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Monthly Archives: August 2014

No Reciprocation Blow Job

I am waiting on the floor. The room is very dark. It’s so dark you can’t really even see me. That’s okay because you don’t really want to see me—you just want to use my mouth. No other touching or talking. You just want to come in, find your way to my mouth and drop your pants. Well that’s exactly what you did.

Some guys just want to get sucked and you’re one of them. You just love head and you love someone who will worship your cock and hot cum load. It’s so frustrating finding a girl to do this. Endless dates, dinner, and chitchat—you just want some head. You need it because your balls are full and your cock is hard. Luckily I like to suck and that’s exactly what I did.

Does it really matter that I’m a man in tight women’s clothes? It doesn’t because its so damn dark you can barely see me. My face is smooth though, I smell nice and my mouth is warm and wet—waiting for your big hard cock to enter it.

You stand before me. Your pants drop around your ankles exposing your hairy muscular legs. I run my hands up and down your legs and then make my way to your ball sac. I slowly rub and massage your balls while I begin to lick up and down your semi erect cock. Your dick gets hard quickly. As it gets harder I roll my tongue around the tip of your cock—I feel it throbbing on my lips.

I can only see the silhouette of a man standing before me and you can only see the silhouette of what appears to be a girl squatting on the floor between your legs. All that matters now is getting your dick sucked. Finally all you have to do is just stand there and relax and enjoy while your cock is licked and sucked. You’re so lucky to find such a good slut that’s all about giving a great blowjob.

I get your cock nice and wet. I salivate on it as I take every inch into my mouth. I feel your cock throbbing between my lips—it tastes so good. I hear you moan as I work on your cock…licking, sucking and exploring every inch of it with my mouth.

I reach around and grab your tight ass. I pull you into my face…thrusting your cock into my mouth. Your hands don’t touch me—your arms just hang at your sides while your fucking hard cock just sticks out from your body fully erect and ready to explode.

I go back to licking your balls. I want to heat up the hot cum that’s in them. One at time I lick them then I try and get them both in my mouth. You moan some more from the pleasure of your sweaty salty balls being licked. Finally someone who knows how to give pleasure—someone who understands what needs to be done.

I rub your balls while I suck your cock. It’s so fucking hard I know you’re going to shot a big load. I suck faster and faster—the wetness from my mouth is all over your cock. You moan in ecstasy…just standing there getting the head you’ve always dreamed of. No reciprocation head. You don’t have to worry about checking in tomorrow or worry about my feelings. It’s our little secret you used my mouth. You don’t have to touch or talk to me—you just moan.

Your ass tightens—I can sense you are about to blow your load. That’s exactly what you do. Your cock expands shooting loads of thick white cum all over my face and in my mouth. I don’t stop sucking—I can’t. I continue to suck you as your hot jizz squirts out of your cock. You moan in deep pleasure as your balls empty all over me. I suck a little slower getting the last drops of cum out of you.

That’s it. It’s over. My job is done. You needed a good mouth and that’s exactly what you got. You pull up your pants—not even wiping off your cock and leave. You leave with your cock still wet from my mouth. You leave me in the dark—my face covered in your warm cum. You walk out—head spinning from the encounter and out of breathe from the blowjob.

Once you leave I take your cum and wipe it off my face with my hand. It’s still warm. I take my hand and put it on my hard cock that’s sticking out of my panties. It was sticking out of my panties the entire time but you couldn’t see it—that’s how dark it was. I jerk myself using your warm cum as lube. It feels so good as my hand slides up and down my hard cock. I lick my lips—I can still taste your load. It doesn’t take me long to blow my load too—all over my panties. Boy did that feel good.

Sometimes it’s nice to just blow your load and go.