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Back Seat Car Fun With Straight Dude

“Ay buddy.”

“Hey what’s up?” I replied

“Not much. I might need a servicing later but my house is out. You have any plans or care to fill me up again?” He asked.

The thought of filling a hole immediately got me hard—especially the hole of young horny straight guy. Yes, sometimes straight guys need their holes filled. These are the guys that have gf’s or are actively looking to date a girl but they need someone to give their hole some attention. They enjoy boobs and pussy but sometimes they enjoy a warm wet tongue or cock in their ass.

“I could fill your hole again but I can’t host either.” I replied.

“Shit! I’d say we could fold down the back seat of my car and find a dark street.” He suggested.

Well this sounded wild. I rarely fuck guys let alone fuck guys in a car.

“Would there be enough room to work it?” I asked.

“We could try and if it didn’t work then just blow me and finger my ass.” He replied. “We can make my car work. I’ll let you know if I’m still down to do this in a little bit.” He continued. “I found a good spot by be for us to park and let you fuck me. When are you free?” He asked.

“Around 9:30pm” I answered.

“I found the perfect spot by me so let me know when you are ready to try and get your cock up my ass—and bring the poppers.” He told me.

The first time we met I had brought poppers. One of my other hookups likes using them when we play together and he had left his bottle behind the last time we hooked up. I tried the poppers on my own while I was playing with myself. The best I can describe is a big rush to your head and the felling that you just want to suck or fuck anything that’s near. The feeling only lasts a few seconds. I figured since I had the poppers I might as well put them to use.

Poppers come in a small bottle filled with liquid. You open the cap and put it under your nose and take a few whiffs. You’ll become light headed as blood rushes to your head, cock and ass. If there is a dick nearby you’ll probably want to grab it, jerk or shove it in your mouth.

“Are you windows tinted?” I asked.

“Yea but where we are going won’t matter.” He replied.

“Okay sounds good.”

“I’m fucking horny now. Is the soonest you can meet 9:30?” He asked.

“Maybe 9pm. Do you have condoms and lube?” I asked.

“Yes. Let me know when you’re 5 minutes away and I’ll be waiting in my car.” He told me.

I sent him a text to let him know I was turning onto his street. I saw a car idling and figured it was him so I flashed my lights once. He took off and I followed him. We ended up going behind a building that was under construction not too far away.

In the back of the building was an small empty parking lot surrounded by the backs of residential homes. There were a lot of trees and bushes but would someone see us?

As I parked and got out of my car he popped open his hatchback and put the seats down. He put down a towel and we both crawled in.

“This should work.” He said.

Once we were both inside he closed the hatchback and the lights went out. He had some club trance music playing. While he was getting settled I rubbed his ass through his shorts.

He placed the condom, lube and dildo nearby so they were ready. I took my sneakers off while he pulled down his shorts. He positioned himself on his stomach with his legs spread as best he could. I grabbed his form butt cheeks and spread them with my hands while giving his asshole a few legs.

“Get your finger in there and get my cock in your mouth.” He ordered.

I slowly inserted one of my fingers into his asshole while trying to get his cock in mouth. I was only able to get this tip of his cock because of the space constraints. After a few minutes of fingering and licking his cock he flipped over bending while bending his knees and spreading his legs.

“Lube the toy up. Get it in my ass.” He instructed.

I squirted some lube on my hand then lathered it over the toy. Next I slowly inserted it up his ass while he jerked himself.

“Get it up there. Suck me.” He ordered.

I was fucking his ass with the toy while sucking his cock. He took a hit of poppers while I worked on him. His dick grew harder as I sucked it deeply.

“Is your cock hard?” He asked. “Take it out and get a condom on.”

He laid there with his back against one of the front seats…his legs up and spread with his tight hole exposed waiting to be penetrated by my throbbing cock. He jerked himself while watching my take my cock out. I started jerking it in front of him. I needed it as hard as possible to get the condom on. I opened the condom and rolled it down my cock getting ready to move towards his hole.

“Fuck! I’m cumming! Fuck!” He blurted out while jerking himself.

“Your cock made me cum!” He explained.

“It’s okay.” I told him.

I really didn’t mind. When someone shoots a load fast I take it as a compliment. The sight of my hard dick coming towards him was too much. It was so horny that he unloaded before I even got it in him. His big warm load dripped down his cock, covered his chest while some was still on his hand.

“Do you have any tissues?” I asked.

“No. Fuck.” He replied. “I could wipe it on the blanket.” He said.

“Hang on…wait I have some in my car.” I told him.

I put my shorts and sneakers back and he popped open the hatchback—the lights went on. Jesus—I thought to myself. Here is this hot straight guy just lying in the back of the car covered in cum. I took a moment to enjoy the view then went to get some tissues. I wondered if anyone could see us from the back of their homes?

I returned with some tissues and handed it to him. I helped him wipe some jizz off his stomach that he missed. He threw the condom, wrapper and tissues outside.

