My Discreet Encounters Revealed

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Don’t Be Scared

I was recently in Florida for business and had some down time so of course I made a posting on Craislist for a casual encounter. Within minutes a stream of responses came in.

Responses with one word like “hi” or even a few words like “are you still looking?” would be deleted. Responses that provide a physical description and photo would get more attention. The ideal response would have a photo, description and what the person was looking to do—like have a mutual jerk or just looking for head. The more information someone provides the better chance of getting a response.

There was a time I tried to respond to every message I received to let them know either way. But that didn’t work because if I told someone they weren’t what I was seeking then they would ask me why not or what is it that I was seeking. What does it matter at that point?

It’s just easier and makes more sense not to respond. The other person needs to not take it personally and be stable enough to move on. There is not reason to get bent out of shape. The reality is I’m just a guy in a wig and dress so it shouldn’t be a big deal if we aren’t a match. I message guys all time trying to seduce and don’t get a response—I don’t take it personally if I don’t. Obviously they are looking for a real woman with titties and a pussy—not a dude in a dress.

If you happen to be messaging someone on Craigslist or any dating site my advice to you is don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t reply. It’s not a big deal. I know it can be frustrating contacting someone and not hearing back or exchanging a few messages only to have it fizzle out.

There is match for everyone—this is the truth. With enough effort and the right approach you can find a date or the casual hookup you are looking for. I truly believe this.

In my postings and profiles I usually provide my KIK so guys can respond to me on there. If you aren’t familiar with KIK messenger I highly recommend for sexting or messaging with friends. You can quickly send messages and share photos—I enjoy getting live photos from guys showing me how hard they are or of them sending me some ass shots. Some guys will even share the fresh load they just shot after jerking to the pics that I send them. On any given day I help a handful of guys blow their loads—it can be difficult sometimes trying to please so many dicks but I do enjoy it.

Maybe their gf is boring and they can’t talk freely with her about how horny they are. Maybe they’ve never tried dick before but just want to talk about trying it while they jerk off. Some guys just want to see my tight hole—I don’t mind showing it to them if it helps them blow a load. Some guys get turned on my dick throbbing in my panties and others just want to talk nasty to me and make me their virtual bitch.

Anyway…back in the hotel room…one message came through on KIK… “White guy, 29, 6’3”, 220, muscular build, 7.5in cock with a big beard and very very discreet”.  A photo was included and my interest was piqued.

We started chatting…he was looking to get sucked or fuck. Well I wasn’t getting fucked but I wouldn’t mind sucking his cock. He repeated that he was discreet and also wanted very little talking. Well that’s fine with me I rather suck cock and lick ass then talk to the guys that I’m with. I rarely have conversations with the guys that I meet other than “follow me” and “thanks for coming—bye”. I don’t think I have a feminine voice and I wouldn’t try to talk with one—I have a soft voice so if I did say something during our encounter I would imagine it would be pleasant…like “Your cock tastes so good…mmm.” Or “Turn over let me lick that ass.” Those are some of the things I might say during an encounter.

I invited him over and gave the address of the hotel. This was a nice hotel not a dingy motel. He asked what I would wear and I sent him a few pictures so he could choose an outfit—I’m so accommodating! What other girl lets you pick the outfit she is going to suck and lick you in!

I thought this was going to be a quick and smooth hookup but then the problems started…

“Can you meet downstairs to prove you are real? And are you staying by yourself?”

Well, I wasn’t going downstairs being non-passable and all—that is not and option. I told him I would send a live photo on KIK to prove that I was real. KIK has a feature that lets you know if the photo was just taken or not. So I sent some live photos thinking this would satisfy him.

He was about to park but was concerned whether I was alone or not. I assured him that I was and told him to just come up to my door and have a look at me before coming in. Apparently he was robbed before and he was nervous. No need to be nervous when meeting me—your cock and ass are in good hands with Morgan!

I was starting to get agitated. I was not going downstairs in my slutty outfit for all to see. I asked then asked him how do I know he was real? He didn’t send any live photos of himself because he was discreet. Also why would I rob him? How could I rob him and get away with it if the hotel has my information on file? I suggested he should leave his wallet in the car if he was worried I would rob him and that we can also check the bathroom, closet and under the bed for other people that might be hiding in the room. Don’t think I was being bitchy…I was trying to be humorous.

He insisted again that I come downstairs. I told him I just wouldn’t do that. My colleagues were staying on the same floor as me and I wasn’t going to take a chance and have them see me. He would just have to come to my door and take a look at me. I was getting livid!

Next he was asking if my window faces the parking lot—he wanted me to turn the light on and stand in front of the window so he could look. Great! Everyone in the building on the opposite side can look too! I wasn’t amused. How would he see me when I’m on the third floor? How would he see the other people that I have hiding with me waiting to jump on him and rob him when he comes in?

“Just come to my room…you’ll be fine.” I said.

“No thanks. Sorry I promise I am real. I just don’t trust it. Good luck.” He replied.

99.9% of my hookups go smoothly, are very hot and fun but boy was I getting pissed. Why drive all the way here only to turn around and leave because I won’t come downstairs or stand in front of the window? He should have requested this before coming so I could tell him not to bother to come because I’m not doing any of that!

“Read my blog I’ll write about the guy too afraid to come to the door.” (Here I am writing about it now!), “Worried I’m going to rob him.” I added.

“Sure sounds good thanks.” He replied. “Sorry again. I really am.” He continued.

“You’re a waste of my time.” I said. “If you’re worried I’ll rob you leave your wallet in the car.” I added.

“True..” He replied.

“It goes both ways you can be a serial killer.” I said.

“That is also true.” He Replied. “You willing to give me another shot?” He asked.

