My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Monthly Archives: September 2011

Discreet Ass Play

You come in, the lights are dim and music is on. There is porn playing on the computer screen. Sluts are sucking cocks and getting fucked by big dicks. Their boobs are bouncing up and down as they get pounded.

I have a candle lit and some essence oil burning. I rub your cock through your pants. It’s already semi-hard. I tell you to strip down and you do so. You get on the bed and get on all fours. You’re nervous but this is what you wanted. My hands run over your ass, feeling each butt cheek. You have a nice ass, I’m very pleased.

I take some massage oil and rub it over your ass, down your crack and around your hole. Your cock is hanging but very hard. With the other hand I’m stroking it and rubbing your balls. You gyrate back and forth as I massage your ass and stroke your cock. It feels so good to be played with like this.

My tongue slowing touches your hole and I give it a lick. Your ass tightens but then you loosen up again. You allow me to go deeper and you gyrate into my face while I continue to stroke you. You’re a good boy that just wants his ass pleasured. Nothing wrong with that!

I give you a good deep tongue fucking. You’re almost moaning as loud as the sluts in the porn. I hope my neighbors don’t hear you. Next I place my hard stiff cock in your butt crack. I don’t put in you; I just place it in your butt groove. You like the way my warm cock glides back and forth in your groove. You gyrate against it and jerk yourself off.

Next I lay down in between your legs. I pull your ass down onto my face. Your GF never let you do this so you’re not sure what to do. I grab your hip and pull you down! Your ass drops onto my face and you feel my tongue enter you. You like the way that feels and you bounce up and down on my face like a happy boy on a kiddy ride.

Next I readjust you so your balls hit my mouth. I suck them one and a time then get them both in my both, swirling my warm tongue over them. You’re very hard at this moment, I can feel your cock slapping against my head. Sure enough you let out a grunt and shoot your big load all over my bed.

I get out from underneath you, adjust my hair and clothing then get you some wipes. You are sweaty, heated and exhausted but feel very relieved. I take you to the door and on the way out I slap your ass and send you on your way.

Now you have a little secret to keep the rest of your life, your little tongue fucking experience that you can think back on when you’re horny and need to jerk off.


Cock Thoughts

Cock is on your mind I know. You can’t lie to me. You may say you like breasts and a tight pussy but your mind wanders off and thinks about what it would be like to have a nice hard cock in your mouth. You enjoyed sucking on lolly pops as a kid. You sucked on your thumb too.

You’re just a sucker for hard things. You want to get on your knees and have a hard dick pressed up into your face. Be forced to suck and lick the balls that are forced onto you. You really would love to taste cum or at least have a warm load sprayed onto you. You’re a dirty boy.

You want to be dominated. You are tired of being the polite gentleman. You just want to be used and abused. You need to be told what to do. Maybe someday your cock fantasies will come true. Unfortunately I can’t fuck all your faces there simply just isn’t enough time.

I wonder exactly how you think about cock. Do you imagine in sliding in and out of your mouth or in and out of your ass? Do you just want to touch and jerk it? You’re so horny and innocent I love it. I bet it feels so good to stroke your hard cock thinking of another nice dick somewhere near or on you. Maybe being surprised with one as it pokes out of a pair of panties.

You’ll say you are coming over for a blow and go because you are straight and that your girlfriend doesn’t like to give you blowjobs. When you come over you really want me to put my cock in your face. You want cock forced upon you so you have no choice but to accept it!

I wish I could have three of you over. I would have you all sit next to each other on the bed. I would put some porn on. I’m sure the moaning of the sluts in the porn will get you hard right away. If not I can do it by gyrating against you.

You’ll each take your cocks out and begin to stroke them. Then I’ll have you stroke each other. I’ll dance and sway in front of the group. You keep your eyes on my ass and not on the cock you are stroking.

Next I’ll teach how to suck like a good girl. One by one I will suck each of you. As each of you cum you’ll get off the bed so the others can finish. You can go into the bathroom and clean up while the last two shoot their loads. Then one by one you’ll leave discreetly.

No one will ever know about our discreet playtime. I know none of you have the balls to do this as you’re too chicken shit. That’s okay, I still love you. We can still play with each other.

Remember it’s okay that you want to play with a cock. I said so. So don’t feel bad after you shoot your load while thinking about having a hard dick in your ass or face. You know it will feel good, so enjoy it.


In and Out

It’s my first real time out in public. I’m dressed in my rainbow-colored bikini panties with matching bra (with implants of course). I have tight jeans on, my legs shaven smooth. Then I have a simple v-neck tee shirt on over top. My makeup and wig done to perfection.

I go shopping at my favorite lingerie store when you walk in. Immediately you look at me, and I can tell you’ll be looking some more. I start browsing the store, nervous because I can’t tell if anyone can notice what I’m hiding under these gorgeous jeans. My heart is racing. Again I catch you staring at me. I’m a little self-conscious, but I decide to go for it. I walk up to you and I tell you, “Follow me”.

I lead you into the dressing room. You can barely restrain yourself before you start making out with me. You get really into it. Breathing heavily as you stick your tongue in my mouth. Ever so gently, massaging my tongue with yours. I feel your cock growing in your jeans. I can tell you didn’t expect this today. Just then I get a txt, and I must leave. But I give you my number on my way out.

You txt me later, and we agree that our previous meeting should not be our last. So I give you my address, and you come over later that night. Now I’ve changed into my pink- and white-striped thong and matching bra (I really like to match, and I love cute colors). Over that I’ve got my cute yoga shorts on that expose my shaved legs, and my same v-neck tee shirt that you saw me in earlier.

You come in and take your shoes and coat off. I approach you immediately and we begin making out again. Your lips are small, but I like that. Your tongue is just as I remember it. Then you take your shirt and pants off. I can see from your stiff cock that you’ve been thinking about me all day. I start grinding my ass against your junk, and I can tell you like it.

Then I turn you around, and I start grinding my cock against your asshole. You’re surprised I can tell. The look you gave me was that of shock, but not of repulsion. I can see the curiosity in your eyes, so I ask if we can keep going and you say yes.

Just then you strip down naked and lay on the bed. I take my shirt and shorts and kneel over you. Now here I am, face to face with the my first penis. It’s now or never. I dive in mouth first and start sucking you off. Your cock tastes amazing. I can feel the precum start to drip down my throat, but I welcome it. I start speeding up, sucking faster now. You lay your head back and moan, breathing faster and faster with each stroke of my moist mouth. I feel your cock swell up, so I stop. This can’t be the end.

I tell you to reach into the end table and grab a condom. I tell you to put it on, and I grab some lube. I’m experienced with toys, so I’m a little loose. You’re all lubed up. I take off my thong and bend over. You start rubbing your cock up and down my crack, caressing my hole, and getting it wet. You apply gentle pressure with your cock until…POP! It goes in.

Oh your thick warm cock inside me feels so good. You gently push in and out. In and out. I’m jerking my cock so fast now, loving this incredible new feeling. In and out, in and out. A little faster now that you know I’m getting used to it. In and out, in and out. You’re as comfortable with this as I am now. In and out, in and out. You start pounding me faster now. In and out, in and out. You’re really giving it to me now! In and out, in and out. Finally I hear you let out a loud moan, and you stop just as I’ve exploded my load all over the bed.

You get up and head for the bathroom as I lay there, basking in what just happened to me. You clean up and leave, and I clean everything else. There wasn’t much else to say. Not bad for my first time.