s not really what it is. We aren’t fighting…we’re just letting our warm cocks rub against each other. It feels so good to rub cocks…to feel them rubbing and throbbing as they glide and press together. It’s almost like they were meant to be together—at least for now. Two hot cocks are better than one—at least that’s what I think.

There’s no need to be afraid of dick. You have one and I know you enjoy playing with it. So, wouldn’t it be fun to play with two of them? We take turns holding them together and jerking them. It’s feels so fucking good. Why haven’t we tried this sooner? Let’s rub each other’s balls too. They’re so full of cum that precum is dripping from the tip of your cocks. We rub the precum on each other’s cocks and use it as lube as we stroke each other good and rub each others balls.

While you stroke my cock I reach around you and grab your ass. It feels so tight and firm. Now it’s your turn…reaching around you feel my ass—and give it a good squeeze. We’re just feeling each other up…standing in front of each other. It’s fun to explore each other’s bodies. It will be our secret that we played with each other. No one needs to know our business. We don’t do this often but when it happens it’s so hot.

We lay down next to each other. The sides of our bodies are touching. We can watch as we jerk ourselves, then jerk each other. We can throb in each other’s hands—it feels so good. It’s peaceful lying next to each other playing with our dicks. All that matters is how good it feels and how good we can make each other feel. Let’s stroke each other slowly…

We both understand what needs to happen. We just need to cum good and only we know how to do that. We don’t have time or the patience to get a girl to do so we have to help each other out. It’s so much quicker and easier this way. Our dicks can be friends—there is nothing wrong with that.

Your dick is so hard and it looks so tasty. I lean down and begin to suck it. You never had a guy suck your cock before—you close your eyes as it enters my mouth. You’re nervous but guess what? Nothing bad happens. It actually gets harder as it slides between my wet lips. My saliva drips down your throbbing shaft, over your balls and down your ass crack. You’ve never experienced such a wet and warm blowjob before. I rub your big balls while I suck your cock deeply—you moan in ecstasy. It feels so good to get sucked by someone who knows what to do. My fingers run and rub around your tight virgin hole while I suck you. I don’t stick them in…just tease your ass a bit while I suck you…

“I’m going to cum!” you blurt out.

“Me too!” I reply.

Loads of cum shoot out your cock. It drips down your shaft and over my hand. I lick it off the tip of your cock—you taste so good—mmmm. I cum as I jerk myself. Some gets on your leg. I’m sorry about that but I’ll clean it up quick. We clean up our jizz and go. Our dicks are happy now and our balls are empty. That was fun. It’s nice to be able to just cum and go.

Imagine being able to cum and go with someone? No need for lunch or dinner…no getting to know each other. No need to check up on each other later. Just whip your dicks out, play with them, cum and then go. The perfect arrangement! A secret naughty encounter only we will share.

Help You Jerk Off

Are you nude in bed? You should be. I like when you lay and bed and touch yourself while thinking about the naughty things we can do to each other. You try to think of other things or maybe just try and go to sleep but you can’t because your cock is so damn hard.

Porn gets boring. It takes so much time to find the right one—that’s why the imagination is so much better. What will you think about this time? It feels so good to rub yourself…your cock feels warm in your hand and it throbs as you jerk it.

Did your gf leave you? Maybe you are apart because of school or work. Maybe she just doesn’t care. But I do. I care about your hard cock and your tight virgin ass. What would it be like if I was lying there with you? Slowly caressing your body. My hand is running up your leg…over your calves…through your inner thighs then grabbing your balls. I grab them gently of course and massage them. They feel heavy with hot cum. I need to help you unload because no one else is around to help you. It will be our little secret.

My hand runs over your chest. You keep fit and I’m proud of you for that. I like a man that stays in shape. Let me lick your nipples a little…I hope they are too sensitive. Lets just try.

You’re stroking your cock as I massage your balls. I like watching you stroke. I want you to show me how you play with yourself. You’re such a good boy with such a nice hard cock. I’m so lucky to be your secret friend. I know you need to cum and I’m going to help you. The only thing that matters is that you cum good. I want you to shoot a nice big load of hot cum everywhere. I’ll help you. Let me get a little closer. My panty covered cock will rub against your thigh. You can feel it throbbing against you. I know you’re straight so I won’t take it out of my panties—I’ll just keep there rubbing against you—throbbing along with yours.

I like rubbing and massaging your balls. They feel so warm in my hand. I think I’ll put them in my mouth and suck them. They taste so good. They’re kind of sweaty because you’re just so heated up and they tastes salty too. I’ll lick them good for you while you jerk yourself.

Spread your legs wider. Get them really wide. I like when you tense them up and point your toes out. You’re jerking really fast now—I like that. You’re cock is so hard—the tip is expanding. Let me lick it for a moment…I just want to taste the precum. It tastes so good. I’m not going to suck it though…I’m just here to cheer you on and watch you jerk yourself. Normally you don’t want to be watched but you are comfortable with me. You know that I understand what it is that you need to do. You know that I appreciate your big cum load.

I wonder if it will spray all over your chest or will it ooze out slowly dripping down your cock? I love surprises. It will feel good to cum though. Why don’t you touch your tight hole for a moment? Will you do that for me? Just run your finger around it. None ones been done there lately—that’s not good. Your tight hole needs attention too.

Stroke some more. It feels so good. It also feels good to rub my hard body against you. Will you cum for me? Will you blow your hot load? I really want you to. I can lick it up when you’re done. I don’t want it to go to waste.

Your balls are so full I really think you should unload them. I don’t know what else you are waiting for? If I sit on your face will that help? We can try it…I’ll put my panty covered ass in your face…you can feel my tight hole rubbing against you. Your face grinds deep between my cheeks. Oh my. I’m really enjoying this.

Jerk that big hard cock for me. Jerk it for me good. I know how important your dick is and we need to take care of it together. You’re about to cum around you? That’s good I want you to unload. I’m so lucky to be a part of this. The other girls are such a pain—they don’t understand. But here I am helping you cum. I’m waiting for it. Can you shoot it all over my panties? Then I’ll pull my pants up and go home with them wet from your hot seed.

I’ll go home and lay in my bed. Then I’ll wrap my wet panty covered cock around my dick and use it to jerk with. I’ll still feel your warm cum on it. It will feel so good. I’m about ready to cum too. Maybe next time we can cum together.