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More from the Hallway

Naughty Schoolgirl Wants to Study

Naughty Schoolgirl is busy with midterms but she still needs to play and get rid of some stress. How does she do that? She loves to have hot horny guys come over to “study”. Naughty Schoolgirl loves to teach inexperienced guys how to play with cock.

She knows there is a lot to learn so she may just start you off by having you touch her cock through her tight red tights while she blows you and eats your tight clean ass out.

Naughty Schoolgirl knows you think about her dick. It’s okay. She wants you to have it, at least in your hand to begin with and then in your mouth. Naughty Schoolgirl won’t tell anyone you come to visit her for help with shooting your load.

Naughty Schoolgirl knows jerking off alone can become bothersome and lonely. Sometimes you need a warm understanding mouth to unload in. Naughty Schoolgirl would love to help you cum. She understands your needs.

Naughty Schoolgirl doesn’t like when your gf gives you grief. She wants you to be happy and hard all the time.

What does Naughty Schoolgirl want in return? Well she just wants you to try putting your hand down her red tights and feeling around to see what you find. Maybe if you find something warm and hard, you can take it in your hand and stroke it.

She would love to sit on your face. Let her plaid skirt cover your face while she rubs her tight pink hole in your face. Will you lick it? She promises it’s clean. If you lick it she will bend down some more and suck your cock good.

Can’t go there? Naughty Schoolgirl understands. Maybe your just not ready for an ass in your face. Maybe you just want to lie down next to her and make out. While you’re making you can stroke each other. Sometimes you just need a helping hand and someone nibbling on your neck and licking your ear to help you cum. Would that help you cum?

Are you ready to go study with Naughty Schoolgirl? She knows it’s stressful to learn something new but she promises to make learning about cock as fun as possible. Maybe you can teach Naughty Schoolgirl something as well. She knows every guy is different and that their cocks need to be sucked a certain way. Some like more sucking, some more licking, other guys need attention to their balls. Naughty Schoolgirl wants to become the best cocksucker it town!

Remember! Naughty Schoolgirl is not a tattle tail! She won’t tell anyone that you come play with cock. Well, she might write about it for a report or possibly blog about it. Is it okay if she tells the world how much fun she has “studying” with you?

One Big Load

I think this is my biggest load of photos yet. Do you want me to continue to go back and give you everything I have? I hope these make you feel good while you play with yourself. I want you to cum hard, you deserve it. Wish I was there to lick your ass while you stroke. Don’t be shy, I know you want your tight hole played with.