My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Monthly Archives: April 2011

Webcam Fun

What’s missing? You kneeling on the floor between my legs I suppose. Maybe you standing in front of me with your hard cock out. Getting a nice blow job on your lunch break while your friends dine up the block. Maybe you are on vacation and slipped away from your family to suck on a cock for the first time. What a wonderful souvenir that would be to take home; the taste of a hot cock and balls! So much better than a stupid t-shirt.

I have confession. I wandered out for the first time last night. I was too nervous to tell if people noticed me but I think it was all in my mind. I put on my longest dress, boots and one of my new hairstyles. I walked up a few blocks then quickly came back. I really wanted to go into the bar and bring home some drunk horny men! But alas that would require much practice. I do need to be careful! My new hair looked good because it hasn’t been broken in yet with numerous rounds of cock sucking and ass licking. I have to try and keep it neat.

No more shooting loads in my face! I also had a change of heart and been tinkering around with some makeup. I do prefer to go with out it but I know you want me to look pretty when my face is in between your legs. I am to please.

Touching Myself…

Touching myself…wish you were on the bed on your knees in front of me. All nervous and anxious with your mouth open waiting to taste your first cock. Your gf would be impressed with how well you suck dick. But she will never know. Do you think she will be able to taste mine when you go home and kiss her hello? I hope not cause it’s out little secret. I don’t want you to get in trouble.

Easter Funday: Part 2

So there was an Italian hottie that I’ve been chatting with on off. He had tried to come over my place when I was living in Queens but unfortunately wrote my cell # down incorrectly so when he got to my block he was unable to get a hold of me. He was very angry thinking I was a flake of some sort but apologized when he realized the mistake he had made.

He happened to be in the city Sunday evening and being very horny decided to come visit. It was a big step for him because it was his first experience so he was very nervous. He was worried about catching cooties and I assured him that I was clean. Although it may seem like I am sucking cock every night I’m really not. I’ve been averaging about two playmates a month and it’s usually with someone I already met. Plus I don’t drink, smoke or use illegal drugs so ya know I take good care of myself!

However I do love looking for new playmates and that’s why I am always posting on craigslist. When he arrived I buzzed him in and was delighted with what I saw. Being a first timer he asked what he should do and I just told him to relax. I sat on the bed while he went to use the restroom. When he came out I started rubbing his cock through his jeans and quickly unbuttoned his pants so they dropped around his ankles. Love hairy fit legs. Hell I like smooth legs too!

Don’t you just love standing up while someone plays with your cock? I think that’s a hot way to start. I took his semi-hard cock out and begin to suck it. I could tell by his moans he was enjoying it. I am sure looking down upon me I could pass for a real slut! Watching my long hair wiz up and down on his hard cock. I usually have to do all the work for first timers but I don’t mind.

I motioned for him to get on the bed so he could get more comfortable. I wanted to give him access to you know what. He took the opportunity to rub my dick through my mini dress while I was blowing him. I was so hard I had to take it out. He wasn’t shy about stroking it either and boy was I enjoying that! I broke another hot horny guy!

I sucked him for the longest time that my jaw was starting to hurt. I wasn’t complaining though. He had a very hot cock with hairy low hanging Italian balls. He wouldn’t give me access so I could lick his ass; I suppose we can try that next time. I was able to rub my cock against his and do a little grinding action. Having a hot hard cocks press up against each other feels really good. Hey you only live once so no harm in trying!

I spent some time grinding my cock against his flat stomach then went back to blowing him. Eventually he was proclaiming that I was going to make him cum soon and sure enough he shot a huge load all over his hot chest. I didn’t swallow because I wanted to watch it come out.

I quickly grabbed some paper towels and wet wipes to offer him to clean up with. I pretty much remain silent after the climax unless my guest wants to chat. What’s really to talk about anyway? He came over to get off and explore his curiosity in safe environment not to have a conversation.

After he left I just had to beat off. After playing with two hot guys I really needed to cum bad. It felt so good too. Maybe next time I will cum on one of them.