My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Suck by the Beach

This summer I was in Florida and had the opportunity to suck some cock in a bathroom stall in the rest rooms that were on the beach. I had hooked up with this guy twice before—once dressed and another time undressed. The first time we hooked up was in the car in a parking lot. I was sucking him off good but had to cut it short because too many people were walking around. It was sad because he was enjoying it and really wanted to cum. It was hot having him in the car with his pants down and legs spread—his big cock and balls exposed enjoying my mouth and tongue on him.

The second time he came over my hotel room where I was dressed like a cute slut. I sucked him off good and gave him his first rim job. He bent over the bed for me while I worked his balls and ass with my tongue from behind. Then I got him to lie down on his back on the bed with his legs up. I like hooking up with him because he’s has a nice build and hot cock and balls. His ass is tight and neglected. He got up and got and I got on my knees…he jerked and I sucked until he shot his load in my mouth—so tasty!

I was in town again and let him know. He was horny and needed his dick serviced and I was ready to do it. Only problem was he was limited on time and I was biking up and down the beach—no car! I biked around looking for a good place to suck him. Maybe under this bridge? Maybe behind these bushes? That’s when I figured the best place would be the bathroom stall at the rest area on the beach. It wasn’t too busy. I let him know and he left work to meet me there.

So how exactly do you suck cock in a bathroom stall? Well, I knew people would be coming in and out so I chose the stall furthest from the entrance. I let him know which one I was in and when he arrived he came into the stall and I propped myself up on the toilet—basically I squatted with my feet on the toilet so if someone went in the one next door they would only see one person standing.

He took his thick cock out of his shorts and I began to jerk and suck it. It got hard quick. I guess when you’re doing naughty things in risky places that makes it even hotter. I was rubbing his balls, sucking them and jerking his cock. He just stood there and watched in pleasure as I worked on his dick. His balls were sweating from running there in the heat but I didn’t mind—it was a clean sweat. I licked his cock up down and around. I rubbed up and down his chest and over his nipples with my hand while I sucked deep on his cock. He had such a tasty cock that fit good in my mouth.

I couldn’t wait to get his load in my mouth but just when I was about to someone entered the stall next to us and sat down. Damn! It would be too risky for me to continue sucking his cock with someone right next to us. There would be slurping noise from my sucking so I had to stop. My horny friend had to leave. He was upset too because he really wanted to blow his load in my mouth—maybe even all over my face.

I was left hard and cumless in the stall which made me wanted his cock even more. Next time I’m in town I’m going to finish him off good.

Sometimes I meet guys dressed up like a good slut and then sometimes they’ll meet me again and I’m not dressed up at all—they may just need a good sucking in a car, stall or outside somewhere so they call on me. I just can’t travel crossdressed because I’m not 100% passable.

I was thinking of trying to suck some more cock in the car. If I get a pink hoodie and wear just my hair I could possibly pass as chick if it were late at night. A horny guy would just have to get in the car and spread his legs. He would look down and see a girl with long dark silky hair and a pink hoodie blowing him or he could just lay back, close his eyes and put his hand on the back of my head and push me down on his dick. If he’s curious he could always reach over and feel my hard cock through my sweatpants and jerk it a little. Would that work? Only one way to find out!

A Deep Rimming

Me crossdressingThis crossdressing story is about one of my regular playmates who loves a deep rimming. His gf doesn’t like to suck cock or pleasure his ass. Luckily I do. Guys, do me a favor. If you’re going to date a girl please date one that takes care of your needs. Life is short, why suffer and be bored?

I let my playmate in and he follows be downstairs. Seen we’ve played before he doesn’t waste any time and strips down immediately. I’m dressed up in one of my usual tight outfits. The pants I wear are comfortable and allow easy access to my cock if needed.

After my friend strips down he lies on the bed and spreads his legs. He’s ready to be pleased! So, I go to work. I start by licking his balls up and down like a little puppy licking his favorite toy. He immediately starts moaning with pleasure. I stroke his cock which was already stiff to begin with and lick his balls some more. His legs go up and spread—I guess he wants me to move a little lower so I do.

He loves a good rim job so his ass is nice and fresh for me. I lick around his tight hole. It’s pink with some hair around it. Around and around my tongue goes around his hole then I insert it slowly. More moans come as I begin to give him a good tongue fucking. He’s rocking back and forth trying to get my tongue deeper in him—that’s turning me on and getting me hard. I’ll take my cock out and stroke it—he won’t mind.

He takes over jerking his own cock while I focus my attention on his tight neglected his ass. What was his gf thinking? Why would she not give attention to this fine butt? It needs to be pleased and pleasured! My friend yells out in ecstasy telling me how it feels so good and not to stop.

He gets up and gets on all fours…burying his head in the pillow and putting his butt in the air. His balls hang low so I massaged and lick them first. He loves his dick stroked from behind while I lick up and down his tight ass crack. It’s such a sensitive area and the tongue feels so good as it rolls up, down, around, in and out.

He begins to thrusts his butt up and down—he really wants a good licking to today and I will give it to him. His face may be buried deep in the pillow but I can still hear his moans. I’m trying to keep my tongue deep in his ass as possible. I really want to rub my hard cock up, down and around his hole but I know he prefers my tongue. He’s just not ready for cock in his ass and I have to respect that.

Flipping back over on his back he’s going to town on his cock jerking it fast and hard. I’m the enhancement to his jerk session by pleasuring his balls and ass. He puts his feet on my shoulders; they’re kind of wrapped around my head. His got me locked with his balls and asshole in my face—I don’t mind.

On a side note…I love guy’s feet. I have a fantasy to lick and massage them then press them against my cock. I guess that will be another story once I find someone that wants their feet played with.

I’m licking and sucking his balls. My tongue rolls around his ass in and out—until I hear him moan and shoot a huge load all over his chest. He came so good—he really needed that release. I licked some of his jizz off the tip of his cock to clean it and to have a little taste. Sometimes it’s nice to swallow it other times it’s nice to see it shoot everywhere. I grabbed some tissues to help him clean up and then he got dressed quickly and left. I suppose he had to get back to his gf but the next time he needs a deep rimming I know I’ll be seeing him again.