My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Pair of Panties Under My Clothes

“What’s up?” I asked

“Nm u?” He responded

“Relaxing. How’s your cock?”

“Fully loaded.” He replied

“Nice. Does it need to be drained?”


“You want me to do it?” I asked him

“You’re too far away.” He replied

“I can come there.” I told him.

“Alight. Come now.”

“You want me to bring an outfit to change into or just come as myself?” I asked him.

“Just wear a thong under your clothes.” He said.

“Panties okay?” I asked.

“Hurry.” He replied.

I quickly grabbed a pair of panties, put them on then put some sweats and a t-shirt on. We have played before so everything should go smoothly although this was the first time I was not fully dressed the part.

“I’m 25 minutes away.” I updated him.

“Damn.” He replied.

“I’m driving…you want me to turn around?” I asked.

The last time I was driving to him his gf showed up early from work so I had to turn around. I understand things happen—I don’t get upset…just wait for the next opportunity.

“Nah..come.” He replied.

“10 minutes. Can I do poppers?” I asked.

“Don’t matter to me.” He replied.

“I’m walking over. I’m here.” I updated him.

He met me at the door and let me in. I think he said hi or what’s up I don’t really remember. I wasn’t about to have a conversation…I wanted to get right to business. I know he was probably nervous having me over…it does take a bit of courage to invite another man over. But like I said earlier we had messed around before so it should be fun…and it was…

He should down the lights to the point where we were just two shadows. I got down on my knees and turned my hat around while he dropped his shorts. I immediately took his cock into my mouth and began sucking it. He put his hands on my head and started thrusting his dick into my mouth. I did the best I could getting as much of his cock into my mouth. I moved lower and started licking his balls then slowly up his throbbing shaft.

I got up and he pulled my sweats down along with my panties. He got on his knees and started sucking me off. My hands rested on his head while he worked on my cock. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy giving my dick to guys like him. He’s the type of guy you would never expect would ever have a cock in his mouth. We had a special arraignment. I discreetly give him the dick he needs while I get to enjoy him too.

After a few moments on his knees he laid down on the couch. All I had one was my hat and I had lifted my t-shirt up over my stomach and put it around my neck. I got on top of him so our hard cocks touched and began to grind. He took both our cocks in his hand and started to jerk them—it felt so good. He moaned out loud as he jerked our cocks together.

I moved back and positioned myself between his legs so I could give him some more head. As I was sucking him he was reaching for my cock to jerk it. I sucked him off deeply letting my wetness drip down his shaft then I got up onto his chest and put my dick into his mouth. We really had a intense dick sucking session—just helping each other out.

I once again spread my entire body on top of him. My legs were rubbing against his…my chest against his…just pushing my weight into him. Our faces were close…I nibbled on the side of his neck and on his ear letting out some moans because feeling our bodies together just felt so damn good.

He had a hairy muscular chest, which I massaged with my hands. I sucked on one of his nipples making him moan some more. I turned myself around some my ass was in his face and he immediately went for it shoving his tongue deep in my asshole.

While he was eating my ass out I went for his cock suck and jerking it—giving it the attention in needed. I moved lower over his balls then below his ballsac. His legs spread wide exposing his tight hairy asshole to me. I was invited it.

As he continued to eat my ass out and I began to lick his. My tongue worked it way up and down his crack then swirled around until I penetrated him deeply. I wanted to give him a good deep rimming—one that he would remember. He moaned as I pushed my face deep between his butt cheeks. I trusted my ass back onto his face until I felt him gasping for air.

We kept switching it up from jerking, sucking and ass eating till I ended up between his legs lying there sucking him off. I thought about the panties I took off and how they really didn’t get put to use. So I grabbed them off the floor and started rubbing them on his chest, cock and even in his face. He put his hand on my head and pushed me down on his cock and I knew he was going to blow soon.

He let out a moan and shot a huge load into my mouth. He held me down on his cock and I continued to suck until I felt his hand come off my head. I managed to get all of it not allowing any to drip out. I slowly licked up and down his shaft cleaning it off while he lay there breathless. I brushed his leg gently as I gesture of approval. Like it’s okay what just happened. It’s okay use two guys got together for some naughty fun.

I gave him what he needed some dick to play with and a mouth to nut in. Our encounter was over. I got up got dressed and headed for the door. I think I said “cya”…I try not to engage my playmates unless they start talking to me.

When I left he was standing there practically sweating form the intense experience. His balls were drained and I knew he would get a good night sleep. I wonder if he will invite me over again? Would you?

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