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Big Black Friday

I’m at the spa. I made an effort to get there early—I knew it wouldn’t be as busy which would allow me to have more fun and that’s exactly what I did. I’m sitting in the steam room nude. I’m sitting on a small towel and my cock is hanging. It’s extra hot today and the steam is thick. Various men, mostly older come in, stay a few moments then leave. I hold my position waiting in the corner waiting for a hot guy to enter and then one came.

A young black entered. I usually don’t play with blacks but I can appreciate one with a hot body and a big cock. His body was tight and covered with tattoos. He sat across from me and mentioned how fucking hot it was in his deep voice. I wondered if his gf was waiting upstairs. I didn’t want to waste anytime, we were alone and I began to gently fondle myself—nothing to obvious or obscene. I would just grab my cock every few moments and let it get harder and harder until he started to notice. Either two things would happen—he would jump up and run out in disgust or fear or he would stick around, watch and possibly participate.

I saw is dick starting to rise—it got hard quickly. To my delight he even go up and moved closer to me. Now he’s sitting to my right and I’m watching out the glass door to keep an eye on an potential incoming interruptions. We looked into each other eyes stroking our cocks in the thick steam.

“Jerk that big dick!” I told him. “Yes that’s fucking hot!” I continued.

We nodded in agreement that jerking our dicks together was a fucking hot time. He moved in closer grabbing mine and I grabbed his. I was so horny I had to grab my balls and squeeze them to prevent myself from cumming to quick. His big black cock throbbed in my hand—I would jerk it slowly then faster as his body tensed. I wrapped my right leg over his left leg while the sweat was dripping down our bodies. We were just to guys helping each other out—it would be our secret.

I rubbed my hand over his chest feeling up his nips and abs. His legs spread wide, allowing his big balls to hang and his big cock to stick straight up. I got up and repositioned myself in front of him and told him to keep a look out. I quickly got down on my knees between his legs and took his young big black cock into my mouth. He immediately let out a moan of pleasure…

“Oh fuck! Oh man! Suck that cock!” He moaned.

The steam continued to shoot out filling the room. It was hot and we were hot and hard. I bobbed up and down on his cock sweat dripping off my face and salvia dripping out of my mouth—it couldn’t get much more sloppier. I gently rubbed his balls while sucking it faster and moved my hand down towards his hole but he signaled that he didn’t want his hole to have attention. I managed to rub his hole for a few minutes until I went back to his balls—I needed to respect his limits.

“Up!” He blurted out.

I quickly got up and began stretching my body just before someone walked in. The black dude leaned forward hiding his erection. The person didn’t have any idea that I was sucking him off but it was a close call. When he finally we quickly went back to our mutual jerking and me sucking him until the next person entered. By that time we had been in their too long and needed to take a break.

We went in separate directions but I watched him enter the shower to clean off then enter the locker area. Was he leaving? Was he going to meet up with his gf? I headed outside to the bathroom and took my time peeing and washing my hands at the sink until the young black entered and headed into one of the stalls leaving the door unlocked. I knew that was my invitation to enter.

I quickly followed him into the stall to find him jerking off quickly over the toilet. He was really stroking it good but I was going to help him out—that’s what I do. I sat on the toilet then he positioned himself in front of me so I could take his cock in my mouth.

I was really enjoying black dick and big low hanging balls. As I sucked him he reached down and jerked my cock. I would run my hands up and down his chest—which was so tight and hot. Then I would bring by hands around to his ass and squeeze it while sucking him off. He continued to jerk me then I decided to get up and put our cocks together. He really enjoyed having my white cock pressing against his—he jerked them both good.

I sat back down and put my face in his happy trail and slowly licked up his chest then over and around his nipple. We looked into each other’s eyes as I continued to lick and suck on his chest while he jerked his big black dick. I suppose the nipple play really excited him because his legs started to tense—I knew his load was going to come. I leaned back so he could see how hard I was and he continued to jerk himself while admiring my hard cock.

