My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Need To Abort Part 1

“You have a condom incase I want to try?” I asked.

“No bring one.” He replied.

“Okay.” I replied.

Getting fucked has been on my mind. I can’t remember the last time I was fucked—years ago. I think I was only fucked by maybe 1 or 2 men and it didn’t last that long. This is the truth. Taking a cock was never my preference but the idea has become more intriguing to me. Some of the men I talk to want to tight hole for their stiff cocks and they idea of providing that turns me on.

“I need to get off badly. Come suck my balls and deep throat me. You good with that?” He asked.

“Also don’t park directly in front of the house. Text me when you’re parked and I’ll come unlock the door and you come upstairs.” He continued.

“Okay I’ll park a few houses away.” I assured him.

“Are you on your way?” He asked.

“I’m leaving in about 15 minutes.” I responded. “I have a top and panties on under my regular clothes.”

I’m not passable enough to be out and about. If I’m going over someone else’s place I usually have to go as a man with an outfit under my clothes or in a bag so I can change into it. Some guys are comfortable with that and others are not.

It also depends on where they live. If it’s late a night and the house is on a dark secluded street I can probably dart in quickly dressed up.

“I’ll either have a hoodie over my hair or I’ll have to put it on inside.” I told him.

“Sexy.” He replied.

I guess a guy putting on a wig then sucking cock and licking ass is sexy considering all the horny men that I’ve met doing it. There’s something naughty and different about it. Definitely much easier than going to a bar, dropping wads of cash trying to flirt with girls—having buying them drinks. You’re not even guaranteed if they’ll suck your cock good or let you between their legs. Yes the chase can be exciting but it gets old doesn’t it?

Don’t you just want to drop your pants and unleash your hard cock and get it sucked right now without all the hassle? I bet you do. You want to be able to just bend over and get your ass tongue fucked and not be ashamed about you’re doing.

I suck hot guys cocks and lick their butts—that’s what I do and if they want to play with me that’s fine too. That’s sexy isn’t it?

“I have condoms, lube, vibrator and poppers…we can see how it goes.” I told him.

“I have restraints, a whip and ball gag.” He replied.

Was he serious? That would be a first. I’m all for trying new things but really depends on the mood that I’m in. I was contemplating getting fucked but not tied up—or maybe he wanted to be tied up.

“Jesus. That would all be new to me.” I told him.

“Just get here and put your balls in my mouth and we’ll figure the rest out.” He said.

“I’m hard already.” He added.

“I can definitely do that.” I told him.

Balls in mouth! No problem. I love sucking and licking on a guys ballsac. On occasion I’ve encountered guys who don’t like it because there balls are too sensitive and that’s okay—I understand.

“Fuck. Drive faster.” He pleaded.

“About 5 minutes away.” I update him.

“Shit.” He said. “I gotta abort.” He added. “GF just pulled up.”

I was not happy. However shit happens.

“Hello?” He asked looking for confirmation.

I was only blocks away but was not about to pull up and make a scene. I’m not crazy like that J

“Okay. Bye.” I said.

“Bye.” He replied.

I turned around and headed home. Luckily, he lived just two towns over so it wasn’t out of the way—I’d be home in a few minutes. I did speculate on the drive home whether he was telling me the truth or not. I do expect some amount of truth and not bullshit.

Why was his gf pulling up unannounced at one in the morning? Did she live there? Why would he invite me over if there were a risk of her showing up? It would not be good if she walked in on us with his balls in my mouth! How would he explain that?

I was thinking what could have happened…he was probably jerking off and blew his load before I got there. Maybe he got cold feet at the last minute? Maybe he was just pulling a prank on me?

It seemed legit because he gave me an address and number. Oh well—Every once in awhile something like this happens. I just let it go and move on. I don’t have a fit or go bi-polar—that would make things sour.

I wish I could enjoy hot dick and ass every night but unfortunately this night I was going to bed cockless. I did hear from him in a few days. Would you like to know what happened? Check back soon for Part 2.

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