My Discreet Encounters Revealed

About Morgan


Who are you?

Morgan. Morgan Sage. Mistress Morgan. I am a cross dresser. Who I really am is none of your business. I live in NYC.

Are you a prostitute?

No. I never charge the men I meet and I never will.

Are you the police?

No. Nothing I do is illegal. Last time I checked a casual encounter between two adults was legal. I can understand your paranoia with some of the characters that are out there!

What’s the purpose of this blog?

I share my stories of my encounters, fantasies and anything else that comes to mind. Men send me gifts from my wish list, I then pose in them and post the photos here.

If I send you something from your wish list will you meet me?

No. If you send me something from the wish list it’s for the pure purpose of me posing in it and posting the photos. If you send me something it’s to “thank me” for maintaining this blog. I don’t owe you anything beyond that. Including communicating with you.

Do you ever meet anyone?

Yes. I look often but do not meet often as you would think. I am very picky.

What type of men do you like?

I’m attracted to younger men. Men in their teens (over 18) and 20’s. I just like younger guys. What can I say? I am a cougar. I like Caucasian men, Italians, Germans, Israeli, Irish, or similar. A nice hung cut cock is a plus. Body hair is a plus. I refuse to meet anyone that is unfit. Sorry.

My sexual preference doesn’t make me a racist either. I’ve been attracted to a certain type/look of men since I was very young so please respect that. College athletes, students, any military, uniformed, wrestlers, and skaters you get the picture. Tall/short, thin/built doesn’t matter. Just no beer guts or over weight!

Why won’t you respond to my emails?

Most likely you either didn’t follow the simple instructions of providing your age, photo and description or you just aren’t a match for me. I’ve learned that it’s just better not to respond otherwise the person wants to get into a conversation about why not and what I am looking for. Let’s just save each other time. When certain men don’t want to meet me I don’t continue to badger them and blow up their inbox. I simply move on. When it comes down to it I am just a male in a dress so it shouldn’t be a big deal that I don’t want to meet you. Also it could be I know who you are. It’s happened and rather than put you in an uncomfortable position I just remain silent.

Are you clean?

Yes. I get tested regularly and do not participate in unsafe anal sex. I do enjoy unsafe oral. That is my choice. I don’t drink, smoke or use illegal drugs (party) ever.