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A Second Sucking


“What’s up?” I asked.

“My cock,” He replied

“It needs my mouth again?”

“Yes. When can I use it?”

“Can you come here?”

“Would you do anything in public? It’s always been a fantasy of mine.”

“That would be more fun when it’s warmer.”


“Inside you can completely strip down for me and expose your big balls and cock.”

“I know it’s just an hour both ways for me.”

“Do you need gas money?”


“Would $20 cover your trip?”

“Could you do $30?”

“No. Just $20…that should just about fill your tank up.”


“You would need to come now or before 2pm.”

“I’m on my way.”

I enjoyed sucking on his big dick before so I didn’t mind offering a few dollars to help him get to me. I’m such a good girl—emptying his balls and filling his gas tank.

When his arrived he followed me downstairs. The lighting was dim. We stood in front of each other—pressing against each other until I slid down onto my knees. I rubbed his big thick cock through his jeans—I could feel it throbbing. His cock was ready for my warm wet mouth.

“You missed my cock?” He asked me.

“Yes.” I replied.

I unbuttoned his pants, which then fell around his ankles. I pressed my face into his boxers—his hardon rubbing against my face. It was warm and throbbing…eager start sliding between my lips.

“Take it out.” He told me

“You want me to take that big cock out?” I asked him.

“Yes take it out and put it in your mouth.”

I pulled down his boxers allowing his big hard cock to stand erect in front of my face. I grabbed his cock with one hand and slowly licked up his hard shaft while my other hand massaged his balls. He moaned and looked down with pleasure at me as I started to suck him deeply. I took as much of his cock as I could as he trusted it back and forth between my lips. Wetness from my mouth dripped down his shaft and over his balls.

He put both his hands on either side of my head and guided me down on his cock. I tried as best I could to deep throat him but his cock was just too big and thick. My eyes began to tear and I almost started to choke. I couldn’t handle the face fucking he was attempting to give me.

“Be gentle.” I told him.

“I’m sorry.” He replied.

He was just getting really into it…enjoying using my mouth for his pleasure. He had a special place to blow his load and not have to worry about anything afterward.

Next I got up and moved onto the bed signaling him to follow me. He wanted me to lay on my back with my head hanging off the side of the bed so he could skull fuck me some more but instead I convinced him to just lay back and let me suck him while I leaned between his legs.

While laying back he spread his legs wide and I positioned myself between him. I slowly licked from the bottom of his ballsac, up his shaft then around the tip of his cock and back down again. I repeated this over and over while taking time to get as much of his cock in my mouth as I could.

He was extremely hard and throbbing. I knew it was time I could make my move—I repositioned myself at his side and took his hand and placed it on my panties. He grabbed hold of my hard cock and began to rub it. It felt so good!

I knew he had limited experience with dick and I was enjoying the fact that he was playing with mine. I moved things along a little further by taking my cock out of my panties. He didn’t seem to mine because he grabbed it and began to stroke it good while I was sucking him off.

It was the perfect arrangement. He was getting to use my mouth and at the same time taking care of me by giving me a nice hand job. No one will know that he jerked at cock so it’s not really a big deal. Instead of playing with a pussy he was getting to play with a dick—something different to spice his sex life up and make things interesting.

I was feeling playful so I went back between his legs and pressed my hard cock against his. It felt so good feeling them rub against each other. I’ve written in past posts how it’s one of my favorite things to do. There’s just something hot about feeling another man’s meat against my own. I love the feel the warmth and hardness of two cocks touching—it’s just naughty and intimate at the same time.

I took a few moments to jerk our cocks together—rubbing the tips and feeling them throb as they glided back and forth together between my hands.

“I’m going to cum soon.” He told me. “Suck my cock!”

I went back to sucking him off and within a few moments I felt his cock expand in my mouth. His thighs tightened and his lower body rose up as he shot his load into my warm wet mouth. I took most of his cum in my mouth and left a little to drip down his cock so I could see it. I do enjoy seeing a fresh load shot out of a hot guy. There’s just something about a white creamy cum load that turns me on.

I got up and grabbed some tissues to wipe his balls off. I usually try and help with the clean up—I feel it’s the right thing to do. Some guys have pulled their pants up and leave with my wetness and their own cum still on them. I don’t mind that either—whatever works best. They are probably a little embarrassed about the naughty encounter they just had—a guy in a wig just helped them blow or load or maybe they played with cock for the first time. They want to bolt—I understand. I’ll probably hear from them again because most guys come back looking for more.

When he got up and we noticed there was still some cum on his stomach. I quickly leaned down and licked it off. Now that he was cleaned up he pulled his pants up and I could still see his cock was fully erect. I wondered if there was another load in him?

Blowing Each Other

“Hey what are you doing?” he messaged me.

“Relaxing. What about you?” I replied.

“Same. Wanna blow each other?” he asked.

