My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Monthly Archives: September 2013

Morgan Undressed

I would like to share a story with you that happened the other day. This was while I was undressed but it was so hot I need to document it. If you are only interested my cross dressing antics then you should skip this story as it’s not for you.

I’ve been going to gym regularly—I’ll post some new photos soon to show you the progress I’ve made. So anyway I’m at the gym swimming laps in the pool and there is a handsome young man swimming in the lane next to me. I didn’t pay any attention and wasn’t looking for anything in particular other than to swim my laps.

After my laps I headed into the locker room. I don’t understand why all the larger men just let everything hang out. I suppose it’s because the towels they give us don’t fit around them. So I head into the steam room. If you haven’t been in a steam room it’s very steamy and hard to see in there especially when the steam is spraying.

It was somewhat crowded in there and I ended up sitting next to the kid that was swimming next to me. That’s when I got a good look at him and really noticed just so handsome he was. I also noticed that he was looking up my legs and at my crotch. You see I was pretending to mediate but caught him looking between my legs. I did have a towel on but I also had a semi-hardon that was popping out.

Since it was very hot in there we would take turns leaving to take a cold shower and come back in. Each time we came back in we say closer to one another. He would bend down to massage his legs and I would see him looking up my towel. Well I made sure I was hard so he would enjoy the view.

When it was just the both of us in there I took out my dick and stroked it for a few seconds then put the towel back on before someone would catch me. That would not be good! After a few rounds of going in and out I knew I had to take action. It would be too risky to try and anything with other men coming in and out. I simply asked him, “Shower?” to which he nodded yes. I told him to look for my bathing suit hanging on the door. I left and headed to the last shower. I let the water run down upon me and lathered up with soap. A few moments later the door opened and my new friend popped in. I presented him with my hard dick to which he quickly got on his knees and began to suck.

Boy did he suck it so good. This was pretty hot since what we were doing was very naughty in a very public place. I held the door closed with one hand while I pressed his head down on my cock. He really enjoyed sucking it while he stroked himself off. Talk about a workout!

I turned around for a moment and shoved my face in his ass. I figured I might as put him to full use while he was down there. He wants to pleasure me so what’s the big deal? Just like I want to pleasure some of you! I turned back around and began to jerk myself until I exploded all over his face and tongue. I guess that’s all he wanted because after satisfying me he got up, washed up and left.

Who knows maybe someday you’ll have the opportunity to be naughty like me—just do it if you do. I know some of you haven’t tried cock yet and that’s what you want. You have so much fun playing with your own cock, imagine how much fun it would be to play with someone else’s. It tastes good too.

Okay, time to put my panties back on, get dressed up and see who I can seduce next! Wish me luck!