My Discreet Encounters Revealed

One Day…Two Dicks

A young guy is floating in front of one of the jets in the Jacuzzi. I get in and take position next to him. He pays no attention to me and doesn’t give me any indication that he wants to play but I’m going to make a move anyway. It’s risky but I don’t care. I’m horny and I want to feel his young cock in my hand. His body is pressed up against the jet. I get close to him as I possibly can without intruding on his space. I make my move…

I let my arm drop under the water. I allow it to float closer and closer to him. My hand slowly makes his way between his legs. I haven’t touched him yet—he has no idea how close I am but I’m slowly making my way to his privates. I move in closer—my hand just below his balls—I can begin to feel the hair from his balls brush against my hand—I go for them. I gently grasp his big hairy balls in my hand and rub them. He doesn’t jolt or give any indication that he’s upset. He doesn’t seem to mind that I’m rubbing his balls under the water. I have his permission to feel him up.

I slowly grab his dick grasping it in my hand. It’s rock hard and throbbing. I feel that he’s extremely horny. I slowly stroke his cock under the water. The men around us have no idea what is happening. I alternate between rubbing his balls and stroking his cock. He just floats next to me letting me do it. He doesn’t look, talk or touch me but he lets me have my way with him—giving his cock the helping hand it needs.

I work my way below the balls to his hairy ass crack. Feeling his tight ass makes me extremely hard. I wonder if it’s ever been eaten—if his ass ever was satisfied. I massage his hole with my fingers—I don’t enter it—only rub it back and forth, up and around then back to his balls. His balls are heavy with cum—I can feel it and soon they will release…

His body tightens—he is ready to cum…his dick expands in my hand. I can feel him shooting his load under the water. I wish I could seen it…even tasted it…oh well I had to make do in the environment that I’m in. As his unloads I jerk myself off with my other hand and cum too. It feels so good cumming together.

I leave the spa relaxed and satisfied. I’m pleased I was able to feel up the random guys balls and cock and help him unload. I know nothing about him—who he is, where his is from, his age—anything. But I do know what his hard cock feels like. That’s good enough for me. I feel privileged that he allowed him to slip my hand between his legs and give him a discreet jerk. It was fun.

Later on at home on that same day I receive a message on KIK…

“He what’s up?

“Are you in the area?” I asked.

“Yea for a little bit.” He replied.

“You want to swing by?” I asked.

“What’s the address?” He asked.

I gave it to him.

“How long will it take you?” I asked him.

“10 minutes probably. Do you need more time?” He asked me.

“You want me dressed up?” I asked him.

“If it’s not too much trouble.” He requested.

“I need 15 minutes to shave quick.” I told him.

“Ok let me know when to come.” He told me.

I quickly got up and headed to the bathroom to shave my face. The rest of my body wasn’t smooth but it would be covered up. I don’t think he would mind because we had hooked up before.

“You can start heading over. I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.” I told him.

“Ok on my way.” He said.

He arrived quickly…

“I’m turning on your street now.” He alerted me.

“I’ll crack the front door open. Come in and follow me downstairs.” I instructed him.

He came in and followed me downstairs. I think I might of mumbled hello but I’m not sure. I always keep conversation to nothing unless the guy starts talking to me. Guys visit me to get off—not to talk.

We are downstairs—it’s dark but light enough to see each other. We are standing in front of each other embracing, hugging and rubbing. He immediately goes up my skirt to my dick—rubbing it through my panties. I believe he has a gf—I’m not sure…it doesn’t matter. Tonight he wants my dick and I’m going to give it to him.

We make our way to the bed. I’m kind of sitting on top of him grinding my ass against his crotch. He’s rubbing up my legs and over my panties until my cock gets so hard it pops out. He leans down and begins to suck it. My dick feels so good it his young mouth. I put my hand on his head—his hair is soft and feels so good. I push him down on my cock enjoying the view of him sucking it.

Now it’s my turn. I push him back on the bed and remove his shirt. His body is tight just the way I remember it. I know he played sports in college and it shows. I’m sure his teammates don’t know about his extraculicular activities—they don’t need to either—it’s our secret.

I unbuckle his belt and with his help pull down his jeans and boxers. He’s now laying fully nude in front of me with his cock erect and waiting. I quickly but my face in his crotch—slowly licking his balls one by one then both at the same time. He begins to let out moans of pleasure as he watches me lick up his ballsac.