“This is empty too.” He tossed the lube outside.

“Here you can have this.” He handed me the dildo.

“You don’t want it?” I asked.

“I don’t need it. I’ve only used it with you.” He replied.

“I hold onto to it for you.” I told him.

This really was a wild encounter. Just the two us naked and hard in the back of his car…now he’s giving me the dildo that was up his ass. I kind of feel special.

“Don’t forget your poppers. They kind of feel like you’re on ecstasy.” He handed me the small bottle of poppers.

I took the poppers and dildo and headed to my car got it and drove away. I drove to the gym to hit the steam and sauna. I was too exhausted to work out. I wondered if I smelled like lube, cock or cum? I think I did but would the other guys smell the fresh sex on me?

While at the gym I thought about all the horny guys there. They are probably horned up thinking about all the tits and pussy in the gym or maybe they are looking at swinging dicks. I wished they all could have experience what I had just experienced. Wouldn’t it be easier just for all the guys to just whip their cocks out and take care of each other? The world would be a better place.

I thought about bending guys over in the shower after their workouts and giving their asses the attention that it needs. Boy I was horny!

When I got home I was washing the dildo off when I realized that it was actually a vibrating dildo. I couldn’t tell in the darkness of the car—but while washing it I saw that I could twist the end, which turned it on—it started vibrating in my hand.

Did he know it vibrated? I was upset I didn’t have it vibrating up his ass. Then my curiosity got to me plus being so horny I figured I would have to test it out right now.

I laid down a towel on the couch and got my lube out. I put some lube on my fingers then rubbed it around my hole. I rubbed some lube on the dildo and slowly started to insert it into my ass. My legs spread wide and bent at the knees. I worked slowly getting up my hole then turning it on.

“Ohhh!” I let out a moan. It felt so good.

I didn’t waste so time and turned it up higher to its max speed. The dildo vibrated furiously up my ass. I had to hold it in place because it would vibrate out. I moved it in and out of my hole with one and while jerking my cock with the other.

“Fuck yes! Fuck me!” I blurted out load.

Is this what a dick feels like? I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I jerked myself faster and faster while shoving the vibrator deep into my ass. My eyes closed and probably rolled back into my head from the intense pleasure.

“Mmm!” I let out a nut. Which went a little farther than it normally does. Damn. I thought to myself. That was intense!

I sat there for a moment with holding the dildo with one hand, lube dripped out of my ass and cum on my other hand. I had to catch my breath before getting up to clean up.

After cleaning up quick I laid down in bed falling asleep thinking about the new toy that was given to me. I rarely have my hole filled but it looks like that will change thanks to me knew toy. And who knows maybe if I use it enough I’ll be ready to take a real cock up my butt someday.

Yes. This story is true. It’s one my discreet encounters with a guy. The conversations are real and only edited to protect the persons identity.

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend and were able to get a few loads off. Maybe even with some help from someone? The weather is getting nice so I think I’ll look for some more car or outside fun. All the horny college guys will be coming home from school and I bet their balls will be full. You’ll think they’ll let me help them?

I don’t mind putting my black long wig on and a sexy top then sucking some cock in car or outside on the side of the road somewhere. If not there maybe I’ll see a dick get hard next to me in the steam room and I’ll just have to jerk it or maybe suck it in the shower.

I’m ready for some hot cock what about you?

Straight Guy Rides My Cock

“Hey! Stressed as fuck and need a bj and my ass toyed…you down or no?”

“Where are you located?” I asked.

He wasn’t too far just a few towns away.

“You want to come to me? My roommate is update so I have the place to myself or do you have no desire to mess with a straight guy?” He asked.

“I can’t travel dressed up though.” I told him.

“Doesn’t matter to me. A guy is a guy.” He responded.

“Do you have a toy or should I bring one?” I asked him.

“I’m just shocked at myself that I’m even willing to try with a guy. This is something I’ve never done.” He explained. “I have a toy…are you good with your fingers too?” He asked.

“I’ve used one finger on guys…their asses are usually tight.” I told him.

“I have never tried a cock or toys in my ass and never with a guy. That being said I am sure I am tight so I would want you to massage my ass…slipping one finger in them more it’s good and loosen me up in prep for the toy.” He explained to me. “That’s how I’ve done it to girls that have never done anal but wanted to try.” He continued. “I would think that would work just as well with me if I like it.”

“Sounds like your ass needs attention.” I told him.

“We will see how your massage skills in there are then.”

“I can probably be there by 10:15pm…I just need to shower.” I told him.

“How are your massage skills? I need a good one real bad.”

“So strip down and lay on your stomach to get one.” I told him. I did actually go to massage school for a few semesters so I know my massage skills are better than the average person. I’ve never really put it out there that I can give massages but maybe I’ll start and see who is interested. There might be a lot of broke straight guys that need a massage but can’t afford one. I can help out and maybe give them a happy ending too! “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” I advised.