By this time I was exhausted from debating with him. I was laying in the bed dressed like a little slut. I took some more photos and sent them…

“If you come to my door and look at me you’ll see I’m harmless. If you feel uneasy just leave. We can check the bathroom and closet together.” I told him.

“Haha. Okay I’m about to park.” He replied. “I’ll message you once I park and get on the floor.” He continued.

“Okay…about to get on the elevator.” He told me.

“Once you come in I’ll turn the bright light off. I have a dimmer one on near the bed.” I told him.

Since he was so paranoid I figured I should have the lights on bright so he could have a good look at me. He finally made it to the door and I let him in. We exchanged a quick hello, I turned off the bright light and he followed me to the bed. Even though I was so fucking disgusted from the entire back and forth of getting him here I knew I had work to do. Even though I was no longer in the mood I wanted him to have a good time. I gained his trust so rather than be a bitch I just showed him a good time.

I got on my knees and rubbed his cock through his pants. His pants eventually came down and I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked as best I could. He laid back on the bed so his legs hanged over the edge and I continued to suck his cock and lick his balls. I moved under his balls and begin to lick his tight ass. I took my time sucking, licking and rimming. I could hear him moan—he was really enjoying it and my stress level was beginning to come down.

Next I moved up on top of the bed next to him. I took his hand and placed in on my panty-covered cock so he could feel how hard it was—he began stroking my cock through my panties.

Some how I ended up with my ass in his face. I was still upset but having his tongue deep in me definitely started calming my nerves. He really did enjoy licking my tight hole and I made sure I grinded it into him good while I leaned down and sucked his cock and licked his balls. I made sure I rubbed my balls in his face too—I wanted to feel good to after all he put me through.

Next I got in front of him and started grinding my cock against his. I took our cocks in one hand and jerked them good. I also just let them glide against each other—that always feels good. The tips of our cocks rubbed and throbbed against each other as he laid back in the bed. Soon he let out a moan and shot his load. We cleaned up and I walked him to the door. I received a message from him after…

“Sorry I ever doubted you. That was amazing and hot. Thanks again.” He said.

“No problem.” I replied.

I did enjoy the encounter but it would have been more enjoyable if he just quickly came to the door when he got there rather than having cold feet. But I get it…it can be scary going to be meet an unknown guy who’s dressed as a women. But as you can see thing went well and I once again helped another guy blow his load.

Cum and Go

We are standing in front of each other fully clothed with our hands on each other’s crotches. We feel each other gently…slowly. It feels good to rub each other through our clothes. We’re just helping each other out—there’s nothing wrong with that. We don’t really need to say anything—lets just rub each other good.

Eventually we both get too hard. So hard that our dicks need to come out. Your pants and underwear drop exposing your fully erect cock. It sticks up straight practically rock hard. I drop my skirt and my cock pokes out of my tight panties that I’m wearing. My dick is very hard too.

So now we’re standing in front of each other with our cocks sticking straight up. This doesn’t happen often but it will be okay—this is fun. We move closer together so our cocks touch. Some people call it a sword fight—but that’s not really what it is. We aren’t fighting…we’re just letting our warm cocks rub against each other. It feels so good to rub cocks…to feel them rubbing and throbbing as they glide and press together. It’s almost like they were meant to be together—at least for now. Two hot cocks are better than one—at least that’s what I think.

There’s no need to be afraid of dick. You have one and I know you enjoy playing with it. So, wouldn’t it be fun to play with two of them? We take turns holding them together and jerking them. It’s feels so fucking good. Why haven’t we tried this sooner? Let’s rub each other’s balls too. They’re so full of cum that precum is dripping from the tip of your cocks. We rub the precum on each other’s cocks and use it as lube as we stroke each other good and rub each others balls.

While you stroke my cock I reach around you and grab your ass. It feels so tight and firm. Now it’s your turn…reaching around you feel my ass—and give it a good squeeze. We’re just feeling each other up…standing in front of each other. It’s fun to explore each other’s bodies. It will be our secret that we played with each other. No one needs to know our business. We don’t do this often but when it happens it’s so hot.

We lay down next to each other. The sides of our bodies are touching. We can watch as we jerk ourselves, then jerk each other. We can throb in each other’s hands—it feels so good. It’s peaceful lying next to each other playing with our dicks. All that matters is how good it feels and how good we can make each other feel. Let’s stroke each other slowly…

We both understand what needs to happen. We just need to cum good and only we know how to do that. We don’t have time or the patience to get a girl to do so we have to help each other out. It’s so much quicker and easier this way. Our dicks can be friends—there is nothing wrong with that.

Your dick is so hard and it looks so tasty. I lean down and begin to suck it. You never had a guy suck your cock before—you close your eyes as it enters my mouth. You’re nervous but guess what? Nothing bad happens. It actually gets harder as it slides between my wet lips. My saliva drips down your throbbing shaft, over your balls and down your ass crack. You’ve never experienced such a wet and warm blowjob before. I rub your big balls while I suck your cock deeply—you moan in ecstasy. It feels so good to get sucked by someone who knows what to do. My fingers run and rub around your tight virgin hole while I suck you. I don’t stick them in…just tease your ass a bit while I suck you…

“I’m going to cum!” you blurt out.

“Me too!” I reply.

Loads of cum shoot out your cock. It drips down your shaft and over my hand. I lick it off the tip of your cock—you taste so good—mmmm. I cum as I jerk myself. Some gets on your leg. I’m sorry about that but I’ll clean it up quick. We clean up our jizz and go. Our dicks are happy now and our balls are empty. That was fun. It’s nice to be able to just cum and go.

Imagine being able to cum and go with someone? No need for lunch or dinner…no getting to know each other. No need to check up on each other later. Just whip your dicks out, play with them, cum and then go. The perfect arrangement! A secret naughty encounter only we will share.