My tongue slowly glides up his throbbing shaft then I go down on his cock. I’m begin sucking it but have to stop because he says he is going to cum. I don’t want him to cum so quickly. I want to enjoy him… I want us to enjoy each other. I move down to his asshole. It’s young, tight and slightly hairy.

His legs are up in the air wide, exposing his tight pink manhole to me. I admire it for a moment before I dive in and begin to give him a nice deep rimming. I take a hit of poppers, which makes me even more wild and horny. I bury my face deeper between his buttcheeks. He twitches and moans with pleasure as I tongue fuck him good.

His ass rarely gets attention if not ever—only with me. I’m sure his gf is too shy to go there. What good is she? I’ll take over where she leaves off—I don’t mind. I get up and rub some coconut oil on my cock then press my cock against his. He quickly grabs both our cocks and jerks them. His eyes are on both our cocks admiring how hard they are. He enjoys the feeling of two hard cocks being pressed and rubbed to together. We are being naughty—doing things some people only think about because they are to scared to do.

What’s the big deal about two guys playing with each other? There is no big deal. It’s 2016 and pretty much anything goes now. My horny friend needs cock to play with and his ass eaten. I’m helping him out and enjoying him at the same time.

We take turns sucking, jerking, rubbing…I kiss and lick up his chest and roll my tongue around his nipple. I move up to his neck and nibble on it slightly. Almost so close to kissing but we don’t. I suppose we have to respect his gf.

The moments he blurts out he’s about to cum I back and move to a different area to please. I do this a few times so we can enjoy our time together—we haven’t seen each other in awhile and I’m not sure when and if I will see him again.

I get him on all fours and tongue fuck him deep from behind. His back is arched and his ass is up in my face while his face is buried in the pillow letting out moans as lick him good.

His ballsac hangs and dangles as I rail him with my tongue. I massage his balls then jerk his cock from under as I continue to lick and tongue fuck him. After a good long deep rimming I flip him over and begin to suck him.

“Oh fuck suck it deep!” He tells me.

I’m sucking him hard and fast. The wetness from my mouth is dripping down his throbbing shaft and over his balls. I’m giving it to him wet and sloppy getting as much of his shaft into my mouth. I alternate being rubbing his balls and playing with his tight hole. I suck him and suck him while I roll my finger around his hole and slightly in it.

His dick tastes so good. I cannot lie and I enjoy how hard and juicy it feels between my lips. I feel it twitch and expand then begin to unload into my mouth.

“OH! I’m gonna cum!!!” He blurts out.

His shoots a huge load of cum into my mouth and I let it collect before I begin to swallow it all. It takes a few pumps from his dick to empty his balls and I continue to suck until his dick stops pumping. He moans and twitches as he feeds me his warm load of man jizz.

He lays back breathing heavily as I grab some wet wipes and begin cleaning him off. I slowly wipe off his cock, inner thighs and ass crack. Making sure to get as much of the wetness off him as possible. He rises, gets dressed and I walk him upstairs to the door.

“Thank you.” He tells me then goes on his way.

I go lay down in the bed and jerk off thinking about the encounter we just had. I can still taste his cum in my mouth as I stroke myself. It feels so good to cum. I don’t mind that he is no longer there to help. Usually, once a guy blows his load he is no longer “into it” or maybe feels a little anxious about what just happened…and wants/needs to “bolt”. I get it. That’s why my policy is blow your load and go…I’ll take care of the rest.

I’m not a real women…I don’t need to be held. I don’t need to talk. I just want you to cum…and to not have to worry about anything other than blowing the best load you possibly can with my help. Whether it be me sucking your cock or licking your ass or just having my cock pop out so you can see it–I help get the load out. Discreetly…secretly…of course I write about it here but the readers will never know who it was.

I can’t suck all of you off and lick all of your asses…that’s just impossible. I hope you enjoy my encounters and they help you release or even get you thinking about having your own or trying something new.

Stay warm and keep jerking your cocks and playing with your asses for me. xoxo

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  1. J says:

    Hey Morgan been reading your stories for a couple years now and love how hot you make all encounters. Hope one day to be one for other readers to jerk off too I’m so curious to what you must be like fun happy and glad to help us all..
    Thanks for all you do.
    Ps hope to here back.

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