My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Need to Abort Part 2

If you haven’t yet, please read Need to Abort Part 1 first.

“Hey we were going to meet a few weeks back but I had to cancel last minute. Would you still be up for meeting? Here is what i look like if it helps you remember….”

I reviewed the picture I was sent of a fine looking guy.

“Tell me what really happened. Did you blow your load before I got there or just get cold feet? I asked him. “No guy would ever risk inviting someone over if they thought their gf would show up unannounced.”

“No one expects an unannounced arrival. She got home early from a trip. You around tonight?”

“Probably not until very late.” I told him.

“What’s very late?” He asked.

“Like after one.” I replied.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out and a few days passed when I received another message from him.

“Hey just saw your ad, what’s up tonight?” He asked.

I had posted an ad on Craigslist in the discreet encounters. My recent ads have been for discreet car jerk or sucking.

“Relaxing and you?”

“Same right now, was about to hop in the shower. You down to hang out tonight?”

“Time?” I asked.

“What works for you?” He asked.

“The sooner the better.” I told him.

“Where?” He asked.

“Don’t know. I can’t host.” I told him.

“So, my place?” He asked. “Text me.” He gave me his #.

“What’s up.” I texted him.

“Who’s this?” He replied.

“You just told me to text you.” I responded.

“Just making sure haha.” He said. “You want to come here?”

“Can I get in without being seen or can I get dressed inside?” I asked him.

“You can get dressed up here.” He told me.

“Address?” I asked.

He gave me the address and I started to get ready.

“Do you have condoms?” He asked me.

“Not looking to fuck tonight. I’ll suck and rim you though.” I told him.

“We can’t even try? I’ll be super gentle.”

“Not tonight.” I told him. “Do you still want me to come?”

“Damn. When would you leave? I’m about to hop in the shower.”

“I can leave now.” I told him.

“Okay. I’ll clean my asshole real good for you. It’s hairy though.”

“I don’t mind that.” I told him

There’s nothing wrong with a hairy ass as long as it’s clean. So, if some of you are embarrassed or ashamed of your hairy assholes—don’t be. Eventually you’ll meet someone who will dive right in between your butt cheeks and give your tight manhole the attention that it needs. Have your asshole licked doesn’t make you gay—it just makes you cum harder so try it!

“Alright, see you in a little bit. Text me when you park.” He told me.

“5 minutes away.” I sent him an update.

“I see you turning around.” He told me.

I had drove up the block but had trouble seeing the house numbers. It can be a challenge locating the right house at night—especially when you’ve never been there before. Plus I have to try and keep it discreet and not drive up and down the block ten times which would risk drawing attention to myself.

“Which house is it? I can’t see the numbers?” I asked him.

“Across the street from where you are now. Big white house.”

“Ok got it.” I said.

“The front door is open. Come in quietly and come right upstairs.” He directed me.

I could see him at the window on the second level looking out. I moved quickly but calmly the front door. I opened up with door and walked upstairs where I was greeted.

I may have said hello or just nodded when he directed me to the bedroom where I would change. When I arrived I was just wearing sweat pants, shirt and a hat. Sweats are easy to get on and off. I quickly got undressed and took my slutty outfit on. Next I put on my hair and checked myself in the mirror.

For those of you new to the blog I rarely put on makeup—maybe at the most I’ll put on lipstick. I think makeup is messy and too time consuming. Yes, I probably would look much more passable if I did it but is it really necessary? If I’m between your legs sucking you off or between your checks tongue fucking you it really shouldn’t matter whether I have makeup on.

He peeked in to see if I was done and I waved him in. He quickly got undressed and laid down on the bed on his back. He was looking good—dark hair, tan skin, buff body and hairy muscular legs. Just laying there waiting for me to please him.

I positioned myself between his legs and started licking his hairy balls. He let out a moan and a sense of relaxing came over him. He was in good hands with me.

“Yea lick my balls!” He let out. “Ohh yeaaa!”

My hands glided up and down his hard thighs and calves as I licked and sucked on his balls. His cock was fully erect and poked up as if looking for attention too. I moved lower licking under his ballscac.

“Oh! Lick my ass! Eat it!”

He leaned back further putting his legs up in the air. He grabbed his legs from his knees and pulled them back and apart for me. Here was this buff hot guy exposing his tight hairy hole to me—I had to take care of it.

Slow licks, then faster licks—my tongue rolled around his ass entrance. I licked in and out—deeper and faster.

“Oh fuck! Oh yea!” He moaned.

After a few minutes of eating his ass I moved back up to his balls then working my way up to his cock. Slowly licking up his shaft then taking his cock in my mouth.

“Suck that cock!”

He was enjoying himself and I was enjoying him.

“Are you sure I can’t fuck you?” He asked.

I shook my head and smiled. There would be no fucking tonight. Although I was thinking about what it would be like having his throbbing cock penetrate me. Maybe next time we can try?

I moved in closer and took his hand and put it on my panty covered cock. My dick throbbed as he rubbed it through the panties to the point where it started to peek out. God I was so hard and so was he.

He took my cock out and began to stroke it. He strong hand felt good around my dick it took all my might not to cum right then. I sucked him off as best I could as he jerked me off.

Some how my cock got close to his face and he began sucking it. I was on my knees on the bed in front of his face feeding him my cock. I put my hands on his head while he blew me good. After a few moments of being sucked off I went back to sucking him. All this naughty dick and ass play was getting him…

“I’m about to cum! I’m going to cum!”

I sucked and sucked…the wetness from my mouth dripping down his cock and over his balls. I fondled his ass and balls with one hand and held the base of his cock with the other as I sucked the rest off until streams of white jizz shot out into my and also onto his chest.

I got up and started to get dressed as he laid there sweaty and covered in cum. He watched me put my sweat clothes over the woman’s clothes. I took the hair off and put my hat back on and left.

His gf will never know that my tongue was deep in her bf’s asshole or that he was sucking cock behind her back. Thank goodness she didn’t show up unannounced while we were going at it. That would not have been good. Sometimes we need a special friend to do things that others can’t. I am that friend.

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