This was the same guy from my Car Sucking post. We’ve kept in contact…

“Is your place available?” I asked.

“Yes but not for that long.” He told me.

“Till what time?” I asked.

“Like 7:30” he replied.

“I really want that cock in my mouth right now.” He told me.

“It will take me about 35 minutes to get there, do you want me to come?” I asked him.

“Yes.” He replied.

“I’m not going to be dressed up…just sweats.” I told him.

The first time we played in the car I wasn’t dressed up so I didn’t think it would matter the second time..he just wanted some dick and I was going to give it to him. Plus he didn’t have more time and I was hoping to get there in time to play in the house rather than the car.

“If you hurry up we can do it in my house.” He told me.

“I’m leaving now.” I told him.

“Okay. I’m all horny now thinking about sucking that cock.” He told me.

I drove as fast as I could. I normally don’t like driving out of my way to meet guys but since I met him before and new what I was getting myself into I didn’t mind. We had a good time in the car and I was sure we would have an even better one in his bed.

Luckily when I arrive there was still time to come inside. He let me in and I followed him upstairs. He started to strip down completely naked and I did the same. I got into his bed and laid back as you laid down next to me and buried his face between my legs taking my cock into his mouth.

It didn’t take me long to get hard…he was sucking it so good. I put my hand on his head as it bobbed up and down on my cock. He let out some moans or sighs of pleasure as he sucked it. He really was enjoying it.

One of my hands ran up and down his muscular back. I was basically stroking his body as he worked on my cock. It’s nice to just lay back and get your cock sucked by a hot young guy! He was sucking it good…getting nice and wet. My cock throbbed hard in his mouth…it felt really good sliding between his lips.

After a few minutes of getting blown I repositioned myself so we could 69. Just lying next to each other…both naked and hard helping each other out with our mouths—giving our dicks the attention that they needed. Our cocks bobbed in and out of each other’s mouths…hard and throbbing. Fuck it was hot!

Next I moved back and got between his legs. I started sucking licking and sucking his balls and slowly gliding my tongue up and down his shaft and around the throbbing tip of his hard cock. He moaned in pleasure….as I moved lower under his ballsac and finally reaching his tight hole with my tongue.

He just laid back as I worked with my tongue giving all the important areas some love and warm wetness. I was happy to be in the bed and not in the car because I had all the room to do this.

I had the room to part his legs some more and press my throbbing cock between his butt cheeks. My hard cock slid up and down between his ass crack, rubbing against his hole. I simulated fucking him my pressing my cock harder against him in slow pumping movements. My cock felt so good pressing against his young tight hole. He jerked himself while I continued to massage his ass with my hard cock.

I knew we were short on time and didn’t want his roommates to catch us. That wouldn’t be good! I moved back down and took his big hard cock into my mouth and began to suck it deep and fast.

“Yea! Suck my cock! Fuck! Make me cum down your throat! Mmmm.” He said loudly.

His dick throbbed hard in my mouth. I could tell he was going to cum soon. The wetness from my mouth dripped down his shaft and over his balls. I rubbed his balls with one hand as my other grabbed the base of his hard shaft and my mouth moved up and down on the rest.

I take the time to run my hand up his chest—slowly moving up around his nipples then back down again. His body let off extreme heat from the intense time we were having together.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” He blurted out.

His big warm load shot out of his cock and into my mouth. As it filled my mouth I swallowed it all. I continued to suck him as he finished climaxing making sure his balls were completely drained. I rubbed his inner thigh as his body finished twitching from the intense ejaculation.

We got up and started to get dressed. His big dick was still hard as he put on his boxers and walked me to the door. I quickly got in my car and drove home. It was another successful encounter. I was able to fill his mouth with the dick that he needed and then he filled mine with his warm cum.

Four Deep Rimmings

Last night I received a short message from one of my secret playmates…

“Rimmy?” he asked.

To elaborate, basically he was asking if I would come over and rim his ass and lick balls while he lays back and jerks off. That is the arrangement that we have. I had done it 3 times before and I was excited to do it again.

I wonder if guys can text girls out of the blue and just ask… “Sucky?” and would they come right on over and suck you off with no questions asked. I would imagine it’s a long drawn out process of flirting back and forth, dinner and possibly drinks. God, I don’t have time for all that! Just tell me your dick is hard and I’ll be right over!

“I’m scruffy.” I replied. I know what a horrible crossdresser! I’m not completely smooth 24/7 and this was one of those times! Who knows maybe he would be willing to try me out without a wig on? Not this time though—he asked me to shave and I did. I get it—you want your sexy slut to be completely smooth.

I quickly shaved, put on one of my favorite slutty tops, some black girly sweat pants and grabbed my hair—I was out the door and on my way to rim him. It would be a quick drive on a rainy night—only 15 minutes.

I found him on one of the dating sites where I pose as women looking for men. Some may think it’s horrible and deceiving but the reality is I receive more messages from men that are intrigued than ones that tell me to kill myself. What is the big deal? I’m helping guys get off while they look for real girlfriends!

