My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Monthly Archives: March 2011

My First Video

Black Tube Dress

You walk in. Lights are off and a small amount of sunlight comes in through the closed shades. I am sitting on the bed looking at the Victoria secrets catalogue. I am rubbing myself through the dress.

You come sit next to me. I have the catalogue out to help get hard. You told me it was your first time and you didn’t know if a CD could get you hard or even off. Well it didn’t take you very long to get hard. I ran my legs against yours. I ran my foot up your leg and massaged your cock with it.

You quickly took your cock out. You wanted to see what it would feel like to have my stocking covered foot rub against your cock. Your gf never did that to you.

Now it’s time for a little head. I begin to suck you. I am wearing red lipstick. You like the way some of it stays on your cock as I go up and down slowly. You’re flipping through the catalogue while I suck you. Imagining yourself with each of the models in there. You’re so hot and horny now.

You reach over while I am sucking you and go for between my legs. You figure this will be your first and only chance to touch another cock. You like the way it feels in your hands. Warm and hard. I have you sit on the edge of the bed so your balls hang off. I take my time sucking them. They are so big and hairy; I love them.

You lay back and spread your legs further. You’re holding the magazine up above your face while I slowly work my way towards your hole. You like the way my warm tongue feels as I glide it in and out of your tight clean asshole.  I stroke your hard cock while I rim your hot ass.

While you are still laying back I stand up and take my cock out. I press it against yours and slowly rub them together. You can’t believe you have another hard cock rubbing against yours. It feels good so you just lay back and let me continue.

I open the draw of the night table next to the bed and take out a butt plug. You are worried but assure you everything will be okay. I place it in my mouth and make it nice and wet. Then I knee back down so I can start sucking you again. You feel the tip of the butt plug exploring around your asshole. As I work up and down your cock with my mouth I slowly press the plug in and out of your asshole.

I don’t put it in all the way because I don’t want to hurt you. I want to make sure everything feels good. I put the butt plug down and get on the bed. I straddle your face with my legs. My stocking covered ass and balls are now in your face. The tip of my hard cock peeks out the tip of the stockings. Your mouth is hungry to taste it but you are too shy to go for it.

You love the way I am sucking your cock so well. You like the way my warm balls feel pressing against your face through the stockings. I can really tell you are enjoying this because your cock is so hard and you’re starting to glide it in and out of my mouth.

I reach back and pull my cock out from the stockings and push it in your mouth. I don’t give you a chance to resist. With that you quickly shoot your load in my mouth. I taste some of it and let the rest drip slowly down your shaft. I slowly get off of you and get some fresh towels to clean up.

You are in shock from what you just did but there is no doubt you enjoyed it. I give you some water to help catch your breath and send you on your way.

I love breaking in hot straight guys!


New Gift on the Way

I see another gift is on the way. A slinky black tube mini dress. I love mini dresses because they provide easy access to you know what. I don’t want to make it difficult for my visitors. I want them to be able to find it, pull it out easily so they can and play with it. Any suggestions on what type of leg covers and panties I should wear with this?