My Discreet Encounters Revealed

Recent Steam Room Encounters

Last night I walked into the steam room. I sat next to a young guy I have played with before. His tan skin, hairy muscular legs and hard cock are always such a turn on. There were two older Jewish guys across from us—that didn’t stop my young playmate from touching himself under the towel.Continue Reading

Motel Meat

For those keeping track of my blog you are aware that haven’t posted in awhile and some of you have messaged me for updates. I was in an unfortunate car accident in March and have been recovering. Although I still have some pain I expect a full recovery. Hot cock and ass has been partContinue Reading

Suck and Rimming

“Gotta shower quick.” He told me. That’s so nice. Getting his cock and ass fresh for me. “Ok let me know when you’re on the way.” I responded. “Can we make a short video of me sucking you with my phone?” I asked. I was feeling adventurous. Also I’m constantly asked for videos, which IContinue Reading