I don’t travel dressed up often. I try not to think too much about being noticed. I had to park on a residential street with houses but who really is up on the middle of the night looking out their windows? Luckily, I drive a hybrid so it’s extra quiet—no one will hear me driving up the block. It takes me less than 10 seconds to get of my car and into the house. If someone were to look out their window they would just see a tall figure with long hair darting out of the car and into the house. Is that suspicious? I don’t think so.

When I’m let inside there’s no discussion or hello. I get let in and follow him upstairs. Is there someone else in the house? I don’t know. I don’t ask. While he strips down I take off my jacket and shoes off—I need to be comfortable too.

He strips down fast and lays back on the bed with his head resting on a pillow and props his muscular legs up. Then I go to work—laying between his legs…I immediately go for his hole. Licking it slowly. I lick it different ways—up and down, around, swirling it. I’ll do long licks from the bottom of his crack to his balls. I slowly lick his entire asscrack—he seems to love when I do that. Basically, my job is to just lick while he strokes. If he moans I know I’m doing good. I see what type of licks produce more moans out of him and continue with that. It’s fun!

I sucked his dick before but he requested that I just focus on his ass and balls so I do just that. As my tongue explores his ass my hands wander up and down his legs. I feel his calves and thighs then run my hands up his chest. I have to be careful to respect his boundaries—we have an arrangement—an agreement. I want him to trust me. There are more things I would like to do with him but I have to restrain myself.

I threw him a curve ball on the 4th visit by getting on top of him with my ass facing him while I leaned over with my face between his butt cheeks—I just felt I could get it deeper that way. I only did it for a few moments then went back to my regular position of laying on my stomach between his legs. I don’t mind that view—I like watching him lay there while I lick him up and hear him moan. It’s dark in the room but I can still see he is enjoying himself! Maybe we an take some pictures for this blog?

So you may be thinking what do I get out of all this? I get to lick and taste him…to feel him…to help him cum. For these few minutes he is mine. He is my toy to play with. I’m the luckiest “girl” The other girls are out gossiping or home doing their nails—I’m right where I need to be licking hot guys ass and balls.

I push him back by his thighs to get his ass up more—my tongue goes deeper. I rock him back and forth against my tongue as he moans in pleasure. I try to pace myself—I don’t want him to cum too quickly. I want him to enjoy himself. I want to enjoy him too. I continue with my long slow deep licks—my tongue rolling around his asshole. I grab hold of his cock more a moment; he doesn’t seem to find…it feels extremely hard in my hand—that’s good.

I lick and nibble at his balls. My head rests against his inner thigh as I do it. I lick around his balls, under them; I take one of them in my mouth—then both of them. I lick all away around his ballsac—over it—under it—I lick everything. I go back to licking his ass until…

“I’m about to cum!” he exclaims. “Oh! I’m gonna cum!” he moans.

His warm load shoots out from his cock and drips down his shaft and onto his chest. I try to slurp some up. He’s hesitant to let me do it. His cock was off limits. I wish he had shot it in my face or mouth like he did the first time—it would be easier for him to clean up. I don’t mind leaving with his cum in my face. I’ve done it before.

He certainly enjoys a tongue deep in his ass and he seemed to enjoy my finger massaging around it too. I wish I could press the tip of my cock against his hole—it feels better than a finger—it’s warmer and softer. I wonder if he’ll let me try it? I wouldn’t try and put it in—just rub the warm tip of my cock around his hole. Doesn’t that sound nice? I think so. Then I’d go back to licking that yummy hole.

I gave him a little slap on his thigh after he shot his load. Basically a nonverbal—good job! You shot a hot load! I got up and put my shoes and jacket back on and he walked me downstairs. I left. No goodbye. We keep it simple.

I’m there to lick his ass and balls…not talk. He probably has to talk enough with all the girls he is dating—how annoying. We can get right down to business. His ass needs my tongue. All I need from him is his load—I feel so special that he shares his warm load with me.

Morgan is there for him late at night when he wants something extra special as he jerks off. Why jerk off alone when you can jerk off with my face in your ass? Some guys are turned off by rimming—if you’ve never tried it before—you should! I love doing it and I love having it done to me…you can be sure my ass and hole are completely smooth and ready for someone’s tongue.

Four deep rimmings—that’s what I gave him…probably better than any girl will do and he didn’t have to leave the comfort of his own home. Imagine being able to message someone one in the middle of the night seeking a blow or rimjob? Your secret slut comes right over to do it…no questions asked…it really does happen! These secret arrangements do exist! I love rimming a hot guys fresh ass. I don’t care if it’s hairy or smooth. I actually prefer some hair…it’s more masculine. This dudes ass is always nice and fresh for me…it’s so tight and tasty.

All this talk about ass…it’s time for some cock now…gotta go!