My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Another Spa Adventure…

There’s a hidden nook above a stairwell where I am with a tall hung guy. We are both stroking our cocks together. I stand in front of him and rub my cock and his chest and nipples while he jerks off.

If we hear someone coming up the stairs we quickly wrap our towels around our hard cocks and pretend to just be hanging out. Guys will peek around to see what we’re doing but we don’t pay them any attention so they keep on walking.

We both stand up and stroke in front of each other. After a few moments of front stroking I turn around and put my ass towards him. I feel his hard cock pressing and slapping against my ass as he continues to jerk himself. It doesn’t take much longer and I hear him let out a moan as he blows his load. His cum leaves a big mess on the floor and I wouldn’t feel right leaving it there for someone else to find our possibly step in. I went to look for another towel to wipe it up and when I return he is gone but his cum is still there on the floor. I couldn’t find a towel so I used mine to wipe it up and then wrapped it around me and I got new fresh towel when I go downstairs.

Next I am sitting in the steam room. As usual it’s very steaming and hard to see. Through the steam, towards my left is a hot guy with a big hard on. He signals to me to move closer and so I do.

As soon as I get near him he quickly grabs my cock and starts stroking it. While he is stroking me the guy on the other side is stroking him. Am I explaining this all well? I hope so. The guy next to me leans down and starts sucking my cock—he is really going at it—taking my entire shaft into his mouth. He leans lower and starts sucking and licking on my balls. I put my hand on the back of his head and push his face deep into my crotch.

He rises; leans back and I begin sucking on his dick. Steamy sweat is all over his face and the rest of his body—dripping down. I switch from blowing him to stroking him—his dick throbs in my hand. I can feel his cock expand until his cum shoots out and up hitting the guy in the eye that’s next to him. The rest goes all over his chest. It really was a big load! The guy who got hit in the eye didn’t seem too pleased. Well that’s what you get for having your face so close to a dick that’s about to unload.

The last load happened in the clay sauna. It’s a dark and warm sauna where guys lay on the floor or sit along the sides on the tiled bench. A guy is sitting on the corner of a bench with his legs propped up facing me—not the floor. I see his cock and balls hanging between his legs. He’s playing with himself while watching me. Our dicks get hard quickly—when mine is fully erect he spreads his legs a little more and exposes his tight hairy hole. Clearly he is wishing my cock were in it.

As I stroke myself I gyrate up and forward to simulate fucking his ass. This really turns him on and he begins to stroke faster and lets out a soft moan. I get up and move closer to him so I am near his feet. He stretches his left leg out and I grab it then slowly rub the bottom of his foot. My hand runs up around his ankle then over his calf. He’s really hard now and stroking even faster. I lean in between his legs and cup his balls in my hand gently rubbing them for a few moments. My hand moves lower between his ass crack and fondle his hole with my fingers. I gently slide one finger into his hole—not all the way just enough to tease him. Just after I do that he shoots his load, which shoots out and covers the inside of my arm. I run my hand back down his legs as the last drops of cum drip out of his hard cock. I touch his foot one last time—a touch of appreciation. I was happy that he chose me to help him cum. I was happy that his cum was running down my arm. I rubbed some of it on my sweaty chest and the rest on my cock. His cum mixed with my sweat and eventually disappeared. Did it evaporate or go into my skin? Whatever…I don’t mind. I’m there to catch hot guys loads—that’s what I do. Help them cum quickly—discreetly. They can go home with their balls empty and get a good nights sleep.

Maybe they’ll tell their friends or family that they went to the spa to relax but not provide the details of exactly what happened there. It will be our secret that they shared their load with me.

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  1. Billy says:

    where is this lovely spa? it sounds so fun! This story (and the other spa stories) make me so hard!

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