“I’ll be waiting.” He responded.

“10 minutes away.” I updated him.

“Let me know when you’re parked and I’ll come open the door.” He responded.

“Okay. I’m parked.”

“Okay…coming down…you will see me open the door.”

I walked towards the house and the door opened. A young hot guy stood before me and invited me in. We quickly walked upstairs and he gave me a quick tour of the apartment then we ended up in the bedroom. He was chatty I suppose because he was nervous. He explained to me that he is straight but just really stressed out and wanted to try something new.

I told him it was okay…I’m just there to help him out. I was surprised he just had me come as a guy and not dressed up because I was dressed up as Morgan on the dating profile he had contacted me on. It didn’t matter to him he was horny and just needed help getting off.

He explained that he was dominant with girls and wanted to make sure that was okay with me. I’m always up for trying new things…just as long as they aren’t too extreme. But enough chatting…let’s get the cocks throbbing…I was thinking to myself.

He stripped down and he laid on his stomach. I put some lotion on my hands and began to massage the back of his neck and back.

“You can move lower.” He told me.

I guess he just wanted his ass massaged. I quickly moved lower grabbing his tight butt cheeks. My hands rubbed them around…spreading them and exposing his tight hole. He’s cock and balls poked out and back below he butthole.

“I wonder if you can get this straight guy hard.” He challenged me.

I tried not to feel pressured and licked his ass, cock and balls. Then I alternated between licking his hole and massaging his cock and balls. His cock began to harden I pleasured him.

“Now slowly insert one finger into my ass.” He instructed me.

I’ll do as I’m told. I slowly inserted one of my fingers into his asshole. He went in pretty easily.

“Good. Now insert another finger into my ass.” He instructed again.

I slid a second finger into his so two of my fingers were working his hole. I moved gently and cautiously.

“Now insert three fingers into my ass. Go slow.” He ordered me.

I’ve fingered guys before but this was a first time that I had three fingers in a guy’s ass.

“Slowly take your fingers out.” He instructed.

He grabbed a small dildo and inserted in his hole while I stroked him off. After a few moments of this he told me to put a condom on.

“Get the condom on!” He ordered.

I was jerking myself trying to get a hard as possible so the condom would go on easily. He grabbed my cock and quickly slid the condom down on it.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” He explained. He reminded me how he was straight and never had a cock in his ass before.

I laid down on my back and he repositioned himself squatting over my cock with his back facing me.

“Stick it in! Get that cock in my ass!” He instructed.

We worked together until my cock slide deep into his asshole. He began bouncing up and down on my cock. I didn’t know what to do with my hands or what to do with him because he was straight so I put them on his back.

“Get your hands off my back!” He yelled at me.

I removed my hands and put them at my side. I just laid there in his bed while he rode my cock. I guess he just needed and dick in him and nothing more.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum with your dick in my ass!” He exclaimed.

“I’m gonna make you go into the bathroom and jerk yourself off!” He yelled at me.

I was never with someone so vocal before. That was new to me. I didn’t mind…it was hot. It was so hot that I started to cum…I didn’t say or do anything because I didn’t want him to get angry. Maybe he didn’t want me to cum?

He grabbed my right hand and put it on his cock and made me jerk him as he continued to pounce on my hard dick. Some how I managed to stay hard even though I shot my load.

“Fuck!!! I’m gonna cum!”, “I’m cumming!” I could feel streams of cum shoot out of his cock and onto the bed sheets. He continued jerking for a few moments getting every last bit of his load out.

There was a brief pause to catch our breaths then he got up and went into the bathroom. I gathered my things and started to get dressed. The bathroom door was open so I went in to wash my hands. He was sitting on the toilet discussing how he could not believe what he just did and how it was okay because he was really stressed out over a paper he was trying to write for school.

I felt awkward talking to him while he sat on the toilet. There he is…some young hot straight guy I just fucked. I was kind of in shock over the entire experience. I wasn’t use to putting three fingers in someone’s ass. I honestly don’t fuck many guys either …if I did I would be writing about it.

I did fuck another straight guy a few weeks prior to this encounter. He had never been with a man before and never had anything in his ass. He wanted to know what it was like and asked me to show him.

It’s mostly been jerking, blowjobs and rimjobs all these years but it seems like some guys want to try and do more. Have you ever thought about taking a cock in your ass? Have you already enjoyed a finger, tongue or toy? What would it be like to have another man inside you? Would it hurt? Would it feel good? Is it a total turn off or is it fun to think about?

As summer 2015 begins let this be the summer you expand your sexual horizons. Find a friend to jerk off with, suck or fuck. Your balls are full and you need to unload. I know the majority of you like pussy and want to fall in love and get married to a nice woman. In the mean time if your dick gets hard you can always shove it in crossdesser’s or mans mouth. You’ll be surprised how well they will take care of it.