“Oh! I’m gonna cum!” He moaned softly.

I indicated to him to shoot all over me and that’s what he did. His big cum load shot over and on my thigh, cock and I caught the rest with my hand. He continued to pump cum out while I held onto his hot body. He was really having and intense release—getting every last drop out. When it was all over I helped him clean up and I made sure we didn’t have any jizz on us. I needed to wait a few moments for my cock to go down a little before darting out of the stall. It really is a gamble…opening the stall as quickly as possible and getting out before someone walks in seeing that there is another person in there with you—but we managed it well.

I headed back in to find another cock to play with and he disappeared. I’m sure his trip to the spa was an enjoyable one considering he got amazing head from me and help with shooting his big black load.

So that was my black Friday—enjoying a big black cock. I hung out a little while longer until it got very busy and I decided to leave. I laid in bed resting when I received a message from another guy that I’ve been sucking off as “Morgan”.

“Wanna suck it?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“When?” He asked.

“Now.” I answered him.

“How long until you get here?” He asked.

“About 25 minutes…save that hot cum for me.” I told him.

“Okay” He said.

I quickly jumped up, grabbed my wig, a tight dark long sleeve top, padded bra, poppers, wet wipes and bottle of water and threw it all in a bag then got in the car—I was on my way pretty fast. Luckily I had just shaved my face at the spa so it was smooth and ready to go.

I was wearing black sweat pants, which didn’t really matter because I was sucking him at night, in the car and he really wouldn’t be able to see exactly what I was wearing. The most important aspect is the wig because that would help with appearing to be a female as he lays back and gets his cock sucked.

I’m here. I’m on the side street.” I updated him.

Within a few moments he got into the passenger seat and I speed off to our usual spot, which was only a few blocks away. I parked on the side street, turned the car off but left the music on. He pulled down his shorts and underwear exposing his throbbing dick. I leaned over and took it into my mouth. He’s very vocal which is a big turn on…

“Ohhhh! Fuck!” He moaned. “Oh yea…cock slut!”

He refers to me as cock slut. Which I suppose I am—I had sucked him off many times I don’t really remember how many at this point. I just go and help get the load out.

“Oh that feels so good! Jerk and suck that cock!”

He grabbed my head with both his hands while thrusting his large plump dick into my mouth. He would moan and curse with pleasure while fucking my mouth. He held my head down on his cock and close to his chest. I could hear is heart pounding through his stomach as he kept thrusting he dick between my lips.

Wetness from my mouth drooled out down his shaft and over his balls. He just wouldn’t let go of my head and continued to fuck my face.

“Of fuck I’m gonna cum down your throat you slut!” He moaned loudly.

I knew it was coming soon and just then his cock expanded and unleashed his hot nut down my throat. I wanted to taste it and get it my mouth before it went down my throat…I tried my best to maneuver but he continued to hold me down his dick deep in my mouth.

His body was tense as he jizzed and he took a few seconds to catch his breathe after just leaving his cock in my mouth and holding me. He released my head and I took at few more licks around the tip to clean up and remaining cum. I grabbed some wet wipes and handed him a few for clean up. I took some wipes to clean up his inner thighs and balls while he wiped off his cock.

Once he was cleaned up he pulled up his pants and asked if I could drop him back off. We drove back to maybe a block away from where he lived and he got out and walked the rest of the way.

My job was done. His balls were empty and he wouldn’t’ have to think about jerking himself all alone later. I sucked the load out of him like a good little slut and even helped him clean up. I picked him off and dropped him off without any trouble.

There was no discussion, questions or comments…it was just me going to suck him off and get the load out. I was his cock slut and he could count on me to swallow his hot cum.

Do you have a cock slut in your life? Why not? Do you want to be a cock slut? Maybe you’re straight but you secretly think about jerking and sucking cocks on the side for fun. That’s okay if you do…it will be our secret.